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Abenteuer Wohnmobil | Die Reportage | NDR - YouTube
Freiheit leben. Nicht die Geldanlage als Betongold. Aber Leben als ... Lebensanlage. //&! BIG ONES - Mega-Mobil-Manufaktur Morelo | Abenteuer Auto - - zum preis einer eigentumswohnung. Kannst aber dann darin auch leben 365 days.
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october 2015 by asterisk2a
Ålesund in Norwegen: Stadt im Jugendstil - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Dank einer Katastrophe ist Ålesund eine der schönsten Städte Norwegens: Nach einem verheerenden Feuer vor 111 Jahren wurden sämtliche Häuser im Jugendstil wiederaufgebaut - von einigen der besten Architekten des Landes.
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june 2015 by asterisk2a
Joe Gebbia - The Airbnb Story - YouTube
AirBnB is the ebay for places and experiences. Sharing is caring - you space. This kindness to open up you personal space to strangers ... magical moments can happen. Stories are written. Lives are changed. Still there is the 80/20 - there will always be bad eggs, say bad customers. And because national travel is vry affordable and people want to escape their walls on the weekend if they could afford and its users use it for niche items/services >> providing accommodation for events. Staying in someones place is very different than a hotel. a hotel is generic. every AirBnB is different. It is an experience. not only might you experience a new city, but you also experience someones life, how he or she or they live. Their view. Plus - this is the time of the Airbnb - experience services - because millennials favour experiences of commoditised consumer goods. and babyboomers want that cake too because of the youthification trend. only retrospective u see the pieces of the puzzle.
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Spring Day (Argentina) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Día de la Primavera || Secrets of South America | Generation Sex | Episode 2 | 12th February 2014 >> || years of dictatorship fuels the energy of a generation to express and be themselves.
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february 2014 by asterisk2a
La Biennale di Venezia - Home
International Art Exhibition is open to the public from 1 June to 24 November -- contemporary art expo
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august 2013 by asterisk2a
Hidden House Coffee
in the heart of old San Juan Capistrano, California. >>
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july 2013 by asterisk2a
Electric Cinema | The Experience
Cinema with a great experience beyond just the movie you are going to watch.
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june 2012 by asterisk2a
city - Zagreb, Croatia | euromaxx - YouTube
Until recently Croatia's capital Zagreb was thought of mostly as a stopover along the legendary Orient Express train route than as a travel destination in its own right. The city escaped major damage during the Balkan Wars of the 1990s. Now more and more visitors are discovering Zagreb's Baroque city center and lively cultural scene.
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september 2011 by asterisk2a
euromaxx city - Palma, Spain | euromaxx - YouTube
Palma is a melange of Spanish lifestyle with international flair. In the summertime tourists mingle with Mallorquinos and foreign residents in the pulsating heart of town.
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august 2011 by asterisk2a

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