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"Lügenpresse": Gesprächsversuch mit Kritikern | Panorama | NDR - YouTube
24/7 news cycle & Editors have to make a decision/choice what to include in limited space (radio& tv = time, and print = space) // + Joachim Radke: "Undifferenziert und voreingenommen" | Panorama | NDR - // &!,1472602,29906138.html - Aus Medienverdrossenheit wird Hass // &! &! &! &! &! manufactured consent - Noam Chomsky & Chris Hedges // see also Auslaenderfeindlichkeit ... 'Alles Fremde = Unbekannte. Das Fremde hat meine Existenz gestohlen. Das Fremde ist nicht willkommen, wo kommen wir denn da noch hin!?' // + tax evasion&avoidance, tax code, gini coefficient, social mobility, Lohnzurueckhaltung, inequality, complexity, unintended consequences. add it all up and you have AfD, UKIP, PEGIDA
Sozialer  Abstieg  Lügenpresse  PEGIDA  uncertainty  symptom  unintended  consequences  Medienkritik  Signal  vs.  Noise  pollution  filter  bubble  Troll  trolls  haters  hater  Medienverdrossenheit  Ukraine  Ukrain  Crimea  Crisis  Russia  NATO  USA  propaganda  media  conglomerate  Career  Politicians  conspiracy  No  Representation  UK  journalismus  investigative  journalism  journalism  PR  public  relations  spin  doctor  democracy  Establishment  Privileged  Super  Rich  1%  Gini  coefficient  Existenzangst  anxiety  status  anxiety  24/7  globalisation  globalization  western  world  borderless  flat  world  poverty  precarious  work  Precariat  Leiharbeit  Zeitarbeit  Contractor  hartz-iv  austerity  fairness  bailout  too  big  to  jail  toobigtofail  TBTF  Justice  System  inequality  crony  capitalism  Wall  Street  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  shared  economic  interest  Toff  Schuldenbremse  Fiscal  Pact  PIGS  sovereign  debt  Europe  trust  trustagent  distrust  antitrust  oligarchy  Imperialism  exploitation  Empire  plutocracy  manufactured  consent  Noam  Chomsky  Ausländerfeindlichkeit 
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Every Company Is A Media Company: Can Journalists Redefine Their Careers? -SVW
Every company is a media company because they have to, they don't have much choice.  // &! There's far less need to add people, which is good because a people-dependent business doesn't scale through technology, e.g., public relations. The traditional media industry is a people-based business and it usually requires additional people to produce additional media. It's not scalable in the same way as a software-based business, by adding more machines. -
Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  Signal  vs.  Noise  Newsfeed  attention  span  content  marketing  added  value  growth  hacking  growth  hacker  PR  public  relations  feedback  feedback  loop  communication  community  management  The  Wars  marketing  advertising 
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Facebook Chief Product Officer: The Full Code/Media Interview | Video | Re/code
Facebook Is Talking to Publishers About Hosting Their Content "Cox says one of the challenges for publishers — including Facebook — is that reading on mobile is still a crummy experience. He believes Facebook can make it better. [...] min7-8ish >> people become singular individuals living in their own bubble ... because of Newsfeed ... it doesn't challenge people on their worldview nor world nor thinking." - // &! Big Players (FB, Twitter, Google - and their sister companies) are swallowing the attention on the home screen of the phone of the world, now they push for even more control and data over content; to host their works. There is no free lunch. Although FB says it is. In the end, the user pays for it through intrusive targeted advertising. &! Nick Denton 'FB swallows the web and the homescreen.'
Facebook  Newsfeed  Platform  TOS  mobile  first  mobile  homescreen  mobile  phone  user  experience  user  behaviour  Phablet  filter  bubble  algorithm  Signal  vs.  Noise  democracy  journalism  journalismus  Google  News  Google  Search  publishing  2.0  BuzzFeed  Presentism  WWW  Android  Apple  iOS  Google  Play  Apple  App  Store  AppStarr  Philosophy  ethical  machine  moral  beliefs  ethical  beliefs  PR  YouTube 
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Newsweek Feature Stories: The Future of Branding - YouTube
+ << democratisation of voice, KPI - social following, influence, engagement, ... currency is respect; long-term view/long-term thinking - domain knowledge - domain expertise. ... long-form content << measure of quality. not just instagram snaps. differentiation. standing out from the noise. the constant bombardment (( full video -
brand  Personal  brands  branding  Gary  Vaynerchuk  entrepreneurial  entrepreneur  entrepreneurship  communication  PR  public  relations  barriers  to  entry  democratisation  voice  blog  bloggers  Blogger  Blogging  domain  knowledge  domain  expertise  bullshit  detector  peopleship  peoples  power  Instagram  publishing  self-publishing  publishing  2.0  long-term  thinking  long-term  view  Hustle  quality  engagement  Social  Media  differentiation  differentiate  noise  signal  vs.  digital  natives  digital  economy  digital  content 
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