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Facebook News Feed Reprioritizes Your Real Friends Above Pages | TechCrunch
combat falling usage & engagement!? VS pay-to-play // FB turned from keeping up with the lifes of their friends (young demographic), into clickbait distraction & time wasting machine. Other platforms emerged 2 hang digitally with ur friends that are way more simplified (tuned down 2 1 usage; Appification) with much less bells & whistles & complexity/depth & distraction vs hooked). Thus the defensive acquisition of WhatsApp, Instagram & fork-out of Messenger. They saw Snapchat as a vector of attack bc of the appeal of ephemeral in todays 'always on record' products. Where VR is bet that is maybe even 10 years out 2 come finally 2 full fruition; mass market adoption (like the phone). Crossing the chasm. // Not even 10 years old & other people attack FBs weaknesses &are winning. But what FB got going for it, another 10 years is, the usr base as advertising victims (targeting&re-targeting) enabled by masscollection via Facebook-button. &log-in used in Apps.
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Here’s How Chat Apps Are Becoming As Important As Social Media For Brands | TechCrunch
Asia’s messaging apps have been around longer, and thus most have more mature business models that generate income by connecting brands with consumers, in addition to other non-marketing revenue streams such as games and stickers. If 2014 was the year that the West wised up to the potential of messaging apps, then 2015 is the year that they’ll get smart and make money from them. &! &! are still silos - &!
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