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Heart disease warning factors 'missed by many adults' - BBC News
Many adults in the UK are unaware of the risk factors for heart disease, according to a new poll. [...] Coronary heart disease (CHD) is responsible for about 74,000 deaths in the UK each year. About one in five men and one in eight women die from the condition. [ largest cause of disability in the old age person population ]
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Blood pressure drugs rethink urged - BBC News
[ pushing more meds to prevent. LOL. with the side effects and possible death, from medication side effects/medical complications, is ~4th leading cause of death. ] More lives could be saved if doctors considered giving blood pressure drugs to all patients at high risk of heart disease - even if their blood pressures are normal, a study suggests.
high  blood  pressure  heart  disease  atherosclerosis  stroke  aneurysm  thrombosis  pharmaceutical  industry  pharma  big  pharma  prevention  intervention  Standard  American  Diet  Dietary  Fiber  cholesterol  Western  pattern  diet-related  disease  chronic  diseases  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  inflammation  coronary  artery  disease  Cardiovascular  disease  vascular  disease  NHS  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  sick  population  health  crisis  health  care  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  policy  folly  policy  error  public  safety  public  sentiment  public  awareness  public  perception  nanny  state  Nudge  theory  Makers  revolving  door  Wall  Street  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  capitalism  crony  capitalism  interest  groups  vested  interest 
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NHS in Scotland facing 'pressure', doctors warn - BBC News
The NHS in Scotland will face "significantly more pressure" in the coming year despite a budget increase, the doctors' leaders have warned. The British Medical Association claimed that "constrained resources" meant the health service was struggling to cope with increasing demands. BMA Scotland chairman Peter Bennie also said the number of jobs lying vacant could have a "detrimental impact". The Scottish government said it had a "clear vision for the future". [...] "The funding gap faced by the NHS set against rising demand and the impact of increasing consultant, specialty doctor and GP vacancies and unfilled trainee posts cannot be ignored, and we must establish ways to make Scotland's NHS a more attractive place to work. [...] NHS will face significantly more pressure as Scotland's population continues to age." [...] [Shona Robinson] ensuring our NHS is sustainable for future generations. [ << bottom up prevention and intervention ] [ disability from heart disease events ]
NHS  NHS  Scotland  austerity  demographic  bubble  premature  ageing  ageing  population  chronic  diseases  Public  Services  Social  Services  OAP  sick  population  health  crisis  diet-related  disease  health  care  prevention  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  health  policy  health  UK  obesity  epidemic  obesity  childhood  obesity  overweight  diabetes  insulin  resistance  cancer  metabolic  syndrome  GP  staff  morale  locum  staff  staff  shortage  sedentary  lifestyle  alcohol  abuse  food  abuse  western  lifestyle  Standard  American  Diet  Dietary  Fiber  cholesterol  pattern  western  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  inflammation  heart  disease  disability  vulnerable  mental  health  health  inequality  post  code  lottery  stroke  thrombosis  aneurysm  heart  attack  drug  abuse  substance  abuse  active  lifestyle  lifestyle  medicine  nanny  state  Nudge  theory  high  blood  pressure 
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24 Hours in A&E - Series 9 Episode 2 - All 4
Ambulance Driver w suspected stroke. Signs of vision impairment. // Admitting clot busting treatment within 4 hours or earlier/ASAP - reducing chances of disability. // biggest cause of disability in older age is - heart disease related medical events ie thrombosis, stroke, heart attack, aneurysm. // heart disease is preventable. // It's a repeating theme in A&E. Not one Series goes by without a nearly a handful of heart disease related incidents.
thrombosis  stroke  aneurysm  heart  disease  disability  NHS  ageing  population  premature  ageing  public  health  policy  public  health  health  care  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  health  crisis  sick  population  prevention  intervention  GP  Disabled  OAP  demographic  bubble  elderly  care  adult  social  care  atherosclerosis  diet-related  disease  chronic  diseases  Standard  American  Diet  dietary  cholesterol  Western  pattern  Fiber  lifestyle  heart  attack 
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I Need to Tell You Something. - YouTube
// youtuber - cancer // soft tissue carcinoma on leg. "The thing that happens. [...] Nothing you can do." //&! This is an Update - //&! "only 1 thing in the world scares me, this is it." - Casey Neistat >> and still eats junk, western diet. doesn't care about the possibility about an insurance against most cancers (and diseases) that are diet and lifestyle related! Like most people. Porridge for breakfast is just too extreme, you know. Just let docs prescribe pills (4th or 5th cause of death, adverse side-effects) and saw your chest open to put in new plumbing from your leg, that you will plug up with atherosclerosis too. Or if your are lucky when heaving an aneurysm to come out disabled, because heart disease is leading cause of disability in old age.
