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Fox-IT hit by cyber attack - Fox-IT (ENG)
What a wonderfully transparent after-action review of an incident. Though changing the registrar password regularly doesn't seem like it would buy them much, as they kept their password in a vault and rarely used it (low chance of extraction/exfil), and the subtle implication the registrar got owned. Though as a mitigation to lack of 2FA, at the registrar, maybe worthwhile. But the real need is watching for abnormal events, which requires a registrar change feed or external monitoring, as you need to trigger on registrar change events or general DNS SOA changes.
DFIR  case  study  DNS  registrar  hijack  MitM  reference  information 
december 2017 by asteroza
SatSleeve for iPhone | Thuraya
Thuraya, so only middle east, but nice concept for a compact satphone adapter integrated into an iPhone case
Thuraya  satphone  case  shell  addon  iPhone  satellite  telephone  adapter  bluetooth  Delicious 
february 2017 by asteroza
Razer Blade Stealth Ultrabook and Razer Core External Graphics Dock
Razor is an interesting piece of kit, a thunderbolt 3 external GPU case with dock-like features like additional USB and ethernet ports.
USB-C  thunderbolt  external  GPU  case  peripheral  hardware  electronics  devices  dock  Delicious 
may 2016 by asteroza
Flowhub - Seed-to-sale Software for the Legal Cannabis Industry
GrowOP management software with an associated mobile terminal (iPhone case with scanner). Sure, it's weed, but easy to use enterprise agriculture management platorms aren't cheap, so this could break out into new markets.
cannabis  marijuana  weed  growop  agriculture  enterprise  management  software  platform  metrics  analytics  product  history  tracking  hardware  electronics  devices  iPod  iPhone  case  shell  scanner  Delicious 
october 2015 by asteroza
DIMPLE.IO - your custom Android NFC buttons!
Conceptually similar to Pressy, clickable auxiliary NFC buttons to activate shortcuts. Google apparently also is now putting out a Nexus Skrillex case with similar functionality.
NFC  button  sticker  hardware  electronics  devices  android  case  HID  UI  HCI  auxiliary  interface  click  Delicious 
may 2015 by asteroza
FLIR ONE™ personal thermal imager by FLIR® - See the Heat
Thermal imager adapter case for an iPhone 5. Couple this with that Intelliscope iPhone rail mount and you have a ghetto IR rig for a gun.
iPhone  case  shell  IR  thermal  imaging  camera  attachment  accessories  photography  hardware  electronics  devices  Delicious 
january 2014 by asteroza
Typo iPhone Keyboard Case
A physical keyboard for the iPhone, for those diehard crackberry users.
iPhone  keyboard  case  shell  hardware  electronics  devices  blackberry  Delicious 
january 2014 by asteroza
RuBee RFID works steel water high security armory
RuBee is a fancypants wireless asset management spec that apparently is approved for wireless use inside US secure facilities, which is interesting. These guys have RuBee reader cases for iPhones/iPads.
iPad  shell  control  RFID  protocol  RuBee  monitoring  hardware  asset  external  security  wireless  iPhone  cover  reader  inventory  case  devices  electronics  Delicious 
july 2013 by asteroza
High capacity 7000 mAhr shell case for a Galaxy S III cellphone that isn't stupidly thick.
shell  hardware  external  S3  cellphone  battery  capacity  high  case  devices  Samsung  galaxy  electronics  Delicious 
april 2013 by asteroza
Morigreen on Etsy
An iPhone case, like those gun mounts from the movie Taxi...
iPhone  smartphone  arm  slide  mount  hardware  case  shell  Delicious 
january 2013 by asteroza
3D Printed cases:
Company does semi-custom 3D printed case shells for the iPhone.
hardware  printed  3D  custom  shell  case  iPhone  Delicious 
january 2013 by asteroza
iPad2012専用ケース一体型Bluetoothキーボード - TK-FBP048ECBK
Neat iPad case/keyboard hybrid with auto-foldout butterfly keyboard like those old ThinkPad laptops. Unfortunately, it isn't a hardwired keyboard, rather a bluetooth one like most other iPad keyboards. But this is probably more tolerable for a mobile solution.
butterfly  folding  devices  electronics  hardware  shell  case  HID  keyboard  bluetooth  wireless  iPad  Delicious 
november 2012 by asteroza
Wow, an actual hardware keyboard! But wireless (sort of, laser projection), not bluetooth (must be using the dock connector uART lines). Too bad the case fits only an iPhone 4/4s though...
devices  electronics  hardware  keyboard  projection  laser  battery  extended  shell  case  iPhone  prodigy  Celluon  Delicious 
october 2012 by asteroza
driSuit Endurance Waterproof iPhone Case
Good for 1m depth, factory tested to 5m depth for 1 hour
iPhone  shell  case  waterproof  Delicious 
july 2012 by asteroza
3D Printed GTA04 Case | SlyBlog
Slightly better compatible case design for the Openmoko GTA04 opensource phone, that can be printed in 3D. CAD files available.
hardware  printer  Shapeways  printable  fabber  3D  download  file  CAD  shell  case  freerunner  GTA04  Openmoko  Delicious 
february 2012 by asteroza
RSC-5D Specification
Interesting server chassis. But no interior pictures to show exactly how those 48 disks are cabled to the motherboard. Possible ghetto backblaze storagepod base?
48  HDD  hard  disk  drive  enclosure  rackmount  chassis  server  case  SATA  storage  storagepod  Delicious 
september 2011 by asteroza
RaidSonic RAIDON SR2760-2S-S2B 2.5" SATA RAID module for two HDDs
RaidSonic SR2760-2S-S2B 3.5 inch HDD form factor double 2.5 inch form factor HDD/SSD RAID enclosure/case/shell/adapter device. Handy way to mirroring a small boot drive and not blowing RAID ports on it. Might be usable on Nexenta, since if it is doing RAID, it won't be a simple port multiplier.
hardware  RAID  raid0  RAID1  stripe  mirror  3.5  3.5inch  module  2.5  2.5inch  hard  drive  SSD  adapter  case  housing  shell  electronics  devices  Delicious 
august 2011 by asteroza
Village Instruments : ViDock
Apparently they will be making a Thunderbolt equipped expansion chassis version
ViDock  thunderbolt  PCIe  PCIexpress  GPU  eGPU  graphics  card  external  adapter  case  shell  expansion  chassis  video  mac  OSX  expresscard  Delicious 
august 2011 by asteroza
Sonnet - New Product Announcement at NAB 2011
Sonnet Echo Express Thunderbolt cabled external PCIe chassis. The big version supports full length double width PCIe 2.0 x16 video cards (in x4 mode). Some people claim x4 covers 95% of the needs of a x16 card unless you are truly driving it hard, so this may fit the bill for most users who want a more hardcore video card with their laptop to drive large external displays
thunderbolt  external  PCIe  PCIexpress  chassis  case  x16  x4  eGPU  display  monitor  hardware  electronics  devices  Delicious 
july 2011 by asteroza
Crux Case – Crux Loaded
iPad case to try to turn it into a netbook...
Crux  clamshell  iPad  case  shell  external  bluetooth  keyboard  mouse  trackpad  netbook  laptop  Delicious 
june 2011 by asteroza
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