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Live Webcast - Social Class in the 21st Century - YouTube
Speakers: Dr Niall Cunningham, Professor Fiona Devine, Dr Sam Friedman, Dr Daniel Laurison, Dr Lisa McKenzie (author, getting by), Dr Andrew Miles, Professor Mike Savage, Dr Helene Snee, Dr Paul Wakeling // Precariat and Super Rich tend to disappear in surveys // book Inequality: What Can Be Done? - Book by Sir Anthony Barnes Atkinson // Dr Lisa McKenzie (author, getting by), "class in Britain is real, is pervasive and it hurts people." - precariat - 15% of the population. & It's the symbolic violence that hurts more. violence that keeps them out, keeps them down. looks down on them, laughs at them, ridicules them, telling them its their fault. // Meritocracy creates different class, meritocracy does not justify start existing inequality, because meritocracy does not work for everyone, not everyone can become a billionaire (Alain de Bottom) // & Thomas Picketty //&! - Great British Class Calculator. Some Analysis.
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