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facebookincubator/dhcplb: dhcplb is Facebook's implementation of a load balancer for DHCP.
Technically it's a load balancer, but their newer version dispense with the Kea DHCP server entirely and serve IP's themselves.
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27 days ago by asteroza
github/glb-director: GitHub Load Balancer Director and supporting tooling.
bare metal load balancer software, uses rendezvous hashing to deal with fill/draining proxy pool
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august 2018 by asteroza
Linkerd does traffic management, this does that plus more policy control (layer 7 proxy and management)
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may 2017 by asteroza
Announcing Linkerd 1.0
API proxy with service discovery that also runs as a service message bus, could for kubernetes cloud deployments where your instance fleet is pretty dynamic. Adds another layer so you can dynamically route and grab analytics.
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april 2017 by asteroza
TUM - Higher energy yield with torque vectoring gears
Basically it's a torque load leveler, using an electric motor (more like a flywheel really) filling in for when the rotor input is less than ideal for the synchronous generator, and using the electric motor as a generator when the rotor input is too much for the synchronous motor. Which works if you are waffling around a particular RPM on the main rotor. But if the wind loads are too erratic, or more particularly stay consistently below the ideal RPM of the generator, the parasitic power loss of the booster electric motor is going to hurt efficiency. I guess the stance is that since renewables have high capital costs, anything that reduces those costs (in this case a slightly more expensive transmission in exchange for a vastly cheaper synchronous generator with very little power conditioning equipment and no AC/DC/AC rectifier/inverter) is attractive to get project costs low, even if it hurts output.
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february 2011 by asteroza

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