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The Tulisa Sting Wasn't Just Classist, It Was Informed by a Racism That Associated Her With Criminality | NOISEY
Yesterday Tulisa walked free from a drug trial that had the potential to destroy her career. It was collapsed by a judge who deemed that the reporter who led the sting had lied at a pre-trial hearing. There was always something trap like about it - a cynical show orchestrated to drag a successful woman through the dirt. [...] || & || || || || Guardian - || || || ||
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Op-Ed Columnist - The Mortgage Morass -
Lawrence Summers, then the Treasury secretary, declared that the keys to avoiding financial crisis were “well-capitalized and supervised banks, effective corporate governance and bankruptcy codes, and credible means of contract enforcement.” By implication, these were things the Asians lacked but we had.

The accounting scandals at Enron and WorldCom dispelled the myth of effective corporate governance. These days, the idea that our banks were well capitalized and supervised sounds like a sick joke. And now the mortgage mess is making nonsense of claims that we have effective contract enforcement — in fact, the question is whether our economy is governed by any kind of rule of law.

Horror stories have been proliferating, like the case of the Florida man whose home was taken even though he had no mortgage.
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