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(1) Guest DESTROYS Bloomberg Panel On The American Dream Lie - YouTube - The New Feudalism
Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility
- Edelman Trust Barometer - 76% want change - lead by CEO, not wait for government.
Bullshit about the Aggregate.
The Aggregate bullshit you've been telling doesn't matter for fly over American country.
Davos should be cancelled this year because of Brexit, Trump (gov shutdown), Gelbwesten, AfD, Salvini, refugee crisis (Mittelmeer Wall)
Davos is a family reunion for who broke the world.
Outcomes inevitable by policy (Austerity, tax evasion etc)
&! - Stop Talking about Philanthropy
taxes taxes taxes all the rest is bullshit
&! Davos elites reject higher taxes, offer upskilling as answer to inequality -
American  Dream  Book  Anand  Giridharadas  Corporate  Social  Responsibility  inequality  mobility  philanthropy  CEO  bullshit  injustice  1%  democracy  No  Representation  Policy  Hoarders  10%  poverty  trap  downward  income  inheritance  taxation  tax  evasion  avoidance  China  India  Davos  Gesellschaft  Brexit  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Gelbwesten  AfD  Salvini  refugee  crisis  Austerity  marginal  rate  AOC  history  neoliberal  neoliberalism  CSR  skills  upskilling  training  automation 
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Amber Rudd’s denial of the benefits crisis takes political spin to a new level | Frances Ryan | Opinion | The Guardian
The facade did not last long. On the eve of the Brexit vote, the DWP snuck out a change to pension credits that could see couples on universal credit lose as much as £7,000 a year.
Benefits rule changes could cost pensioners in UK thousands a year
From 15 May, new pensioners with partners under 65 can no longer claim pension credit - new pensioners whose partners are younger than the state retirement age of 65 can no longer claim a means-tested top-up called pension credit.

Instead they will be forced to claim the much less generous universal credit alongside their younger partners.

The couple rate of universal credit is £114.81 a week compared with £255.25 for a couple receiving pension credit. This amounts to a potential loss of £7,320 a year.

&! There is perhaps no greater skewer to this narrative than the fact some MPs have called for the introduction of a minister for hunger.
DWP  Universal  Credit  Austerity  CON-servative  Conservative  Pension  poverty  nasty  welfare  state  food  hunger  deprivation  trap 
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Four single mothers win high court benefits battle against DWP | Society | The Guardian
The ruling upstaged an announcement by the work and pensions secretary, Amber Rudd, of her plans to scrap a proposal to extend the two-child benefits cap, as part of an attempt to reset public perceptions of universal credit.

News of the ruling came in the middle of Rudd’s speech, in which she had described universal credit as a “fair and compassionate welfare system”.

&! Don’t be fooled by Amber Rudd’s phoney attempt at compassion
The work and pensions secretary’s universal credit tweak is a PR exercise that will do little to help children living in poverty

&! - Universal credit to be paid to main carer in attempt to help women


&! - Head of Economics Alfie Stirling talks changes to Universal Credit on the Jeremy Vine show, 11.01.19
Tories  Conservative  Party  nasty  DWP  Universal  Credit  Austerity  poverty  trap  working  poor 
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Spending cuts breach UK's human rights obligations, says report | Society | The Guardian
Cuts to public services and benefits that disproportionately affect the least well-off, single parents and disabled people put the government in breach of its human rights obligations, a study for the UK equalities watchdog has found.

Echoing the recent findings of the UN special rapporteur on extreme poverty, Philip Alston, the study concluded the scale of the cuts and their lopsided impact on the most disadvantaged were a policy choice, rather than inevitable.

The report Alston published earlier this month said the UK government had made a political choice to let what he called “punitive, mean-spirited, and often callous” austerity policies fall disproportionately on the poorest.

Alston said the UK was in breach of four UN human rights agreements relating to women, children, disabled people, and economic and social rights.
Austerity  Human  Rights  UK  poverty  trap  discrimination  Disabled 
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Police Scotland link robbery rise with UK benefits changes - BBC News
It states: "Analysis conducted during August 2018 has not identified a discernible pattern, although anecdotal evidence from intelligence suggests that a combination of increased drug prices due to police enforcement, and changes to welfare systems, may have contributed to an increase in crimes of dishonesty and robbery."
UK  Austerity  Police  crime  DWP  Universal  Credit  sanctions  war  on  drugs  welfare  state  poverty  trap  homelessness  homeless 
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Child protection services near crisis as demand rises - BBC News
The Child Welfare Inequalities project concluded deprivation was the largest single factor in families becoming involved in child protection.

