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The Corrosive Downside of Acquihires
So why not announce big, hairy audacious goals on recruiting the best mobile talent with sign-on bonuses and retention plans? And reward your existing top 10% of employees handsomely. I’ll bet the ROI would be higher than acquihires. .//. .... Friendfeed or Dodgeball - example
acquisitions  aquisition  acqui-hire  M&A  Silicon  Valley  Facebook  Friendfeed  war  for  talent  war-for-talent  Top  people  management  ROI  bonuses  bonus  Google  Dodgeball  Venture  Capital  venturecapital  Failure  market  capitalism  entrepreneurship  entrepreneur  Start-Up 
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The Great Venture Capital Rotation | LinkedIn
You can only succeed as an angel investor, I believe, if you are a massive gambler. You have to bet, bet, bet with ice in your veins: knowing that after dozens of failures, you’ll hit a winning bet of epic proportions.
venturecapital  VC  angelinvestor  venture_capital  jasoncalacanis 
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It’s Not A Bursting Bubble. It’s a Correction And It Will Take Awhile. | TechCrunch
the hunt for yield.

Late Stage ...
companies are still getting bid up “like insane.”
but .... “Like Icarus, they got too close to the sun.” (Zynga, Fb, Groupon)

still ... The best companies might even do better in a down market. (Linkedin, Monster energy drink company)

Early Stage investing ...
The impact on the early-stage market is the hardest to predict since these companies are valued more subjectively.


This is partly just natural market behavior. When things get super-hot, it’s smart to look elsewhere for less obvious opportunities.

Facebook IPO was just a good catalyst for reinforcing discussion about valuations.

Historical bubbles from the 17th century to 2008 have all sorts of bizarre characteristics. They tend to include masses of normal, unsophisticated investors and draw out unscrupulous and fraudulent actors.

Plenty of capital is still coming in ... The bigger firms are raising a billion dollars or more for their funds. mhhhhh ....
bubble  economic  history  investment-vehicle  investment  management  linkedin  IPO  Groupon  Twitter  seedfunding  venturecapital  Spotify  Zynga  Facebook  SiliconValley  2012  greatrecession  GFC  LTRO  monetary  policy  QE  ZIRP  unintended  consequences 
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Angel No More: Why One of Silicon Valley's Savviest Investors Has Shut His Wallet | Epicenter |
Hartz is making follow-on investments in his current roster of startups, but he’s not looking to do anything new — it’s just too expensive.

“We don’t know where we are in this cycle,” Hartz says from Eventbrite’s San Francisco headquarters. “We can’t know how much longer this abundance of capital will last, but I don’t want to be a part of it. When I see a massive number of new investors and carpetbaggers coming in, it’s time to get out.”

It’s all an outgrowth of an abundance of capital.”

= ZIRP + QE + promise to keep ZIRP going for +2 years = local asset bubble as too much supply of $$$ is chasing higher yield and overlooking inherent risk of VC.
USA  silliconvalley  monetary  policy  seedfunding  venturecapital  bubble  unintended  consequences  QE  ZIRP 
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A Sign Of The Hiring-pocalypse | TechCrunch
An entrepreneur-turned-venture investor told me over the weekend: Booms are the worst time to build a company.

Only capital is cheap. Everything else is expensive — talent most of all.


Fed's ZIRP and QE (and Bailout bonanza, moralhazard) - did fuel VC/Seedfund pockets - overthrowing capped supply (investments in companies).
ZIRP and QE do increase the demand for alternative investments. And skews investors risk sentiment. They take on more risk in hope for the next big thing that brings them that more ROI that the market can not produce due to World Wide QE, ZIRP, currency debasement, Sovereign Debt Crisis.
monetarism  monetary  theory  monetary  policy  Fed  behavioral  finance  behavioral  economics  QE  supply-demand  economics  unintended  consequences  ycombinator  instagram  Zynga  Google  Facebook  Technology  Boom  bubble  entrepeneurship  venturecapital  vc  ZIRP  2012 
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Did everybody see what just happened? The pendulum has swung. - Find Office Space - 42Floors
Here is the thing ... you never know how big and outrageous the bubble can get.
There is ample liquidity world wide (via central banks), there is lack of ROI when in sovereign debt, there is risk when in sovereign debt (see PIIGS), there is other risk (ie currency devaluation, political risk) when in sovereign debt (see Russia, UK, Japan, USA).
There is hightend uncertainty and volatility in the equity markets plus the usual currency devaluation going on.
Then there are alternative investment like commodities, synthetic products, property, real estate, farmland (agriculture), corporate debt, ... and venture capital/seed funding.

