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Screenshot of an intimidating SMS cell broadcast message received by cellphones near the rioting in Kiev recently. Rough translation is “Dear subscriber, you are registered as a participant in a mass disturbance.” "Kiss my revolutionary ass"
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january 2014 by asteroza
Asiajin » Cellphone Checks If Employees Goofing Off
KDDI decides to top NTT DoCoMo's employee walking/health monitoring trick using cellphone accelerometers to do employee profiling to catch the sleepers. Of course this may be useless in the back office where people have their butts parked in chairs for 2 hours at a stretch.
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march 2010 by asteroza
ActyMac - DutyWatch employee monitoring for Mac OS X
I object to software like this or SpectrePro on principle. It doesn't help that SpectorPro is based on the old netbus trojan, and this company at first glance has that shady "catch your husband cheating!" vibe...
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january 2010 by asteroza
Is It For Monitoring Your Performance, Or Preventing You From Adult Disease? | Asiajin
Because in japan, companies can now be fined for having overweight employees over the age of 40 (metabo), there are efforts by companies to increasing invade the life of employees "to incentivise" them to lose weight. DoCoMo is proposing retrieving pedometer data from cellphones and providing that directly to the company HR department, so they can "offer" health advise (aka lose weight or we ship you off to the countryside and drop your salary by shifting you to a lower position). Secondary usage could include human movement data for HR to determine if workers doing physically active jobs are slacking off. 1984 was only off in that Big Brother is an umbrella term for both corporate and government control of the people, which fits in great with the pseudo-fascist leadership trusting culture of japan. Though this is more an artifact of how the law was implemented. They could have made it as a personal income tax, with tax credits to healthy people, which can be easily corporate managed.
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may 2009 by asteroza
All In The Name Of Security: The 'Killer Chip' Invention
Saudi arabian tries to patent in germany a remote monitoring RFID implant for human tracking, with optional remote poison release, ostensibly to provide incentive to foreign visitors to leave by the end of their visa. But other uses include controlling domestic undesirables and defectors. Not cool.
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may 2009 by asteroza
Achtung, YouTube: Germany Proposes Federal ID Checks for Online Video Sites
Seems government officials may be angling to follow the South Korean model in an attempt to perform public safety and law enforcement functions on the internet regarding viral video, but going a step further to go after the mobbing viewers as well, rather than just going after the uploader, who is arguably the only responsible person to nail to a wall. Logging the viewers kills freedom of speech and freedom of association by design. Though some people have said this wouldn't work with existing data privacy laws in germany and the EU, so who knows, though even odds they'd just slip something in like the new EU logging regulations to make it all legal...
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april 2009 by asteroza

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