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Download Winlogbeat | Ship Windows Event Logs | Elastic | Elastic
Alternative to native windows WEF event log forwarding, for direct delivery to a DB of your choice
elasticsearch  windows  event  log  forwarder  forwarding  security  devops 
8 weeks ago by asteroza
Auditd Module | Auditbeat Reference [master] | Elastic
aduitd/AduitBeat for exporting logs to elasticsearch, with socket logs for processID/network correlation. Like a Sysmon for Linux
security  elasticsearch  linux  log  export  collector 
8 weeks ago by asteroza
Historical Log Analysis for Elastic Stack - CHAOSSEARCH
Get Kibana/ElasticSearch for your S3 data without using AWS elasticsearch...
AWS  S3  kibana  elasticsearch 
may 2019 by asteroza
ukncsc/lme: Logging Made Easy
GCHQ now has a quick and dirty sysmon/windows event forwarding/ELK stack for cheapskate sysadmins to log and monitor their environments
logging  monitoring  security  windows  event  forwarding  sysmon  ELK  elasticsearch  logstash  kibana  sysadmin  tools  utilities  opensource  stack 
april 2019 by asteroza
Packetbeat: Network Analytics Using Elasticsearch | Elastic
Since windows DHCP/DNS logs suck, use this to slurp packets and analyze
network  monitoring  analytics  elasticsearch  ELK  sysadmin  tips  tricks 
february 2019 by asteroza
CrateDB: The Open Source SQL Database for Machine Data |
container native self balancing database, using lucene/elasticsearch under the hood in each node.
CrateDB  distributed  SQL  database  noSQL  engine  software  time  series  lucene  elasticsearch  presto  container 
november 2018 by asteroza
Trying to work with kafka streams and threat intelligence?
SIEM  network  monitoring  logging  snort  suricate  analysis  security  DFIR  NSM  bro  kibana  logstash  elasticsearch  ELK  kafka 
june 2018 by asteroza
SweetSecurity/ at 2.0 · TravisFSmith/SweetSecurity
SweetSecurity - Network Security Monitoring on Raspberry Pi type devices
bro  elasticsearch  logstash  kibana  network  security  monitoring  setup  script 
september 2017 by asteroza

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