The last two are seeing greater attention due to many different view points. But yes, ... it is artificially inflated ... because we are all humans, making mistakes. We will be all the wise afterwards. Hindsight 20/20.

And VCs have a job ... invest the money to the best of their knowledge at hand. There is no stopping because there is no end in sight yet.
bubble  ZIRP  unintended  consequences  greatrecession  monetary  policy  Fed  LTRO  QE  2012  seedfunding  VC  venturecapital 
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Hacker Culture: The Key To Future Prosperity? | TechCrunch
I am advocating for governments in every country to recognize that the health of their economies will be increasingly dependent on whether there is a decently paved path for hackers to start companies. Leaders in both the public and private sectors should be asking questions such as: Are there excellent programs to train potential entrepreneurs and angel investors in my country? Do my country’s most talented hackers have a realistic chance to attend a relatively local, high quality accelerator? Is it easy to incorporate and invest in businesses? Is there reliable internet access in my country?

Nations should consider hackers to be a precious resource. The amount of innovation and global prosperity in the 21st Century will be directly proportional to how well we nurture this resource. What do you think is the best solution to ensure that hackers everywhere have the opportunity to become successful entrepreneurs?
mentoring  venturecapital  economics  prosperity  economic-thought  hacker  Hacking  Entrepreneurship 
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Facebook Drives SecondMarket Broking $1 Billion Private Shares - Bloomberg
Second-Market’s most serious competitor is San Bruno, California-based SharesPost. Other rivals include Gate Technologies LLC in New York and Xpert Financial Inc. of San Mateo, California. Investment banks also buy and sell private- company shares for their clients, sometimes via SecondMarket. Venture-capital firms that want to buy or sell shares often use SecondMarket or its competitors, or trade informally among themselves and with employees or former employees of private venture-backed companies.

The Securities Act of 1933 restricts purchases of private- company stock to what it defines as “accredited” investors. In the case of individuals, that means people with a net worth of at least $1 million or $200,000 in annual income. In Coffee’s view, inflation has made the standards less meaningful.
“It allows the middle class to enter into a dangerous world of limited information and fluctuating liquidity,” he says.
investment  strategy  venturecapital  startup  VC  net-worth  income  speculation  economics  markets  liquidity 
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9 Women Cant Make a Baby in a Month
Those of us that espouse “lean startups” often do so from personal experience. We made mistakes ourselves that proved to us that you can’t make markets move faster than they inherently want to just by throwing more resources at them. Those of us that are willing to admit that we fawked things up in the first dot-com explosion and learned from our mistakes have the battle wounds to make more pragmatic decisions in 2011. It is encapsulated in one of my favorite quotes that I first heard from Bruce Dunlevie of Benchmark Captial,
“Good judgment comes from experience, but experience comes from bad judgment”
startup  entrepreneurship  experience  learning  trading  business  advice  curve  startups  strategy  venturecapital  2011 
march 2011 by asterisk2a
Beyond Fossil Fuels - Gasoline Substitutes Researched With U.S. Funds -
Yet, success in this field is so hard to reliably predict that research has been limited, and even venture capitalists tread lightly. Now the federal government is plunging in, in what the energy secretary, Steven Chu, calls the hunt for miracles.

The work is part of the mission of the new Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy, which is intended to finance high-risk, high-reward projects. It can be compared to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, part of the Pentagon, which spread seed money for projects and incubated a variety of useful technologies, including the Internet.

