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VMWare Workstation cannot run on Windows 10 after recent update to Windows 10 - Stack Overflow
So the correct way to get VMware workstation running on Windows 10 1803 is disabling credential guard/device guard and the hyper-v role
VMware  workstation  windows  host  10  1803  HVCI  credential  device  guard  bypass 
june 2018 by asteroza
Enable virtualization-based protection of code integrity | Microsoft Docs
HVCI requires hyper-v, effectively locking out VMware workstation, but the HVCI security is top notch, and now available for all windows 10/2016 SKU's
windows  10  hyper-v  security  HVCI  control  flow  guard  credential 
december 2017 by asteroza
TechNet ATA Suspicious Activity Playbook
This article will walk through the credential theft attack techniques by using readily available research tools on the Internet.
windows  security  credential  theft  lateral  movement  detection  guide  reference  information  pentesting 
october 2017 by asteroza
National Strategy on Trusted Identities in Cyberspace
Your internet drivers license, courtesy of the Federal government and assorted big private players with lobbyists.
NSTIC  national  online  identity  credential  system  ID  internet  drivers  license  false  security  privacy  government  NIST  standard  policy  Delicious 
april 2011 by asteroza

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