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Unfortunately, the SHTF folks are getting in a tizzy as this also neatly covers suppression of groups of civilians by a military group during civil unrest, which is roughly equivalent to a 2nd amendment crackdown and disarmament campaign...
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may 2014 by asteroza
These guys are now hauling backpack sized portable cellular base stations for humanitarian relief missions.
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february 2014 by asteroza
The Rolling Sunlight: Solar Power on Wheels | Greenpeace
Greenpeace apparently made a truck running on biodiesel 10 years ago with a solar array/battery storage configuration, to provide portable power to disaster areas. It's currently deployed in Rockaway after Hurricane Sandy. Interesting trick, the array is made of two panels covering the box roof at an angle to the right, one sliding out to the right closer to the ground to fully deploy the array. So, park the truck so the right hand side faces due south to setup. No easy way to adjust the angle as far as I can see, which would be the most immediate needed improvement. More interesting improvement is a flat pack mount to go on top of a box truck roof, which can have adjustable tilt from flat to 45 degrees, and one or two slide out panels to increase area.
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november 2012 by asteroza
Experimental government clearinghouse portal for disaster news, information relay, and survival registration.
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september 2012 by asteroza
Interesting usage models. The matching of housing victims and temporary housing providers is a good model.
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march 2011 by asteroza
NTT pumps $470 million into cloud computing by 2012 | Asiajin
Adding a proprietary encryption layer to a cloud grid is a waste of time and money, when open source equivalents are both pervasive and well tested via trial by fire. Typical NTT reinventing the wheel behavior, plus their usual proprietary twist to prevent their customers from migrating elsewhere. Didn't they get the memo that cloud computing is moving towards being service provider agnostic with data portability, as an economic stimulus to improve the customer experience since they can always leave you for someone else, and to have provider redundancy? That, and once Amazon sets up an S3 asia regional hub supporting asia regional EC2 instances, it's game over for NTT.
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may 2009 by asteroza
AWS Import/Export
Can you hear Iron Mountain pooping in their pants? Sure, you gotta use your own hardware to move the data, but this basically completes the trifecta of your data being everywhere, editable at anytime, at on-demand prices. Finally harnessing the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes barreling down a highway, there's really not many reasons left to not get all your data into the cloud.
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may 2009 by asteroza

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