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hosted private microblogging platform service, AKA intranet twitter for companies that don't want to build or install their own...
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march 2009 by asteroza
QIK | Streaming video right from your phone
An unusual (and unfortunately somewhat necessary) use of the service is to live stream video/audio from the cellphone to Qik during an encounter with police/security. Should the phone be confiscated, normally the video/audio/picture content could be erased, but streaming the video to Qik preserves evidence for later use and provides a certain degree of authentication regarding the timestamps.
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february 2008 by asteroza iReport user generated news video journalism blogging web 2.0 CNN  iReport  user  generated  news  video  journalism  blogging  web  2.0  CNN  Delicious 
february 2008 by asteroza

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