The goal of this agency, whose budget is $400 million for two years, is to realize profound results — such as tens of millions of motor vehicles that would run 300 miles a day on electricity from clean sources or on liquid fuels from trees and garbage.
renewable  energy  usa  R&D  public  private  venturecapital  investment  2010  recession  oil 
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Greycroft Partners LLC
- HuffPost investment
and paidcontent
portfolio / sold
privateequity  venturecapital  vc  tuki 
may 2010 by asterisk2a
The Empire of Dreams
“Raising Seed-Stage Capital” featuring Dave McClure
Key message: Ideal angel investment process—a) get customers, b) get initial lead investor (start with low valuation), c) get more significant investor involved, d) now drive up demand by getting more investors involved, leads to more favorable terms (like higher valuation), e) close
startup  advice  funding  raising  venturecapital  newyork  nyc  startups 
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Come to TechCrunch Edinburgh, 12 May 2010
Confirmed investor guests include: TTP Ventures, TRICapital, The Entrepreneurial Exchange, Silicon Valley Bank, SigmaCapital, Seraphim Capital, Seedcamp, Scottish Equity Partners, PrioryHouse Ventures, Pivot Capital Partners, Pentech Ventures, Par Equity, LINC Scotland, Kelvin Capital, IQ Capital Partners, Hotspur Capital, Frontier IP Group, Elvingston Science Centre, Balderton Capital, Archangel Informal Investments, Angels Den, Amadeus Capital Partner, 4iP and numerous individual Angel Investors.
vc  venturecapital  uk  tuki 
may 2010 by asterisk2a
Greece gets a third angel investment fund courtesy of Virtual Trip Group
vhg Athens-based Virtual Trip Group has announced plans to start an angel investment fund through its subsidiary Virtual Trip Holdings SA. It will be focused on ‘innovative startups’ from Greece and abroad, and will be the third angel investment fund in the country following OpenFund and Driin Ventures.

What we know so far is that they’ll target investments of between €50.000 to €200.000 for an equity stake of around 35-45%. And while it can certainly be argued that this may not represent the best available deal out there, if we take into account the financial difficulties Greece is facing, it’s an offer that many startups could find both useful and necessary in order to stay out of the deadpool.
angelinvestors  angelinvestor  uk  europe  seedfunding  venturecapital  vc  tuki 
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Moai Capital Group
Moai Capital Group is providing seed funding (usually €50-250k) to companies operating in real time media, SaaS, cloud computing, mobile advertising and similar sectors. Pre-revenue stage companies are OK, as long as they have a business model that works and potentially can get to big figures in terms of user base. Mentorship and strategic support are part of the investment, as well as marketing and biz dev advice. The company is accepting new applications on its site.
venturecapital  vc  earlystage  seedfunding  europe  uk  tuki 
april 2010 by asterisk2a
Social E-Commerce Goes Into Overdrive: LivingSocial Raises Another $14 Million | Kara Swisher | BoomTown | AllThingsD
This kind of thing has been tried before, of course, centering on consumers who group together to get discounts on items by purchasing in bulk.

In Web 1.0, there were many group-buying sites, most of which failed badly. One of the more high-profile ones, Mercata, received $90 million in funding from investors, including Paul Allen’s Vulcan Ventures.
ecommerce  goup  history  siliconvalley  bubble  venturecapital 
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EVCA :: Entrepreneur Search ::
Find Private Equity or VC or Seed in Europe
tuki  vc  venturecapital  europe  list  EVCA  NVCA 
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PricewaterhouseCoopers: Global: Insights & Solutions: MoneyTree™ Survey Report
Historical Trend Data of VC investment flow.
Data via NVCA (National Venture Capital Association).
venturecapital  vc  research  data  database  free  indicators  performance  moneytree  trends  history  NVCA 
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Why a Bad Economy Is the Best Time to Start a Business
In 2000, the high point, investors anteed up more than $100 billion into startups. By 2008, that number had dropped by almost three-fourths to $27 billion, and in 2009 it plummeted to less than $20 billion, about the same level as 1998. Nevertheless it appears that money is spent more wisely.

“We were built to survive a recession while guys funded during the up market weren’t,” Chatterjee says, “Venture capitalists gave us extra due diligence and we had to be singularly focused on providing value to customers.”
recession  entrepreneurship  business  entrepreneur  startup  inspiration  economy  greatrecession  GreatDepression  history  startups  jobcreation  venturecapital  investment  investing  investor  investors  leanstartup  technology 
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Allegis Capital
they do early seed,

Bob Ackerman is the founder and managing director of Allegis Capital (, a seed and early-stage venture firm headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Ackerman has worked with more than 50 corporate investment partners over the past 20 years as both a venture capitalist and a startup executive. Read his past peHUB posts here
vc  venturecapital  usa  seedfunding  angelinvestor 
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The importance of investor signaling in venture pricing – chris dixon's blog
Yes, this varies by stage. At angel stage, it's ok to mention names if they are truly committed, since angels almost always work together and don't push each other out. At VC stage, you should never mention names, because you are inviting them to collude or do other things to strengthen the signaling effect which works against you.

