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Sorta similar to Manyverse/SBB
decentralized  offline  chat  P2P  SNS  opensource  DAT  protocol  cabal 
19 days ago by asteroza
Hrm, if your terminal is the storage, what happens when the phone dies?
decentralized  social  network  SNS  android  SSB  scuttlebutt  protocol  alternative 
october 2018 by asteroza
aka this is how the big services comply with GDPR data portability...
data  portability  google  facebook  twitter  transfer  move  copy  microsoft  SNS 
august 2018 by asteroza - CounterSocial
Uhh, a mastodon instance that basically refuses reciprocal federation (might be capable of pulling data from other instances?), but kinda has that 4chan alt-right 'murrica pseudo-patriotism vibe...
SNS  mastodon  social  media 
march 2018 by asteroza
Dat Project - A Distributed Data Community
Something like IPFS? Someone said it's like scuttlebutt, but SBB is user diary signchain subscription oriented, while Cabal/Dat is content diary signchain subscription oriented.
distributed  data  mesh  network  protocol  alternative  IPFS  collaboration  P2P  opensource  software  cabal  chat  SNS  DAT  decentralization  sharing 
january 2018 by asteroza
Instegogram: Leveraging Instagram for C2 via Image Steganography | Endgame
Using social media image hosting with steganographically encoded C2 commands embedded in images for fun and profit...
malware  C2  command  control  remote  SNS  social  media  image  hosting  steganography  security  research  pentesting  hacking  Delicious 
october 2016 by asteroza
FindFace - Инновационный сервис поиска людей по фотографии
demo of a facial recogniton service, that takes a picture then crawls (russian) social media sites to locate matches. Notable for outing vkontakt profiles of russian adult actresses...
facial  recognition  social  media  SNS  search  engine  service  russia  Delicious 
may 2016 by asteroza
Why Japanese don’t use LinkedIn
Interesting opinion, especially about Facebook breaking out japanese net users from anonymity to real names. That was a hurdle that LinkedIn by itself couldn't overcome.
LinkedIn  facebook  professional  social  network  SNS  usage  japan  networking  Delicious 
may 2015 by asteroza
Brand-Pit - Discover the hidden fans of your brand
Social media photo monitoring object recognition/OCR service for detecting product brands.
computer  logo  OCR  monitoring  vision  recognition  image  object  machine  analytics  photo  picture  tracking  PR  social  brand  SNS  media  Delicious 
september 2013 by asteroza
The Hunt
Seems to be some kind of fashion information mechanical turk search service/community, or as the chinese like to say, a human flesh search engine.
picture  information  fashion  search  social  service  community  image  SNS  photo  apparel  Delicious 
january 2013 by asteroza
Big in Korea, and now planning on invading Japan and the US, an app that is basically a standalone social network of two people, intended for couples. Trying to overcome the limits of traditional standalone communication platforms (email, SMS, etc) by unifying communications in ways similar to big social networks with a pretty frontend UI. Good for super communicative/obsessive girlfriends?
app  android  communication  standalone  network  private  unified  iPhone  software  japan  social  couple  SNS  iOS  korea  Delicious 
january 2013 by asteroza
Japan | Music Event / Live Event / Club Event Information -
A social network of sorts for concert venues, promoters, and artists to help make events happen. It also doubles as a venue homepage CMS, an artists database, and a concert promotion CMS. So basically you can ask from a cellphone what music/clubs are going on in your area based on your preferences and it recommends events. It also breaks down barriers between venue operators and promoters, so it is easier to collaborate, rather than a general purpose SNS like Facebook.
CMS  music  concert  promoter  clubbing  APEX  announcement  broadcast  venue  database  network  japan  planning  event  social  club  service  SNS  artist  industry  iFLYER  Delicious 
january 2013 by asteroza
A business SNS in japan, requires an Ameba/mixi/twitter/facebook logon. Seems sorta like LinkedIn/Quora,but the personal SNS login requirement seems a bit strange unless you have a business only account there too, or are one of those "digital natives" that lives a wholly merged social presence or has a personal brand.
service  network  social  SNS  business  japan  intely  CyberAgent  Delicious 
september 2012 by asteroza
The formerly beta LBS location specific realtime messenging service for events (previously used for Occupy Wallstreet fast location specific messaging to pass along information about police movements), now is going commercial as a kind of event backchannel location specific messaging SNS.
realtime  iPhone  event  backchannel  messaging  social  based  location  LBS  SNS  service  platform  chat  software  app  android  Vibe  Delicious 
march 2012 by asteroza
engraph - 新感覚ソーシャル電話帳アプリ
Cooked up by a high school kid, this smartphone app is an attempt to break out of the traditional contact list format, and to show groupings of friends/contacts by entity, and focusing on an entity shows a contact's various communication paths (email, facebook, twitter,etc.). Beta android app available, iPhone and desktop versions coming along later.
engraph  japan  social  contact  manager  management  information  visualization  graph  list  grouping  cluster  network  SNS  android  app  software  Delicious 
december 2011 by asteroza
Biz-IQ is a business social network startup run by Recruit, a major employment recruiting agency with a very large web presence (up to and including web API's)
japan  Recruit  business  social  network  SNS  Delicious 
october 2011 by asteroza
ilektrojohn/creepy @ GitHub
Basically an image EXIF geolocation information ripper, mapping pictures to places on goggle maps.
creepy  image  picture  photo  EXIF  geolocation  information  mapping  aggregator  software  SNS  social  network  sharing  maps  security  surveillance  twitter  foursquare  flickr  twitpic  yfrog  plixi  moby  google  windows  linux  ubuntu  Delicious 
march 2011 by asteroza
Path — Introducing The Personal Network
Trying to reintroduce the "tribe" mentality online, which modern life and technology has tended to strip away. To a certain extreme, it's a very Apple way of doing things (reduce flexibility for clean and easier to use interfaces)., but the short truth is it's a personal social network darknet based on the assumption that members are reasonably trusted to not betray the group. Which really only works in a short range "tribal" setting (likely geographically close, socially close, and to a lesser degree composed of extroverts).
path  SNS  social  media  limited  personal  network  trusted  enclave  privacy  darknet  Delicious 
november 2010 by asteroza | Voice to Text Notes & To Dos. Email & Text Message Reminders. Hands-free Email & Text Messaging. Group Messaging.
Looks like these guys pivoted to a SNS like FireChat, but semi-offline using local mesh networking (bluetooth and wifi, for smartphones without data plans), and a closed network structure using real names/faces (to ID and ban outsiders). Currently popular with middleschoolers with smartphones who lack data plans.
web  2.0  service  mobile  productivity  business  personal  automated  voice  speech-to-text  recording  notetaking  Jott  dictation  local  closed  private  network  chat  bluetooth  wifi  mesh  adhoc  SNS  text  message  IM  Delicious 
february 2009 by asteroza
pseudo LBS chance encounter dating service? " 'Toothing?"
mobile  social  identity  bluetooth  networking  internet-of-things  object  privacy  presence  SNS  ID  proximity  aka-aki  chance  encounter  toothing  Delicious 
february 2009 by asteroza
Latitude: Google’s Trojan Horse (or, Why Who’s Nearby Is Not A Business) | Mobile Industry Review
Somebody needs to make an iPhone app to buzz you when compatible singles from a federated network of dating sites are in the vicinity and up for action. Then charge to view details of their profile. PROFIT!
data  service  mobile  social  network  google  location  presence  SNS  LBS  geolocation  commodity  latitude  Delicious 
february 2009 by asteroza
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