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ClickHouse — open-source distributed column-oriented DBMS
Seems to be better than Cassandra (which cheats as it stores individual columns as standalone rows?)
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april 2017 by asteroza
KIT - KIT - Media - Press Releases - PI 2015 - Crack it! Energy from a Fossil Fuel without carbon di-oxide
Hrm, I suppose if you had a handy methane source and a heat source (1200 C?!?), this is interesting (GenIV nuclear reactor maybe), but probably the more interesting aspect is the pure carbon powder byproduct, suitable for making carbon fiber and similar. I suppose if you wanted to make graphene, using natural gas from town as both an energy source and a carbon source for production might be a good match...
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december 2015 by asteroza
Could the humble sea urchin hold the key to carbon capture? - Press Office - Newcastle University
So they obviously patented this but, if they plan on bubbling flue gases through a water column (which has a big energy cost due to increased back pressure on the power production system), one problem is sourcing the dissolved calcium for the water column, and the other is the catalyst recover. Nickel nanoparticles seem to be recoverable via magnetic separation, but during the calcium carbonate production process, wouldn't the catalysts get trapped in the carbonate itself, requiring you to ball mill grind the carbonate outputs of the system to recover the catalyst? The other problem is getting that calcium into the water column itself. Easy way would be relatively clean seawater, and keep cycling in fresh seawater into the column as the calcium gets depleted. But inland, you won't have a convenient body of water with usable calcium content. So how would you go about seeding the column then?
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february 2013 by asteroza
Nickel nanoparticles catalyse reversible hydration of carbon dioxide for mineralization carbon capture and storage - Catalysis Science & Technology (RSC Publishing)
Interesting research related to carbon capture. Scientists set out to better understand carbonic acid creation, and needed a catalyst for speeding up experiments. Chance discovery of high surface area nickel on Sea Urchin exoskeletons led to the discovery that nickel nanoparticles catalyze the formation of calcium carbonate from dissolved CO2 and calcium in water, mimicking a carbonic anhydrase enzyme but without the pH limitations . It appears the process leads to direct calcium carbonate, without much carbonic acid byproducts. It may be possible to do this via a seawater column bubbling flue gas with suspended nickel nanoparticles, since the nickel particles can be separated magnetically (though wouldn't that require grinding the recovered carbonate?)
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february 2013 by asteroza

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