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I'm guessing you end up running a micro DHT client that hooks into name lookups locally to branch off .P2P domain lookups. This project is a response to the US government seizing domain names recently, pulling the rug out from both the owner and the registrar and possibly ICANN as well. Which generally proves the US should not have that much control over the DNS root (the US had been relatively well behaved up until now regarding this, so people were willing to leave the status quo alone, as having a single authority helps mangerially.) THe question now is whether the actions of the US will spawn more collective will to either remove total root control from the US or to switch to some kind of shared alternative system. Most governments will not support a fully decentralized system now as they understand that controlling the flow of information is critical to suppression and manipulation of the populace.
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december 2010 by asteroza

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