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Netgate SG-1000 microFirewall
Nice microfirewall, maybe suitable for medical applications/retrofits?
small  form  factor  pfSense  firewall  appliance  hardware  electronics  devices  inline  network  security  Delicious 
september 2016 by asteroza
Interesting inline recreational snowmobile/snow bike/snoped
inline  snowmobile  vehicle  transportation  Delicious 
april 2016 by asteroza
You want to talk about a bump in the wire? THIS IS a bump in the wire. PoE passthru pentest dropbox.
LUNA  inline  security  pentest  pentesting  hardware  electronics  devices  PoE  passthru  dropbox  packet  sniffing  capture  MitM  hacking  Delicious 
december 2014 by asteroza
Hardware inline headset voice encryption/scrambling using a one time password. No jacks for a fixed phone though. All external and OTP, so harder to compromise. Your phone/phone company will hate you for using scrambled audio as the codecs hate that.
inline  headset  voice  encryption  audio  sound  external  OTP  hardware  electronics  devices  smartphone  iPhone  android  Delicious 
september 2014 by asteroza
Benkatina Hydroelectric Turbine - Leviathan Energy
Interesting inline water turbine power generator. Probably best suited to water main pressure vaults, that reduce water pressure to neighborhood pressure levels, which are otherwise wasting pressure/kinetic energy in the pressure drop.
water  turbine  inline  generator  power  small  pipe  Delicious 
april 2013 by asteroza
MB882HX-1SB_Other SSD Related Product_SSD KIT_ICY DOCK manufacturer Removable enclosure, Screwless hard drive enclosure, SAS SATA Mobile Rack, DVR Surveillance Recording, Video Audio Editing, SATA portable hard drive enclosure
Simple little inline SATA caching solution, using a special controller to trick the OS into thinking it has a SSD that is double the size of the physical SSD, backed by the HDD, which loses that double amount from it's size.
SSD  HDD  hard  disk  hybrid  expander  hardware  devices  SATA  3.5inch  2.5inch  3.5  2.5  adapter  inline  cache  storage  Delicious  electronics 
august 2011 by asteroza
Hassle Free Online Meetings and Free Conference Calls | Calliflower Online Meetings and Conference Call Services by iotum
A company providing the "duh, why didn't I think of that" service of teleconference support with inline chatting and document sharing. Having a chat room allows some of the meeting chaos to move to text, so people aren't competing at the audio level.
Calliflower  web  2.0  online  teleconference  telephone  conference  call  inline  chat  support  service  VoIP  business  communication  Delicious 
april 2009 by asteroza

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