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Google and blogs: “Shit.” –
Landscaped changed dramatically ~2009/10 forward for blogs/content creators. >> blogs have to be now niche, focused, regular content w engagement (due to algos/ranking), ... // "If you want traffic, Google’s arc makes clear to publishers, you’re going to have to pay for it." Include Facebook. Include Twitter (Promoted Tweets). Include Snapchat (Discover, Linkedin (Pulse). >> All gained sized, thus noise, people gaming the system, ... thus owner changes rules and system for his/her advantage and gain (profit maximization). // // even content curators (by hand) can be 1/2 noise. And the summaries are just shorter bouts of noise to scan through (, Mahalo) - its like joining the dark force. // Things come and go in waves/trends; thus the next wave/trend could be self-published long-form niche content partially free (The Information, ebooks, Pando) which are remarkable (Seth Godin) // snacking is SO western lifestyle, even for information/news - is lowering productivity/focus
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Facebook News Feed Reprioritizes Your Real Friends Above Pages | TechCrunch
combat falling usage & engagement!? VS pay-to-play // FB turned from keeping up with the lifes of their friends (young demographic), into clickbait distraction & time wasting machine. Other platforms emerged 2 hang digitally with ur friends that are way more simplified (tuned down 2 1 usage; Appification) with much less bells & whistles & complexity/depth & distraction vs hooked). Thus the defensive acquisition of WhatsApp, Instagram & fork-out of Messenger. They saw Snapchat as a vector of attack bc of the appeal of ephemeral in todays 'always on record' products. Where VR is bet that is maybe even 10 years out 2 come finally 2 full fruition; mass market adoption (like the phone). Crossing the chasm. // Not even 10 years old & other people attack FBs weaknesses &are winning. But what FB got going for it, another 10 years is, the usr base as advertising victims (targeting&re-targeting) enabled by masscollection via Facebook-button. &log-in used in Apps.
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