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aftertheflood/sparks: A typeface for creating sparklines in text without code.
Ausing typography ligatures for fun and profit. One wonders how badly you could abuse this for phishing/scams...
sparkline  visualization  font  typography  typeface  graph  graphing 
6 weeks ago by asteroza
Get Microsoft Font Maker - Microsoft Store
So Microsoft published this tool to make custom fonts based on your handwriting!
microsoft  custom  font  generator  handwriting 
december 2018 by asteroza
Sans Forgetica
Making a font harder to read just enough to make the brain pay more attention enough to make it remember the information better.
font  typography  psychology  brain  memory  learning 
october 2018 by asteroza
prosthetic knowledge — FontCode Research from Columbia Computer Graphics...
Using font kerning as a form of steganography, very subtle, but with high rez pictures, can you run the reverse, checking against known fonts to detect possible steg usage, or do you have to allow for enough slop in printing and camera angle that you would get too many false positives?
FontCode  encryption  cryptography  steganography  fingerprinting  font  kerning  glyph  perturbation 
april 2018 by asteroza
Hacking with Style: TrueType VT220 Font
Glass VT220 font clone, as a TrueType font
glass  VT220  terminal  font  truetype 
june 2017 by asteroza
monospace font designed for programming
monospace  truetype  font  free  programming  development  Delicious 
may 2016 by asteroza
Robosans Font
A font inspired by a robot trying to do caligraphy, but ended up just doing arc based brush strokes.
Robosans  font  software  Delicious 
april 2014 by asteroza
Making Democracy Legible: A Defiant Typeface — The Gradient — Walker Art Center
An anti-OCR typeface to defeat surveillance measures, as an artistic expression anyways. Well, except by making this really public people will now a; build OCR software specific to ZXX glyphs b; build OCR software such that if it detects ZXX type glyphs, spin it around to a human for final judgement as an item of interest c; think this actually protects them in some way and use it poorly. Maybe if it was a postscript font that dynamically resize and obscure letters on the fly, it might have better resistance.
graphic  vision  font  privacy  security  anti-OCR  machine  analysis  anti-surveillance  typeface  anonymity  ZXX  obfuscation  design  Delicious 
june 2013 by asteroza
Free Fonts - Loki Cola font |
Missing the necessary hyphen bit to be truely authentic
software  font  Coca-cola  Delicious 
july 2012 by asteroza
Interesting japanese kanji font that also shows stroke orders inline.
japanese  kanji  character  stroke  order  visualization  truetype  font  software  learning  education  language  Delicious 
may 2012 by asteroza
Garamond Classico™ Roman SC -
In the movie American Psycho, there is that wonderful business card scene. The actors describe a font called Cillian Braille, which may be a misinterpretation of the name Silian Rail, but the actual font used on the physical cards in the movie appears to be this one.
garamond  rail  Silian  Braille  Cillian  psycho  american  movie  font  card  business  Delicious 
march 2012 by asteroza
A font developed for readability at distance, which means it's a good font for reading pretty much anything, if readability trumps fancy pants design. Such as in this case, US Federal highway sign standards. Interesting that they did testing with elderly drivers, and how they perceive fonts at distance.
ClearviewHwy  font  typography  software  signage  graphic  design  visibility  research  elderly  viion  accomodation  accessibility  readability  distance  highway  road  sign  roadsign  Delicious 
december 2011 by asteroza
Web Symbols typeface
Wonder why they didn't try something in the private space of unicode?
web  symbol  typeface  typography  font  free  freeware  icon  symbols  webdev  graphic  design  Delicious 
november 2011 by asteroza
flipping typical
apparently shows examples of every font installed on your system
web  2.0  font  typography  installed  visualization  service  webdev  javascript  CSS  comparison  graphic  design  art  Delicious 
january 2009 by asteroza

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