In the most deprived areas about one child in every 60 was in care, compared with one in every 660 in the wealthiest areas.

With poorer areas spending more money on those in care, the team also concluded these authorities had seen more cuts to preventative services.
UK  Austerity  society  Gesellschaft  Council  child  protection  services  deprivation  poverty  trap  nasty  party  Tories  Conservative  JAM  Theresa  May 
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UN rapporteur starts UK tour to examine impact of austerity | Business | The Guardian
A United Nations special investigator is launching a two-week inquiry into rising levels of poverty and hardship across the UK, saying he hopes the government is ready for proper dialogue over the human consequences of austerity cuts. [...] His inquiry will assess whether government policies introduced in recent years breach international human rights standards to which the UK is a signatory, including the rights to food, housing and decent living standards. He will also try to assess the impact of Brexit on poverty.

“The United Kingdom is one of the richest countries in the world, but millions of people are still living in poverty there,” he said.
UK  Austerity  poverty  foodbank  food  trap 
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(14096) Lewis Lapham: Can America Survive the Rule of a “Stupified Plutocracy”? - YouTube
“Money and Class in America,”
where does "American Dream" come from?
100 years ago the American Dream got corrupted, now again
Harvard grads have done the most damage do America.
how do you find mediation, balance power between rich and poor
democratic society put premium on society
capitalism not
constant tension between capitalism and a democratic society
constant dialectic
more money earned with rents and dividents than wages 1984 and the gap is widening further.
"do we live in a democracy?" No!
loss of faith in democratic idea
Stupidfied Plutocracy - When Meritocracy Breeds Greed - The End of American Exceptionalism
American  Dream  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Capitalism  social  income  mobility  history  book  USA  post-racial  America  plutocracy  oligarchy  1%  Elite  No  Representation  New  Deal  economic  inequality  far-right  neofascism  fascism  alt-right  neonazi  Naziproblem  class  poverty  trap  Bush  IvyLeague  right-wing  democracy  Democratic  Mark  Blyth 
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Welfare spending for UK's poorest shrinks by £37bn | Politics | The Guardian
Welfare spending for UK's poorest shrinks by £37bn
Figures compiled after decade of austerity and obtained by Frank Field show most striking cuts are in disability benefits
Spending on welfare benefits for the UK’s poorest families will have shrunk by nearly a quarter after a decade of austerity, according to new figures highlighting the plunge in living standards experienced by the worst-off.

By 2021, £37bn less will be spent on working-age social security compared with 2010, despite rising prices and living costs, according to estimates produced by the House of Commons library.

