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[1705.07386] DeepMasterPrints: Generating MasterPrints for Dictionary Attacks via Latent Variable Evolution
Using GAN's to make a master/skeleton key equivalent fingerprint to match ALL THE PEOPLE. This will not end well. Plus the principles are probably applicable to any other biometric authentication, perhaps including DNA that is not full sequenced...
biometric  security  research  deep  machine  learning  GAN  masterkey  skeletonkey  master  fingerprint 
november 2018 by asteroza
FIDO Alliance Biometric Component Certification Program - FIDO Alliance
New industry standards for biometric security certification, for FIDO biometric security. Kinda nice that there's an industry standard of sorts...
biometric  security  certification  standard  FIDO  authenticator  authentication  face  finger  recognition 
november 2018 by asteroza
Cancellable biometrics is kinda important from two perspectives. It requires some additional authorization beyond the image itself, and can be effectively revoked by "losing" the original encryption key/PIN. Balancing against this is very long range iris capture and recognition using COTS cameras against potentially uncooperative subjects, which would really help a police state monitoring large areas and transit chokepoints...
revoke  revokation  revokable  cancellable  biometrics  biometric  face  long  range  iris  image  recognition  PIN  encryption  algorithm  security  research  Delicious 
may 2015 by asteroza
EyeVerify | Mobile Authentication through Eye Vein Biometrics
This seems to uses the veins on your eyeballs for the biometric pattern?
mobile  security  iPhone  android  iOS  app  software  biometric  eye  eyeball  vein  pattern  Delicious 
november 2013 by asteroza
Universal Robot
Some sort of biometrics system using conventional smartphone cameras to detect palm vein patterns using only visible light and a lot of image processing algorithms.
security  software  detection  pattern  vein  palm  biometric  camera  smartphone  softbank  Delicious 
december 2012 by asteroza
Multi-Biometrics : Technologies : Security Solutions : Solutions & Services | NEC
Uses a mixed optical system to grab fingerprints and finger vein data and fuses the sensor data for the biometric match (which could be argued actually reduces the matching accuracy).
NEC  HS100-10  hybrid  contactless  finger  vein  fingerprint  scanner  hardware  electronics  devices  USB  biometric  security  Delicious 
march 2011 by asteroza
KSI keyboards are Programmable, with Biometric reader. POS , Smart Card, RFID, Wireles and Custom Keyboards
SonarLoc is a keyboard with a sonar sensor, HID proximity card reader, and a fingerprint reader. Basically, if the host computer software and the sonar determine the user has moved away from teh keyboard, it locks the workstation and forces you to log back in, either via traditional username/password, a HID/iClass/Mifare proximity RFID access card, or a fingerprint.
KSI  SonarLoc  security  keyboard  USB  biometric  fingerprint  reader  proximity  card  proxcard  HID  iClassMifare  RFID  contactless  sonar  user  presence  monitoring  autolock  lock  hardware  electronics  devices  Delicious 
february 2011 by asteroza
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