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Trying to directly resurrect Yahoo Pipes, the much loved visual web workflow automator?
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may 2017 by asteroza
A hackable text editor for the 21st Century
This still might spark a holy war between emacs, vi, and textmate aficionados...
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february 2014 by asteroza
1U Rackmount Server
Short depth Atom CPU based 1U rackmount servers, for when you are length constrained.
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september 2011 by asteroza
Intel launches FPGA-equipped Atom |
Cute, but the FPGA is linked by PCIexpress x1 which is a narrow pipe, so it kinda defeats the purpose
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november 2010 by asteroza
Apparently their pizza, baked around noon, is pretty good...
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september 2010 by asteroza
A compact pseudo-blade cluster enclosure with 512 atom processor powered servers inside. Needless to say, a SAN is required. But, with Atom CPU's , this has very low power draw.
SeaMicro  SM10000  small  form  factor  compact  intel  atom  CPU  cluster  blade  server  hardware  electronics  devices  green  IT  Delicious 
august 2010 by asteroza
Remote-control closed system invented for inserting radio-active atoms inside fullerenes
A method for encapsulating radioactive materials in fullerenes. I wonder if this has any applicability in nuclear fuel production? One wonders about the long term stability, but it would make nuclear fuel processing potentially easier since the fuel is directly encapsulated. Applicable to thorium/uranium/plutonium directly? If a LFTR breeder material was fullerene encapsulated, you might be able to do a single salt reactor with the fuel processing ease of a double salt reactor...
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october 2009 by asteroza

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