Some of the most striking cuts are in disability benefits – personal independence payments (PIP) and employment and support allowance (ESA) – which together will have shrunk by nearly £5bn, or by 10%, since the start of the decade.
Austerity  UK  Disabled  ESA  tax  credit  Universal  JSA  sanctions  welfare  state  society  poverty  trap 
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Families 'can't afford to follow healthy diet guidance' - BBC News
The Food Foundation says the poorest fifth of homes with children would have to spend 42% of their disposable income (after housing costs) to meet guidance set out in the Eatwell Guide.
UK  poverty  child  public  health  prevention  obesity  overweight  food  Brexit  GFC  social  trap  income  mobility  downward  inequality  FoodBank  Austerity  meritocracy  meritocratic  class 
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(11487) Is Trump REALLY a Fascist? - YouTube
Fascist Roots, Trump the product of the failure of neoliberal neoconservative capitalism to provide a better future for all.
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  fascism  far-right  right-wing  alt-right  neo-nazi  neonazi  nazi  Brexit  PEGIDA  neoliberalism  neoliberal  neoconservatism  Capitalism  inequality  downward  mobility  income  working  poor  poverty  trap  Austerity  GFC  secular  stagnation  stagflation  economic  history 
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Heartless Tories spend £200MILLION fighting to stop sick and disabled people getting benefits - Mirror Online
[ with privatization and savings targets, come targets to deny applications and bring in sanctions - so private companies can get some more profit. See Theresa May's homeoffice deportation targets ] But since 2013, more than 400,000 people have been denied PIP or ESA after a medical assessment - only to win it back on appeal. More than two thirds of current appeal tribunals are successful. //&! Councils don't have accessible housing for disabled:
UK  Austerity  DWP  ESA  PIP  targets  JSA  sanctions  Privatisation  nasty  party  Tories  Conservative  JAM  Disabled  poverty  trap 
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(10581) Obama Joins Club of the Super-Rich - Defends Global Capitalism in Lecture - YouTube
Obama Joins Club of the Super-Rich - Defends Global Capitalism in Lecture - nelson mandela lecutre
/ this is just a speech, obama speech.
/ is like Robert Reich - saving capitalism from itself, reforming capitalism
/ part of the system - supposedly meritocracy - embrace it - if I can do it you can do it - clintons and obama.
/ obama suckerpunched everyone after being elected
/ the problem is system it is not just banks - system chaotic and irrational working against its sustainability bc of greed profit maximization and duopoly competition
PART 2 - Obama Says Inequality Led to Rise of the Right, but Takes No Responsibility for It (2/2)
BarackObama  meritocracy  meritocratic  1%  thirdway  third-way  TonyBlair  Blair  globalisation  globalization  inequality  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Brexit  AfD  lobby  tax  evasion  avoidance  social  income  mobility  Capitalism  neoliberalism  No  Representation  welfare  tradeunion  union  workersunion  exploitation  gig  economy  10%  growth  secular  stagnation  GFC  bailout  Austerity  philanthropy  Democrats  self-employment  consumerism  materialism  poverty  trap  working  poor  economic  history  critique 
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Ana Kasparian SHREDS Trump's Weak Economy + Trade War Tariffs + Farmers Bailout
US going to run 4-5% budget deficit + debt accumulation + 1% tax cuts AND hourly earnings have not risen June 2017-June 2018! - From June 2017 to June 2018, real average hourly earnings decreased 0.2 percent, seasonally adjusted.
Combining the change in real average hourly earnings with a 0.3-percent increase in the average workweek resulted in no change to real average weekly earnings over this period.
//&! & - $12bn Farmer's bailout (only for this year) to save face in mid-term elections & telling voters 'don't trust what you read and hear.' << - "The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command." - George Orwell, "1984" - Donald Trump in front of Vets of Foreign Wars: "Just remember, what you are seeing and what you are reading is not what's happening"
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  1%  income  growth  working  poor  poverty  trap  stagnation  secular  stagflation  Fed  social  mobility  economic  history  downward  taxcut  mid-term  wage  GDP  recovery  GFC  inequality  election  elections  Farmers  bailout  tradewar  trade-war  tariffs  WTO  Brexit  China  retaliation  EU  UK  freetradedeal 
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Posh Boys: How the English Public Schools Ruin Britain – review | Books | The Guardian
Robert Verkaik comprehensively illustrates the stranglehold the public school system still has on Britain
UK  education  policy  Privatisation  class  Grammar  school  selective  stratification  1%  social  income  mobility  poverty  trap  childhood  book 
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Millions of families 'worse off' than 15 years ago - BBC News
[ decades of underinvestment across the plane of the economy, infrastructure education skills ] On the "why", research by the Foundation - which was set up to look at the problem of low incomes - reveals that the economy has struggled to create wealth for people in work.
JAM  working  poor  poverty  trap  productivity  output  gap  class  Brexit  skills  education  policy  social  income  mobility  Austerity  downward  UK  recovery  secular  stagnation  stagflation  economic  history  GFC  debt  household  disposable  globalisation  globalization  Competition  competitive  competitiveness  underinvestment  London  child  childhood  Council  public  health 
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(10204) Are We Destined for a Slow Growth Future? - YouTube
- shortage on the demand side. but demand can't be more leveraged and borrowed. ALL economic indicators point against a thriving of the UK bottom up (from household finances, are stretched thinly) //&! Gross wages lower than 10 years ago! Lost decade of earnings. In real terms people are NOT better off.
secular  stagnation  Brexit  household  debt  consumer  UK  USA  loan  GFC  recovery  Productivity  output  gap  economic  history  leverage  underinvestment  banking  property  bubble  housing  demographic  immigration  working  poor  poverty  Austerity  Trickle-down  Gesellschaft  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  inequality  social  mobility  income  Society  inflation  deflation  deflationary  debtoverhang  debt-servicing  OECD  IMF  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  BOE  Fed  globalisation  globalization  trap  credit  card  creditcard  creditcrunch  student  auto 
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Racism will not be solved by there being more mixed-race children | Nikesh Shukla | Life and style | The Guardian
“Beige Britain” won’t be the utopia we want. It’ll be the same country it always was, but with a significant demographic change. The whole “mixed-race kids ending racism” feeling is a nice thought that doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t look at divisions in the country right now. It doesn’t interrogate problems we have. It doesn’t end inequality. //&! - Alon Ziv, author of the book Breeding Between the Lines - Why Interracial People Are Healthier & More Attractive
UK  USA  discrimination  Racism  post-racial  BAME  hate  speech  crime  inequality  social  poverty  trap  mobility  minority  meritocracy  meritocratic  Austerity  opportunity  education  policy  Gesellschaft  Xenophobia  prejudice  Stigma  Vorurteil  JAM  Theresa  May  Tories  nasty  party  Conservative  segregation  Culture  Muslim  Islamophobia  mixed-race  Interracial  public  health  symmetry  beauty  epigenetics  genetics  Brazil  book 
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University entry 'should be background, not just exams' - BBC News
The university access watchdog says students' backgrounds should be taken into account when awarding places, to improve "equality of opportunity". A-level grades are a "robust measure" only if the applicants' "context" is also considered, Chris Millward says.

