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Ground state structure of high-energy-density polymeric carbon monoxide
New explosive, 5-10x TNT, so 3x+ better than HMX. If it is really metastable, and not touchy as hell like octanitrocubane...
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april 2017 by asteroza
Making cars of the future stronger, using less energy | News Room - The Ohio State University
So, using a capacitor bank to blow up an aluminum foil sheet for the wave front from the explosion impact welds two dissimilar metals.
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october 2015 by asteroza
High Power Explosive with Good Sensitivity: A 2:1 Cocrystal of CL-20:HMX - Crystal Growth & Design (ACS Publications)
CL-20 is a the most powerful modern explosive known, but is as unstable as PETN, making it unsuitable as is ,due to impacts causing sudden detonation. But fixing it in a cocrystal with HMX makes a hybrid that has 20% more power over pure HMX, which is the more common military explosive, while being about as stable as regular HMX.
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september 2012 by asteroza
A computational study of novel nitratoxycarbon, nitritocarbonyl, and nitrate compounds and their potential as high energy materials 10.1016/j.comptc.2011.10.011 : Computational and Theoretical Chemistry |
Apparently a unique synthetic chemical compound originally put together by a 10 year old, verified through computational chemistry. Possible applications as a novel explosive or energy storage mechanism, but synthesizing it seems rather hard. When you see 4 nitrogen atoms that close together, you know it's going to be a party...
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february 2012 by asteroza

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