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Dracos Linux
Alternative to Kali, from Malaysia?
pentesting  liveCD  linux  OS  distro  Delicious 
october 2016 by asteroza
The Definitive Platform for Modern Apps | DC/OS
Treat your datacenter as the unit of management, with apps strung out as containers on cluster servers.
datacenter  management  platform  container  microservice  control  mesos  opensource  software  OS  linux  distro  Delicious 
may 2016 by asteroza
Software for Open Networking in the Cloud - SONiC
Microsoft releases a network router debian distro. Requires OCP SAI hardware to implement SDN features though.
SONiC  debian  linux  distro  networking  SDN  SAI  network  router  software  OS  microsoft  OCP  Delicious 
march 2016 by asteroza
Home of the Mageia project
The remains of mandriva linux, after mandriva the business fell apart.
Mageia  linux  distro  mandriva  distribution  OS  Delicious 
may 2015 by asteroza
Security Onion: Security Onion is a Linux distro for IDS, NSM, and log management
Tweaked ubuntu distro loaded to gills with various IDS packages. Useful for testing if stuff that should be caught is actually making it through somehow.
security  union  linux  distro  opensource  multi  IDS  NMS  testing  software  OS  hacking  network  intrusion  detection  Snort  Suricata  Bro  Sguil  Squert  Snorby  NetworkMiner  OSSEC  ELSA  Xplico  ubuntu  Delicious 
may 2014 by asteroza
Interesting, trying to go the hyperisolation route with otherwise conventional software.
Qubes  software  sandboxing  isolation  container  sandbox  virtualization  security  linux  distro  Delicious 
november 2013 by asteroza
Router/Bridge Linux Firewall
If Brocade screws up Vyatta too much, I suppose this might be usable...
software  firewall  router  opensource  linux  distribution  distro  Delicious 
june 2013 by asteroza :: aptosid - Debian hot and spicy!
A debian sid based distro, which basically is sid with a real installer and the latest mostly vanilla kernel. Promises upstream compatibility with sid packages, so basically this is a more usable sid distro, from an install and use perspective.
sid  aptosid  linux  debian  distribution  distro  Delicious 
may 2013 by asteroza
Kali Linux
BackTrack renamed to Kali, and aligned with debian package management.
backtrack  pentest  penetration  OS  opensource  security  linux  network  distro  tools  software  hacking  utilities  Kali  testing  debian  Delicious 
march 2013 by asteroza
Someone spent time backporting KVM onto OpenSolaris/Illumos and spun up a custom distro. Wait, OpenSOlaris kernel, BSD package management, and GNU toolchain? This is one bastard child of an operating system...
joyent  SmartOS  KVM  solaris  opensolaris  illumos  kernel  BSD  package  management  GNU  toolchainzones  ZFS  distro  OS  DTrace  hybrid  Delicious 
august 2011 by asteroza
Zimbra Appliance - Email and Collaboration Suite | TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance Library
Hrm, need to try this since installing Horde 4 and all the dependencies is a major pain (why is this so hard?!?)
turnkey  zimbra  linux  virtual  appliance  distro  email  webmail  server  software  VM  mail  ajax  vmware  Delicious 
august 2011 by asteroza
Software Protection Initiative - Lightweight Portable Security
Apparently LPS has a Firefox implementation with a working CAC plugin/extension/addon to allow CAC card authentication with DoD sites and software. Any way to get just the CAC card plugin standalone?
DoD  liveCD  linux  distro  distribution  LPS  lightweight  portable  security  trusted  environment  firefox  CAC  plugin  authentication  ISO  military  software  OS  boot  CD  Delicious 
july 2011 by asteroza
Available as an installable ISO, VMware VM image, or a personally installable Amazon EC2 AMI.
ownCloud  private  cloud  file  storage  sharing  backup  server  software  virtual  appliance  VMware  Amazon  EC2  linux  distro  ISO  Delicious 
june 2011 by asteroza

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