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Build muscle and burn fat │ BTL Emsculpt
New FDA approved electrostimulation device to shock your stomach into fitness...
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12 weeks ago by asteroza
Development of a wearable medical device for type 2 diabetes
This sounds promising, as a weight loss belt. I wonder if they can combine the heat/electric shock with those tuned IR LED's that can help burn some types of surface fat?
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november 2016 by asteroza
BFKW Full Sense Device
Basically tricks the stomach into thinking it's full by applying top pressure to the stomach, using natural sensory signals, which means the body is fooled into thinking you ate food and doesn't switch over to a fasting/diet mode metabolism. So most people generally stop eating and start losing a lot of weight, largely because they aren't eating but their metabolism is still going full bore.
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march 2015 by asteroza
Coherent Perfect Absorbers
Interesting research on creating the opposite of a laser, a sort of antilaser. A loss medium basically disrupts a laser, which had been amplified in a gain medium. Demo is near IR. Hoping for slightly more broadband sources. Could be used for laser heat absorbers as a thermal laser receiver in remote power beaming applications...
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november 2011 by asteroza
My エンドポイントプロテクター | アップタウン株式会社
Apparently these guys are teaming up with a Romanian security company to deliver a cloud DLP security service. Easier said than done, in terms of OS stability, unless you do some really brutal device control tricks and even then the reliability is so-so. The price is right for cheapskate companies that don't know better though.
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june 2010 by asteroza
ワンビ株式会社 [OneBe, Inc.]
3 dudes from Trend Micro left to make a startup offering remote file deletion/protection services as an ASP.
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september 2009 by asteroza

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