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Procrastinator's Clock
Clock that runs fast, but you're never sure how fast, to keep you from acclimating to a fixed early clock.
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march 2016 by asteroza
Thai Flood Hacks
There's probably a potential product idea in here that could sell well globally...
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november 2011 by asteroza
Personal Finance Software, Online Money Management from Rudder
This ones seems a little different, a personal finance management setup geared more towards future spending prediction rather than past expense analysis. You feed it your currently accessible savings/cash and expected bills, then feed it actual bills as they come in. In startup terms, this is a runway calculator.
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april 2009 by asteroza
Two Stanford students rethink the light switch « Nudge blog
If I understand this correctly, it's a variable torque resistance rotary dimmer light switch. If energy is in high demand/expensive, it makes it harder to turn, but won't stop you from turing on the light to the degree desired. Only problem is that it is best paired with analog lighting devices, so any light that can't be dimmed wouldn't benefit, at least not directly unless the switch provides resistance to a traditional on/off switch motion.
utilities  innovation  green  energy  UI  grid  HCI  SMART  light  user  switch  interface  lifehacks  Delicious 
february 2009 by asteroza - Where did all my money go?
Supposedly this supports sending text or even pictures from your phone to document your expenses, Which I think would be a critical feature in any personal finance goal management system.
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january 2009 by asteroza
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