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Driving students away from nursing is a spectacular act of political self-harm | Polly Toynbee | Opinion | The Guardian
With 40,000 nursing vacancies unfilled, the news that training applications are down by 23% is disastrous for the NHS [...] It reckons that in all over the past 10 years, 400,000 people who would have studied part-time in higher education have been deterred from doing so. [... can really re-pay the fees working for nurse salary + the jobs commitment ... + working 50% of their time training! ] [...] Janet Davies, head of the Royal College of Nursing, warns that nurses’ attitudes will alter once they are paying heftily for their training: “They will demand better clinical placements and their relationship with the NHS will change: carrying a heavy debt to get qualified, they will feel less obligation to work in the NHS.” The government promised that imposing fees on trainee nurses would see an increase of 10,000 new training places; none have been provided.
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Student debt rising to more than £50,000, says IFS - BBC News
UK, shifiting gov debt (public) onto the private balance sheet. // The report says there have been two main beneficiaries from the current fee system - universities and the government's finances. // & study survey finds ~50% find it no or poor value -
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Universities announce fees above £9,000 limit
Universities in England are already announcing a tuition fee increase above the £9,000 limit before Parliament has even finished debating plans which would pave the way to raise fees.
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The real victims of increased tuition fees? The old
Applications from 18-year-olds are on the rise, including from Britain's poorest families. But part-time and mature students are being deterred. [...] George Osborne talks of his vision of moving to a “higher wage economy”. But while improvement in skills are necessary to lifting productivity, wages and boosting growth, adults are being put off investing in their education. The consequences are particularly deleterious for those from disadvantaged backgrounds, who are more likely to apply to university later and on a part-time basis; the unattractiveness of part-time courses thus imperils social mobility. [...] The fees system for mature and part-time students is putting too many off developing the skills they need for the UK to thrive. [ at least fund a scheme for public-private partnership w companies to chip in ~30% of the cost for their employees ]
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Students working in sex trade to pay university fees - Telegraph
A tenth of trainee doctors now claim to know someone who is selling their body because of increased living costs and rising tuition fees.

it is not just medical students, it is your regular student too.
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Court raps Cable over his £9,000 tuition charges that fail to comply with equality rules | Mail Online
Lawyers acting for Mr Hurley, from Peterborough, and Miss Moore, from Brixton, South London, had argued the tripling of fees breached human rights and equality laws.
They said the scale of the increase – from £3,290 a year to £9,000 – ran counter to the right to an education and was likely to deter poorer students.

They also claimed higher fees would discriminate against women, disabled people and ethnic minority graduates, whose lifetime earnings tend to be lower.
The judges accepted it was likely that higher fees would put off some applicants but said it was too soon to tell.

Speaking outside court, Miss Moore said: ‘For the court to recognise the Government’s actions as unlawful is a great achievement.
‘It shows it is possible to challenge decisions made by our government that have damaging effects on the future of our society.’
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College Loans Weigh Heavier on Graduates -
interest payments eat disposable income. period.
and defaults and missed payments destroy their credit score.

- 20 something people need more tarmac to fly independently 

“In the coming years, a lot of people will still be paying off their student loans when it’s time for their kids to go to college,” said Mark Kantrowitz, the publisher of and, who has compiled the estimates of student debt, including federal and private loans.
Two-thirds of bachelor’s degree recipients graduated with debt in 2008, compared with less than half in 1993. Last year, graduates who took out loans left college with an average of $24,000 in debt. Default rates are rising, especially among those who attended for-profit colleges.

Some education policy experts say the mounting debt has broad implications for the current generation of students.
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