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Wie man Glasscheiben perfekt um die Ecke biegt
Using an oven to heat bulk glass to just below the transition temperature, they can make sharp bend glass by using a laser along the bend line to pinpoint heat the bend edge so it can plasticly deform in the desired way.
glass  sharp  bend  materials  science  research  technology  laser 
october 2019 by asteroza
Deakin researchers design maintenance-free bridge for Geelong park | Deakin
carbon/glass fiber hybrid polymer rebar for concrete, as an alternative to basalt fiber rebar wherever steel rebar can't be used
polymer  glass  carbon  fiber  hybrid  rebar  concrete  reinforcement  materials  science  research  technology  basalt  alternative 
july 2019 by asteroza
Harnessing Heat Beyond 200 °C from Unconcentrated Sunlight with Nonevacuated Transparent Aerogels | ACS Nano
Substituting a highly transparent aerogel cover instead of glass for vacuum insulated solar thermal receivers to prevent heat emission back out
transparent  aerogel  materials  science  research  technology  solar  thermal  vacuum  receiver  cover  glass  alternative 
july 2019 by asteroza
Deakin researchers develop concrete solution for recycled glass | Deakin
some types of colored glass aren't recycled due to the difficulty in cleaning it up to clear again, so being able to use it elsewhere is a plus as an alternative to high grade sand. But this is polymer resin based concrete (substituting cement) so that's a different problem...
polymer  resin  concrete  recycled  glass  powder  aggregate  materials  science  research  technology  construction 
june 2019 by asteroza
About us
International Cookware SAS is the licensee in Europe for the pyrex brand, and still makes the original high quality borosilicate glass Pyrex. That type is usually indicated by using a logo with all capital letter PYREX, like the old stuff. US pyrex is now weaker soda-lime glass.
kitchen  cookware  tools  pot  pan  france  europe  borosilicate  glass  Pyrex 
march 2019 by asteroza
A metal-organic framework with ultrahigh glass-forming ability | Science Advances
Metal organic transparent glass, with similar atomic structure to silicon dioxide but more formable
ZIF-62  metal  organic  glass  materials  science  research  Technology 
march 2018 by asteroza
Tailoring crystallization phases in metallic glass nanorods via nucleus starvation | Nature Communications
Making metallic glass nanorod crystals so small they don't have a proper crystal nucleus yields interesting properties
metallic  glass  nanorod  crystal  nucleus  starvation  metal  metallurgy  materials  science  research  technology 
december 2017 by asteroza
Hacking with Style: TrueType VT220 Font
Glass VT220 font clone, as a TrueType font
glass  VT220  terminal  font  truetype 
june 2017 by asteroza
80% Less EHR Charting with a Remote Scribe | Augmedix
Augmedix gives your providers a team of real-time, quality-controlled, and customized remote scribes, accessed through Google Glass.
google  glass  service  medical  transcription  EHR  doctor  visit 
june 2017 by asteroza
Optimizing Bulk Metallic Glasses for Robust, Highly Wear-Resistant Gears - Hofm...
New-ish wear resistant gear surfaces, using a bulk casting technique to make macro scale amorphous bulk metallic glass shaped metal. End goal for JPL/NASA is mechanical parts for very low temperature regimes.
casting  amorphous  bulk  metallic  glass  materials  science  research  technology  wear  abrasion  resistance  Delicious 
december 2016 by asteroza
From tunable core-shell nanoparticles to plasmonic drawbridges: Active control o...
Electric voltage induced color changes in silver nanoparticle infused glass, effectively making active stained glass.
silver  nanoparticle  plasmon  tuning  optics  materials  science  research  technology  active  color  change  glass  reversible  switching  Delicious 
june 2016 by asteroza
Bioactive glass fillers reduce bacterial penetration into marginal gaps for composite restorations - Dental Materials
Using non-inert glass rather than inert glass powder in dental fillings, they can hold off secondary tooth decay in the dental filling/tooth interface much longer, and apparently a minor increase in hardness.
bioactive  glass  filler  dental  filling  medicine  health  research  technology  Delicious 
december 2015 by asteroza
High Elastic Moduli of a 54Al2O3-46Ta2O5 Glass Fabricated via Containerless Processing : Scientific Reports
New high strength glass, but it requires a high temperature air levitation furnace setup (which is expensive to operate), and uses tantalum, which is stupid expensive. The glass by weight of the component ingredients alone would cost more than silver by weight.
tantalum  aluminum  silica  oxide  glass  materials  science  research  technology  Delicious 
november 2015 by asteroza
Hrm, something like this, but lights up when you need a refill seems like a more sellable idea...