Many universities give extra help to disadvantaged applicants - but a report warns of a lack of openness about how this operates.

All Russell Group universities use some form of "contextual admissions".

Top universities have faced accusations of being socially exclusive and recruiting too few applicants from ethnic minorities.

But they also face scrutiny for being unfair to individual applicants who might lose out on places to disadvantaged candidates with worse results.
UK  education  policy  University  College  meritocracy  meritocratic  inequality  Equality  poverty  trap  Austerity 
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Bertelsmann-Studie: Kinderarmut hängt stark von Berufstätigkeit der Mütter ab - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Kinder von Alleinerziehenden sind besonders armutsgefährdet // - rising cost of living - The report said a single person needed to earn £18,400 a year to reach the minimum income standard, which is a measure of income people need in order to reach a minimum socially acceptable standard of living in the UK, from £17,900 when the requirement was last calculated a year ago. [...] Single-breadwinner families – where one parent works full-time and the other does not – have fallen furthest behind
poverty  child  childhood  development  single-parent  trap  working  poor  income  mobility  social  meritocracy  meritocratic  tax  credit 
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(9098) Did the Sokal affair "destroy postmodernism"? - YouTube
"society of the spectacle" - The Society of the Spectacle is a 1967 work of philosophy and Marxist critical theory by Guy Debord, in which the author develops and presents the concept of the Spectacle. The book is considered a seminal text for the Situationist movement. // Mass media and commodity fetishism - Comparison between religion and marketing --- In his analysis of the spectacular society, Debord notes that the quality of life is impoverished,[6] with such a lack of authenticity that human perceptions are affected, and an attendant degradation of knowledge, which in turn hinders critical thought.[7] Debord analyzes the use of knowledge to assuage reality: the spectacle obfuscates the past, imploding it with the future into an undifferentiated mass, a type of never-ending present; in this way the spectacle prevents individuals from realizing that the society of spectacle is only a moment in history, one that can be overturned through revolution.[8][9] << see by Byung-chul han - Psycho politics and the tired exhausted depressed worker who can't imagine getting up for a revolution. thus votes brexit and trump. where am I getting my pizza if we have a revolution?
Sociology  Philosophy  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Brexit  book  Social  Media  Consumerism  Capitalism  Status  Anxiety  Individualism  Marx  Socialism  equality  poverty  trap  working  poor  rat  race 
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Student loans 'heading for trillion pounds' - BBC News
The conversion of means-tested grants into loans has meant that the poorest students end up graduating with the biggest debts, says Lord Forsyth.

