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Traversal Networks - Home
Selling micro network sniffer boxes to sprinkle over your LAN's.
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july 2016 by asteroza
Security Onion: Security Onion is a Linux distro for IDS, NSM, and log management
Tweaked ubuntu distro loaded to gills with various IDS packages. Useful for testing if stuff that should be caught is actually making it through somehow.
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may 2014 by asteroza
Power Pwn (Pre-order) | Pwnie Express
Appears to use a SheevaPlug for internals. Evil little beastie for pentesting, but I kinda doubt you can get some employee to pick one up in a parking lot and plug it into the corporate network, especially since it has a suspicious form factor/weight for a found object. But, send it in a nice box t someone, and they will probably plug it right in...
SheevaPlug  ettercap  dsniff  hydra  nmap  SSLstrip  aircrack  kismet  metasploit  debian  120V  802.11N  802  802.11g  802.11b  802.11  bluetooth  ethernet  wifi  GSM  3G  wireless  access  remote  devices  electronics  hardware  intrusion  hacking  audit  strip  security  power  pentest  testing  penetration  PwnieExpress  PowerPwn  Delicious 
july 2012 by asteroza

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