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Basically magnetic induction metal FDM, with improved bulk properties by avoiding unmelted metal or voids.
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january 2017 by asteroza
Rezence™ Wireless Power, Wireless Charging Standard | A4WP
Rezence now has resonant mode (A4WP) and inductive mode specs now, the inductive mode being PMA (so in theory very similar to QI with possible dual mode Qi/PMA). So the ideal final receiver would be a Rezence tri-mode chip and coil setup.
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december 2013 by asteroza
Microsoft Word - 3D74DD5F-0F88-71E2.doc - design.pdf
Seems to use somewhat low pressure steam being condensed at high flow rates to create a forced induction setup, so a kind of jet pump? In theory, a high speed flash boiler could use sea water to source the steam for the setup since at high enough speeds the boiler shouldn't cake up. I wonder if this could be chained with a marine ramjet downstream?
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september 2013 by asteroza
ACT-RPR-NPS-1107-NTER-paper-final - ACT-RPR-PRO-1107-LS-NTER.pdf
NTER, a nuclear thermal electric rocket design. Uses LH2 propellant to cool a helium brayton cycle turbine fed by a NTR that heats hydrogen and helium, then tries to supercharge the supersonic nozzle exhaust with an induction loop (which seems to require cesium seeding in the exhaust??). Also has optional oxygen feed, to emulate LANTRN. Seems like you could do better with the NTR feeding a VASIMR though...
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september 2013 by asteroza
Evans Electric
Apparently have a badass high torque in-wheel hub motor for cars, showing peak 150Kw output and peak torque of 1250 Nm.
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july 2013 by asteroza
Okay, I am mildly impressed. Compact camping stove with attached thermoelectric generator. But the trick being part of the electric output is shunted to a fan, for forced draught to cool the radiator fins of the TEG module, and to provide forced induction to operate the stove as a rocket stove, to boost heat output even more, and allow you to use crap fuel.
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may 2012 by asteroza
Carnival of Space 178 - traversing wormholes and super magnetic fields
Nuclear pumped high magnetic field spacetime fabric warping wormhole generator as a means for FTL? Also, it's cute that the wormhole would have to be traversed by conventional propulsion. I suppose that means anyone who is cool with an Orion drive is cool with WHIPIT as well...
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november 2010 by asteroza

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