illuminated  mug  cup  glass  pint  hardware  electronics  devices  beverage  indicator  light  Delicious 
october 2015 by asteroza
Parallelogram Found Best for Glass Bottles
A roughly parallelogram shaped (more like a symmetric leaf with rounded tips) provides an easier grip to pop the cap off
elderly  beverage  container  design  ergonomics  glass  parallelogram  shape  lid  cap  Delicious 
june 2014 by asteroza
Det virtuella tangentbordet kan snart bli verklighet | Mälardalens högskola
Unconventional virtual keyboard, requires an AR system like Google Glass to see the keyboard, and the bracelets provide the finger and gesture tracking (actual tracking, like a bluetooth motion sensor). I could swear I've seen those bracelets before on a crowdfunding campaign...
virtual  keyboard  bracelet  projected  AR  research  finger  gesture  motion  tracking  bluetooth  hardware  electronics  devices  google  glass  Delicious 
may 2014 by asteroza
シースルー太陽電池モジュールを発売 | ニュースリリース:シャープ
New semi-transparent glass solar PV panels, intended to be filler wall panels in apartment balconies, allowing you see through the balcony panel somewhat and produce power. Since Japan has so many apartments with balconies, but comparatively little roof access for those same apartments, this is interesting compromise solution for green energy distributed generation, as well as improving the visibility/lighting/aesthetics of a balcony/veranda area. This also works pretty well in Japan because of certain building codes, which sometimes outright require southerly facing balconies, as well as protecting those balconies' sun access by limiting the shadows of neighboring buildings. So in practice, if you have a large apartment block going in a residential area without a huge concentration of tower blocks, you should have almost unrestricted access to the sun on teh balcony side of the tower block.
Sharp  translucent  semi-transparent  semitransparent  seethrough  glass  panel  solar  PV  power  generator  green  energy  retrofit  balcony  japan  Delicious 
september 2012 by asteroza
Replacements, Ltd.
Apparently these guys are legendary for finding obscure tableware, and at reasonable prices. They sell and buy too.
china  stoneware  glass  glassware  silver  silverware  utensil  stainless  palte  cup  kitchen  dining  room  hardware  online  shop  replacement  service  Delicious 
may 2012 by asteroza
Project Glass - Google+
Hey, a HMD that doesn't make you look like a gargoyle. Still prefer a EyeTap though...
google  HMD  HUD  head  mounted  display  hardware  electronics  devices  HCI  UI  GUI  research  project  glass  Delicious 
april 2012 by asteroza
Halotechnics - Power through storage
Current solar salts are near 585C max. New eutectic salt can reach 700C with similar materials compatibility. They also have a new glass derivative with a depressed melt point of 400C (normal window glass is 600C) that can run up to 1200C. The glass based thermal storage seems to be intended for hot air aeroderivative turbines/combined cycle setups rather than just steam turbines. Claim low cost components of the eutectic salt, discovered using advanced automated chemical mixture analysis.
Halotechnics  low  cost  hybrid  high  temperature  molten  eutectic  salt  glass  bead  mixed  media  thermal  energy  storage  solar  green  Delicious 
march 2012 by asteroza
'See-through' PV Cell Module Functions as Window Glass -- Tech-On!
Interesting, but the thickness of the pane due to the added prisms is problematic, from a manufacturing and cost perspective.
prismatic  prism  window  glass  pane  embedded  PV  solar  cell  power  generator  green  energy  home  house  building  architecture  Delicious 
january 2012 by asteroza
[FPDI] Japanese Firm Develops 'Invisible Glass' -- Tech-On!
Interesting use of doublesided AR coatings to further suppress reflections off glass, using thin films. I wonder if this has applications in other large scale optics?
antireflective  reflection  suppression  double  sided  coating  thin  film  glass  materials  science  optics  research  technology  japan  Delicious 
november 2011 by asteroza
Pythagoras Solar: HomePage
Using double pane window optical tricks and a somewhat thicker window panel, this company claims to hold off IR while generating solar power through a venetian blind solar PV array embedded in thicker double pane glass windows, for vertical solar array integration into building facades. Not a bad idea...
building  integrated  photovoltaics  window  embedded  optics  tricks  solar  PV  glass  vertical  venetian  blind  array  Delicious 
june 2011 by asteroza
Continuous basalt fiber
It seems somebody got around to spinning the molten rock wool fiber into a proper continuous fiber for (?woven?) composite applications that need materials attributes different from carbon fiber, but with similar strength.
basalt  glass  fiber  rock  wool  composite  materials  science  research  Delicious 
august 2010 by asteroza
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