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Expired Domains | Daily Updated Domain Lists for 388 TLDs
Service to tell you about expired names which have history/juice
expired  DNS  domain  name  list  service  security  hacking  pentesting  phishing  SEO 
august 2018 by asteroza
PageFair - Reclaim Your Adblocked Revenue
Trying to defeat adblock software in the browser is kinda evil
anti-adblock  service  SEO  advertising  web  ad  Delicious 
july 2015 by asteroza
What is the best htaccess 301 redirect format to preserve seo rankings? - Google Groups
For people who need to migrate to a different blog platform/URL layout and who don't want to lose their google juice (assuming you actually had popular links people actually looked), there are some suggestions for doing safe redirects. Unfortunately, spammy SEO bastards will also tend to use the same techniques...
redirect  SEO  google  juice  website  sysadmin  tips  tricks  spam  Delicious 
december 2013 by asteroza

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