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Dog-like robot jumps, flips and trots | Stanford News
Interesting linkage design, avoids linear motors , and maybe avoids some springs too?
stanford  quadruped  propulsion  robotics  leg  actuator  research  technology  hardware  electronics  devices 
june 2019 by asteroza
Wearable chairless chair, as an alternative to a portable stool.
leg  exoskeleton  chairless  chair  fixed  seating  stool  furniture  portable  hardware. 
march 2018 by asteroza
Agility Robotics
Now making a twerkbot variant with arms for Ford as a package delivery bot
bipedal  reverse  leg  chicken  walker  robot  robotics  research  propulsion  legged  locomotion 
february 2017 by asteroza
Ghost Minitaur — Ghost Robotics
Interesting biarticulated legs with direct drive motors
UGV  drone  quadruped  direct  drive  motor  2DoF  leg  locomotion  walking  hardware  electronics  device  Delicious 
october 2016 by asteroza
Looks like the new version is more like steadicam arms for human arms
EU  research  technology  hardware  electronics  devices  exoskeleton  industrial  manufacturing  human  arm  assist  amplification  Delicious  europe  torso  leg  back  strength 
february 2015 by asteroza
Revision Military |
Now involved with exoskeleton work (DARPA softsuits?). Currently do leg exos (Prowler).
prowler  leg  tactical  head  gear  helmet  eyewear  exoskeleton  softsuit  soft  hardware  electronics  devices  military  defense  human  amplification  augmentation  Delicious 
february 2015 by asteroza
KLIPPA: Prosthetic Leg for Rock Climbers on Pratt Portfolios
The men who stare at goats... stared a long time then figured out a decent way to emulate goat legs for a human leg prosthetic geared for rock climbing.
rock  climbing  prosthetic  leg  medicine  health  sports  research  technology  biomimicry  Delicious 
september 2014 by asteroza
Home - noonee®
Leg exoskeleton that functions like a portable stool/chair.
chairless  portable  chair  stool  unpowered  lower  body  torso  leg  exoskeleton  hardware  Delicious 
august 2014 by asteroza
FORTIS Exoskeleton · Lockheed Martin
Unpowered exo for shipyard use, seems to feature a steadicam/Equipois mount for tools, and a counterweight tail off the back.
unpowered  lower  body  torso  leg  exoskeleton  inudstrial  human  amplification  support  hardware  Delicious 
august 2014 by asteroza
Prosthetic Covers for Amputees - UNYQ
Trying to make prosthetics looks less fugly, by allowing users to custmize the outer shells. Via 3D printing, naturally.
fashion  health  medicine  prosthetic  leg  3D  printing  fabbing  manufacturing  online  store  custom  shop  Delicious 
june 2014 by asteroza
Panasonic's robotic exoskeletons could help nuclear plant workers
ActiveLink's PLL-04 Ninja prototype exoskeleton suit, for leg/lower torso assist, might be used as the basis of a radiation armor support suit for Fukushima cleanup works. But wasn't Cyberdyne already doing that with a HAL suit? With upper arm assist?
japan  ActiveLink  Panasonic  PLL-04  ninja  lower  torso  leg  assist  exoskeleton  radiation  suit  support  Delicious 
june 2014 by asteroza
Principle Power, Inc. - Renewable Energy, Delivered.
MIT WindFloat design is a tension leg offshore wind turbine platform
WindFloat  offshore  ocean  marine  tension  leg  support  platform  structure  wind  turbine  power  generator  green  energy  MIT  Delicious 
july 2010 by asteroza
Bionic Power
They need to start selling microUSB type rechargers.
PowerWalk  BionicPower  bionic  brace  energy  generator  green  harvesting  harvestor  kinetic  knee  leg  power  scavenging  portable  storage  Delicious 
february 2009 by asteroza

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