The best general interest signal is swagger plus setting a fixed time when you are going to be done raising money ("we are wrapping things up in 3 weeks"). VC's are information junkies and quite rationally will always want more information, so as an entrepreneur you need to force things to end. This of course is risky if you get there and don't have any offers. But it's a risky business...
venturecapital  raising  round  advice  vc  angelinvestor 
april 2010 by asterisk2a
Foursquare Is Worth $100 Million
Why are these investors -- Accel Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, and Khosla Ventures -- so eager to throw cash at Foursquare on such inflated terms?

We asked around, and came up with a couple answers.

For starters, get it out of your head that the reason these VCs want Foursquare so bad is that they think Foursquare is going to be bigger than Twitter some day. Also dismiss the idea that Foursquare's huge valuation has anything to do with these VCs believing Foursquare is going to crack the local advertising nut.

A much bigger factor is startup scarcity.
foursquare  venturecapital  yahoo  vc  2010  economy  ecosystem  finance  twitter  consumer 
april 2010 by asterisk2a
The Founders Club
Click here to pitch to some of our favorite Silicon Valley VCs – May 13, 2010 in San Francisco organized by

As always, if you are seeking VC or angel funding, send us your deals. We will review confidentially and with your permission introduce you to VCs or angels that we think may be a fit with your opportunity. We do not seek any fees and are happy to help high quality deal flow find good sources of capital.

Submit deals here.
venturecapital  vc  angel-list  angelinvestors  angelinvestor  usa  europe  worldwide 
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Pitch Slams | Innovate!100 - The World's Most Promising Tech Startups
At the Pitch Slams, you’ll pitch to a local audience of investors, partners, other entrepreneurs and the media. You’ll be promoted as an Innovate!100 Finalist, and your pitch will be evaluated by industry experts and analysts, using the G/Score, Guidewire Group’s market leading assessment methodology. The G/Score has been proven as a reliable predictor of startups market success, trusted by partners and investors around the world. Click here to learn about the G/Score.

But that’s not where it ends. That’s where the action begins. Following the Pitch Slam, you’ll be invited to identify which of Innovate!2010’s partners, including investors, corporations and customers you would like to meet with. Partners and sponsors of Innovate!2010 that may not make it to your Pitch Slam have already expressed interest to meet with the Innovate!100 Finalists. We’ll provide these companies your company’s G/Score so they can review your company’s business.
europe  usa  pitching  pitch  startup  startups  discovery  partner  partners  angelinvestor  venturecapital  introduction 
march 2010 by asterisk2a
Elaia Partners - Entrepreneurs

Whether you have just started an innovative business based on a Digital Economy-related technology or you are currently managing a high growth company in our field of expertise, and are looking for new financing, please do not hesitate to contact us .

Why partner with Elaia ?

* We are Digital Economy specialists. We fully understand your business and your development constraints.
* We are proactive and determined to give you a prompt answer as we know that your time is precious.
* We can help you to expand internationally.
* We take a long term view and will always be available to support you. We will do our utmost to share with you our expertise as well as our network
* First and foremost we invest in people and our success relies entirely on yours!
europe  vc  privateequity  venturecapital 
march 2010 by asterisk2a
Through Intel, Venture Firms Send Message To Washington - Venture Capital Dispatch - WSJ
Intel emphasizes job creation, a worthy endeavor at a time when unemployment continues to rise. Keith Larson, vice president at Intel Capital, notes that such an investing commitment is important to getting job growth on track and improving the economy. He says that venture funds could pull back and not invest at all during the current economic climate, and that this alliance shows a commitment to improving the economy.
intel  venturecapital  VC  recession  usa  unemployment  job-creation 
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Silicon Valley Bank is the most reputated bank in the areas of VC of startups etc.
If you have a great company and need a loan, go to them. They have now world wide branches.
bank  startup  venturecapital  venture  banking  funding  capital  VC  borrowing  usa  loan  start-up  credit  london  uk  china  india 
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Venture Hacks - Startup List
Yesterday, we launched AngelList, a curated list of angel investors, representing $80M going into early-stage startups this year.

Today, we’re launching a cool new way to get intros to these angels: StartupList. It’s a weekly email we send to AngelList, with 3 high-quality startups who want intros. Here’s how it works: you send us your pitch, we review it and, every Monday, we email the best 3 startups of the week to AngelList
startup-list  angel  investment  funding  vc  venturecapital  seedfunding  seedround  list  overview  angel-list 
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