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Open Compute Project
Facebook opensourced their whole datacenter design, from the building design, to cooling, to floors, to racks, to server chassis. Crazy stuff like PoE powered LED lighting!
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april 2011 by asteroza
Maximum Inflation
These guys make a clear bag lined with rust inhbitors that slowly outgas, so steel tools inside the bag don't rust in marine environments. You still need to clean your tools before you stuff them into the bag though, but that's common sense.
VCI  rust  rustproofing  rustproof  case  containment  bag  carrier  marine  gear  tools  protection  hardware  Delicious 
december 2010 by asteroza
The Houston Dome Will Save the City from “Peril”, May Help Environment
The semi-obvious ghetto version of this is putting up tent poles on tall-ish buildings and building a clear canopy. That would allow gradual construction. Big domes require a significant up front planning and construction commitment because it's a megastructure/megaengineering project, and expanding dome structures via a multi-dome cellular structure is nontrivial, especially if you want to recover/recycle the intersected dome segments. But, having a large solar greenhouse provides a comparatively easy thermal energy store to tap into via a solar chimney setup.
houstom  dome  archology  green  energy  solar  chimney  greenhouse  air  containment  megastructure  architecture  urban  planning  Delicious 
june 2009 by asteroza

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