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BBC News - TTIP: Cameron pledges support for EU-US trade deal
David Cameron has pledged to put "rocket boosters" behind plans for an EU-US free trade deal. The UK prime minister said EU and US leaders had met and all agreed the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) "is a deal we want". Speaking at the G20 summit, he said arguments against TTIP were "weak" and fears over the NHS were "nonsense". Many opponents are concerned about TTIP giving firms power to sue governments if they are hit by policy changes. Len McCluskey, general secretary of the Unite union, has called for the NHS to be excluded from the deal. The EU is currently analysing responses to a consultation on a controversial element of TTIP which would allow foreign investors to go to an international tribunal for compensation if a government breaks the rules in a way that harms the company's interests.
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TTIP - How We're Lied To About Food: Russell Brand The Trews (E179) - YouTube
& // power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely = TTIP, CETA, Montanto Protection Act, exluding accountability and liability for corporate action/doing/products. = two tier justice system = inequality, no fairness, Gerechtigkeit, ... this equals to the Bailouts and TBTF and too big to jail.
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Chinas Rare Earth Embargo Changes Incentive for Toxic Work -
China currently controls almost all of the world’s supply of rare earths, for which demand is soaring.

the undeclared embargo looked like a pure power play - with little regard for the conventions of international trade. The export quotas China continues to impose on rare earths,

From the Chinese perspective, though, the issue looks very different.

China feels entitled to call the shots because of a brutally simple environmental reckoning: It currently controls most of the globe’s rare earths supply not just because of geologic good fortune, although there is some of that, but because the country has been willing to do dirty, toxic and often radioactive work that the rest of the world has long shunned.

Despite producing 95 percent of the world’s rare earths, China has only 37 percent of the world’s proven reserves. Sizable deposits are known to exist in the United States, Canada, Australia, India and Brazil, among other places.
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ECB Releases Collateral Schedule, Announces Will No Longer Accept Non-Euro Denominated Collateral | zero hedge
What is notable, however, is that the ECB has highlighted it will no longer accept non euro-denominated collateral after 2010. This is not good for countries which plan on syndicating dollar-denominated debt, as has been recently the case for Portugal, and, currently, Greece. Although in Greece's case we tend to think the country doesn't give a rat's behind about whether new issuance will be eligible, and is much more focused on just avoiding default.
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