And he warns that the current repayment system was more expensive for people in middle income jobs such as nursing, rather than high-paid lawyers or financiers, who would pay off their debts more quickly.

"The people who get screwed by this are those in the middling jobs," says Lord Forsyth.

"This was all done on the basis that it would create a market in higher education - and that has failed, there isn't a market."

Lord Forsyth says that there is no meaningful consumer choice or competition - and he dismissed the system for rating teaching quality in universities, the teaching excellence framework, as a "bit of a joke".

"Because no-one ever turns up to look at the teaching," says Lord Forsyth.
UK  education  policy  David  Cameron  Nick  Clegg  George  Osborne  Tories  University  College  poverty  trap  student  debt  loan  vocational  skills  Mittelstand  apprenticeship  accounting  Austerity  gap  productivity 
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New funding system leaves schools worse off, say headteachers | Education | The Guardian
Poll finds 90% of heads had to use cash for disadvantaged pupils to prop up budgets &! - We can't keep papering over the cracks. Vulnerable children need stable support The army of professionals we rely on to educate children, support them and keep them safe is increasingly precarious
UK  education  policy  Austerity  Brexit  poverty  trap  social  mobility  meritocracy  meritocratic  working  poor  Conservative  Party  nasty  JAM  Theresa  May 
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National minimum wage rise still fails to cover living costs, study shows | Society | The Guardian
Workers on the national minimum wage would still need to work for an extra six weeks just to cover their everyday living costs, despite an inflation-beating pay rise from this weekend, according to analysis.

More than 2 million workers are to receive a pay rise of at least 4.4% from Sunday, as the government’s national living wage increases to £7.83 per hour from £7.50 for over-25s. The increase amounts to more than £600 per year for full-time workers on basic pay.
minimum  wage  Precariat  working  poor  poverty  trap  UK  Mindestlohn  Aufsticker  Hartz-IV 
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(112) Peter Thiel EDUCATES College Professor who asks: "What's your problem with higher education?" - YouTube
education bubble // what good is higher education? investment? consumption? an insurance not to be left behind? then why is insurance so expensive *if it were insurance, then meritocracy claim is invalid bc you take out future earning to get a step higher on the ladder? competitive tournament to pay an entry fee (excluding people)?
education  bubble  policy  UK  USA  student  debt  loan  competition  competitive  competitiveness  neoliberal  neoliberalism  Capitalism  globalisation  globalization  leftbehind  left-behind  poverty  trap  Precariat  working  poor  social  income  mobility  ladder  meritocracy  meritocratic  Peter  Thiel 
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(112) Renegade Inc. & What to expect in 2018 - YouTube
UK BOE QE trap - the road to normalisation - without counter engagement (productive investment), and further Austerity, tax evasion, inequality, income gap, secular stagnarion, less money to spend for the average joe === very bumpy uncertain ride. ... and add Brexit even more uncertainty. OUCH. real growth for real people not gonna happen. // see also RAWerden Richard Andreas Werner for bank reform (local non-profit et al) // also consumers will hold back. especially w trickle down of bad news. job losses here and there retail inflation wage growth etc. creating a impression of a malaise especially for the 50% who voted remain. and 30% who didnt go vote. // see also news 8or7 out of 10 workers broke/permanently skinned - and consumer debt at 2008 high //
BOE  QE  trap  Richard  Koo  UK  Austerity  productive  investment  underinvestment  productivity  Brexit  Steve  Keen  book  RAWerner  debt  bubble  asset  alternative  WallStreet  GDP  output  gap  uncertainty  2018  business  consumer  confidence  fiscal  policy  NHS  monetary  Carillion  PFI  disposable  income  discretionary  spending  credit  malaise  secular  stagnation  stagflation 
february 2018 by asterisk2a
UK state should pay for housing, food, transport and internet, says report | Business | The Guardian
UK state should pay for housing, food, transport and internet, says report
‘Universal basic services’ costing about £42bn could be funded through higher taxes, say Jonathan Portes and academics //&! - Report proposes £10,000 for everyone under 55 - Most state benefits would be cut under the scheme. The RSA said the dividends would help steer people through the challenges of the 2020s. [...] "Without a real change in our thinking, neither tweaks to the welfare state nor getting people into work alone, when the link between hard work and fair pay has broken, will help working people meet the challenges ahead." [[...] space for skill acquisition, what UK system currently rules out completely ]]!!
UBI  Universal  Basic  Infrastructure  Income  commuter  urban  development  urbanisation  commuting  Socialism  Labour  Policy  SPD  air  pollution  chronic  stress  economic  history  UK  USA  Council  housing  discretionary  spending  disposable  growth  wage  Mark  Blyth  secular  stagnation  Precariat  working  poor  poverty  trap  GFC  recovery  skill  acquisition  social  mobility  education  ganularer  Lebenslauf  University  College  MOOC  meritocracy  Zufall 
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In search of surrogates, foreign couples descend on Ukraine - BBC News
Foreign couples have been coming to this corner of Europe in droves since 2015, when surrogacy hotspots in Asia began closing their industries one-by-one, amid reports of exploitation. Barred from India, Nepal and Thailand, they turned to Ukraine, one of the few places left where surrogacy can still be arranged at a fraction of what it costs in the US.

