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Radiative cooling to deep sub-freezing temperatures through a 24-h day–night cyc...
New record, but requires shading from direct sunlight, and a vacuum chamber, and a zinc selenide emission window on the vacuum chamber wall. But 37 degrees below atmospheric ambient is pretty damn good.
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december 2016 by asteroza
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Interesting continuous wave detonation engine design. Basically you have a shockwave running around in circles (well, a spiral of sorts) in an open ended annular space, with careful injection of propellant just before the wave arrives at a particular point in the injector ring on one end. Similar to a PDE engine, in that you need high speed pulsed injection just before the detonation wave arrives on the ring, and you have this spiral output that resembles a PDE pulse output.
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august 2012 by asteroza
The Pulse Combustion Tesla Turbine
Okay, this is a little weird, but potentially interesting as a high rpm motor. You have a pulsejet combustion chamber feeding a tesla turbine to extract power. Since the pulsejet is a PDE, and thus shockwave based, you potentially have near complete combustion without having a precompressor. Hrm, I wonder if a RamGen engine could feed it's disk's exhaust into a counterrotating coaxial tesla turbine for secondary power extraction (the tesla turbine could be direct geared to counterrotate with the disk rotor since the tesla turbine should be able to rotate at the same kind of speeds)?
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february 2011 by asteroza

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