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Abenteuer Wohnmobil | Die Reportage | NDR - YouTube
Freiheit leben. Nicht die Geldanlage als Betongold. Aber Leben als ... Lebensanlage. //&! BIG ONES - Mega-Mobil-Manufaktur Morelo | Abenteuer Auto - - zum preis einer eigentumswohnung. Kannst aber dann darin auch leben 365 days.
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Alain de Botton: The Art of Travel - YouTube
throw away the camera, and draw ... look intently, and draw details.
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BBC News - Gay Briton Ray Cole released from Moroccan jail
>> do not travel to countries where you don't have rights and your kind are prosecuted ... there is no guarantee that your home country would bend a finger to get you out.
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Travis Kalanick of Uber - TWiST #180 - YouTube
MVP - minimal viable product, test of thesis; they rented a handful of cars with drivers in SF & build little app, the rest is history. make move to not have drivers but enable people to be drivers with income. Uber - elegance, design, ... this is now a brand, a status symbol. +++ on demand lifestyle, making magic happen via technology - employing STEM people. +++ could, because of supply liquidity, deliver, at premium, food to your door. +++ because of their technology, their platform, they either could licence out their problem solving platform (ie demand prediction - people just opening up the app - math is an operational cornerstone) to air transportation and or goods transportation. +++ Travis Kalanick at Startup School 2012 - >> multi-product company - for different budgets. Operations, Scaling - one problem that needed solving, a Playbook for expanding from one city to the next. Changing how u live, over months. not decades, today's age.
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Joe Gebbia - The Airbnb Story - YouTube
AirBnB is the ebay for places and experiences. Sharing is caring - you space. This kindness to open up you personal space to strangers ... magical moments can happen. Stories are written. Lives are changed. Still there is the 80/20 - there will always be bad eggs, say bad customers. And because national travel is vry affordable and people want to escape their walls on the weekend if they could afford and its users use it for niche items/services >> providing accommodation for events. Staying in someones place is very different than a hotel. a hotel is generic. every AirBnB is different. It is an experience. not only might you experience a new city, but you also experience someones life, how he or she or they live. Their view. Plus - this is the time of the Airbnb - experience services - because millennials favour experiences of commoditised consumer goods. and babyboomers want that cake too because of the youthification trend. only retrospective u see the pieces of the puzzle.
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