"We have so many childless couples coming to our country - it's like a conveyor belt," says Ana, who asked for her identity to be protected.

When she was 21, and after some years of hotel work, Ana finally decided to become a surrogate. By then she had a daughter and realised she was eligible. Under Ukrainian law, a surrogate must have a child of their own before carrying someone else's. If you have your own child, you are less likely to become attached to the one you must give away, those who recruit the women say. [...] Europe's capital of surrogacy
Demand for surrogacy in Ukraine "has increased probably 1000% in the last two years alone," says Sam Everingham of Families Through Surrogacy, a Sydney-based charity that advises would-be parents.

The country, he adds, "has found itself almost accidentally as one of the handful of nation states" which allow surrogacy tourism.
IVF  fertility  public  health  crisis  western  diet  S.A.D.  lifestyle  infertility  autoimmune  disease  diseases  poverty  exploitation  trap  global  south  west  Ukraine  UK  India  USA  surrogate  surrogacy  parenthood  capitalism  Kapital  chronic  sick  population  premature  ageing  neoliberalism  neoliberal  ethics  moral  philosophy  Sociology  adoption 
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Why Antonio Gramsci is the Marxist thinker for our times : CriticalTheory
Communism will arrive through democracy and culture, not through a violent Revolution. Most people must be convinced to give socialism a shot in the government. He rejected the idea of "Dictatorship of the proletariat" as dangerous.
Marx  Socialism  Proletariat  Precariat  working  poor  poverty  trap 
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Homebase owners may close up to 40 stores - BBC News
[first the supermarkets, then everyone else, also UK restaurant trade struggling, especially mid-market! anything above your payday takeout, also housing growth is slowing down thus DIY ] UK retailers are struggling in the face of rising inflation and fragile consumer confidence.

Several store chains have announced job cuts recently, including supermarket giants Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda.

Homebase's rival, B&Q, last week said it was cutting 200 jobs at its head office in Hampshire as part of a cost-cutting drive. &! - Demand weakens for services such as restaurants and hotels amid ongoing Brexit uncertainty
UK  Brexit  disposable  income  economy  discretionary  spending  growth  wage  Productivity  High  Street  Precariat  working  poor  poverty  trap  social  mobility  pay  rise  inflation  broke  household  debt  credit  card  leverage  recovery  secular  stagnation  history  GFC  Austerity  underinvestment  output  gap  HighStreet  Services  Service 
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Many graduates earn 'paltry returns' for their degree - BBC News
#shambles // between a fifth and a third of graduates take non-graduate jobs, and that any extra returns for having a degree "vary wildly". // got to uni or get fucked by life - aka Precariat poverty trap tl;dr // nothing in between not step ladder! nothing technical. also no assistance, was cut by Tories //
UK  University  College  degree  higher  education  policy  student  debt  loan  disposable  income  discretionary  spending  growth  Privatisation  Tony  Blair  meritocracy  meritocratic  social  mobility  Austerity  Productivity  Services  economy  output  gap  potential  Precariat  working  poor  poverty  trap  Brexit  JAM 
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Former social mobility chief condemns government record | Society | The Guardian
Former social mobility chief condemns government record
Alan Milburn says ministers lack ability and willingness to deliver on ‘crunch issue for our country’
UK  social  income  mobility  inequality  poverty  trap  Super  Rich  1%  London  No  Representation  BAME  Brexit  postcode  lottery  education  policy  Austerity 
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(5499) Kein Stress mit dem Gewicht - Faszination Wissen - ganze Sendung vom 11.5.2015 - YouTube
20:00 "stress esser" //&! - Chronic stress disrupts our sleep and our blood sugar levels. This leads to increased hunger and comfort eating. &! - Escaping The Dietary Pleasure Trap - Alan Goldhamer DC - FULL TALK eg ice cream cold is too sweet. // Book Salt Sugar Fat.
fast  food  self-medication  abuse  junk  western  diet  S.A.D.  public  health  chronic  stress  poverty  trap  hormones  signals  reward  salt  sugar  fat  evolution  CVD  obesity  overweight  Cancer  dopamine  cortisol  metabolism  emotions  sickcare  mental  NHS  prevention  healthcare  exploitation  food–industrial  lobby  complex  vested  interest  weightloss  bariatric  surgery  diabetes  shiftwork  circadian  rhythm  sleep  Hygiene  alcohol  alcoholism  superficial  artificial  pleasure  processed 
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Donald Trump's success reveals a frightening weakness in American democracy - YouTube
liquid times by Zygmunt, globalization - accelerated times, inequality, 1%, poverty trap, weak institutions being fleeced (latest and biggest - GFC, one rule for the one TBTF and other for the many, many have to suffer what they must (varoufakis)), same w broken promise of globalisation benefits everyone, same w failed military interventions ... STRUCTURAL REASONS - DEMOCRACY ELECTED REPRESENTATION does no more exist! its lobbied $$$ vested interest pork barrels corruption abuse get rich quick schemes. Longing for past greatness eg case Brexit. //&! - Authoritarianism: The political science that explains Trump &! &! Democratic Backsliding (salami tactic) - - The decline of American democracy won't be televised
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Brexit  UKIP  Authoritarianism  GOP  LGBT  Transgender  gay  marriage  immigration  Culture  Identity  politics  inequality  unknown  foreign  different  AfD  uncertainty  No  Representation  book  globalisation  Super  Rich  1%  tax  evasion  avoidance  globalization  Institutions  revolving  door  lobby  vested  interest  Plutocracy  Oligarchy  Technocracy  Monopoly  poverty  trap  working  poor  post-racial  America  UK  Germany  American  Dream  democracy  history  neoliberal  neoliberalism  economic  Austerity  GFC  trust  trustagent  Sociology  Psychology  Philosophy  gini  Coefficient  corruption  White-collar  crime  war  on  drugs  Military–industrial  Privatisation  profit  maximisation  food–industrial  big  Pharma  TBTF  bailout  recovery  China  Russia 
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(5400) Aufstieg oder Abstieg? | Exakt | MDR - YouTube // Herkunfts bestimmt, weil Herkunft laesst sich nicht abschuetteln. "Habitus" in Soziologie genannt. ... Socialism - Ganztagsgesamtschulen ... // Granulare Gesellschaft Granularer Lebenslauf
Sociology  social  mobility  income  diversity  BAME  Gesellschaft  Zivilgesellschaft  education  policy  Kindergarten  poverty  trap  Psychology  working  poor  Precariat  structural  unemployment  long-term  child  mental  health  environment  meritocracy  meritocratic  Austerity  Council  influence  Socialism  PISA  OECD  inequality  gini  Coefficient  UK  Germany  Abstieg  segregation  Elite  1%  middle  class  Super  Rich  Plutocracy  Lobby  Soziologie  post  code  lottery  discrimination  equality 
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‘I regularly see rickets’: diseases of Victorian-era poverty return to UK | Society | The Guardian
Doctors on NHS frontline say there must be a debate about public health responsibilities [....] For condition after condition, the poorest fifth of young people are admitted in greater numbers than the richest fifth. In cases of tonsillitis, viral infections, abdominal pain, respiratory infections, convulsions, gastroenteritis, poisoning, chest pain – even head injuries – the poorest young people were admitted for emergency treatment at rates 40% or more higher than the richest. &!
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