cancer  Casey  Neistat  prevention  intervention  Standard  American  Diet  Dietary  Fiber  diet-related  disease  cholesterol  Western  pattern  chronic  diseases  heart  disease  diabetes  metabolic  syndrome  Whole-Food  Plant-Based  Diet  Vegan  obesity  epidemic  obesity  aneurysm  stroke  thrombosis  atherosclerosis  heart  attack 
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Krebs: Fast jeder zweite Deutsche erkrankt im Laufe seines Lebens - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Bei Männern sind es etwas mehr, bei Frauen etwas weniger: In Deutschland bekommt fast jeder Zweite im Laufe seines Lebens eine Krebsdiagnose, zeigt ein aktueller Bericht. >> Das Risiko dafür hat jeder auch selbst in der Hand. << Bösartige Tumoren sind eine Volkskrankheit, das zeigt der aktuelle Bericht "Krebs in Deutschland" des Robert Koch-Instituts (RKI) und der Gesellschaft der epidemiologischen Krebsregister in Deutschland. Demnach liegt das Risiko für Frauen, im Laufe ihres Lebens an Krebs zu erkranken, aktuell bei 43 Prozent. Bei den Männern erhalten nach derzeitigen Hochrechnungen im Schnitt 51 Prozent einmal im Leben die Diagnose Krebs. [...] Der Einfluss des Lebensstils
cancer  ageing  population  premature  ageing  demographic  bubble  health  care  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  health  crisis  sick  population  diet-related  disease  chronic  diseases  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  inflammation  Standard  American  Diet  Dietary  Fiber  cholesterol  Western  pattern  Whole-Food  Plant-Based  Diet  anti-inflammatory  sedentary  lifestyle  lifestyle  society  world  obesity  epidemic  obesity  childhood  obesity  heart  disease  diabetes  metabolic  syndrome  heart  attack  aneurysm  stroke  thrombosis  prevention  intervention  prostate  cancer  breast  cancer  estrogen  receptor  negative  breast  cancer  bowel  cancer  Alcohol  tobacco  lung  cancer  medical  profession  medical  research  medical  advances  active  lifestyle  public  health  policy  health  policy  public  health  public  safety  public  awareness  public  perception  public  debate  Meat  Industry  Big  Sugar  food  engineering 
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Antibabypille birgt Risiken: Das müssen Sie wissen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Durch einen Prozess rückt eine seltene, aber dramatische Nebenwirkung von Antibabypillen ins Bewusstsein: Blutgerinnsel, die schlimmstenfalls zum Tod führen können. Die Antworten auf die wichtigsten Fragen. [...] Die Frage lautet: Hat Bayer damals ausreichend vor dem Risiko eines Blutgerinnsels gewarnt? Es wird durch diese Pille stärker erhöht als durch andere, ältere Präparate. Rohrer sagt, sie hätte "Yasminelle" nie genommen, wenn sie von der gesteigerten Gefahr gewusst hätte. Man rechnet mit einem langen Verfahren. Der Versuch, eine außergerichtliche Einigung herbeizuführen, ist bereits gescheitert. //&! - Rohrer leidet seit der Lungenembolie unter anderem an Herz- und Atembeschwerden. Kinder dürfe sie keine bekommen, weil sie dauerhaft ein Blutverdünnungsmittel einnehmen müsse.
big  pharma  pharmaceutical  industry  pharma  public  safety  thrombosis  Antibabypille 
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Children of obese mothers 'have higher heart risk'
It is not known how much of the link is down to genetics, influences in the womb or later lifestyle. But the authors say their findings, in the British Medical Journal, are of "major public health concern". One woman in five in the UK is obese at their antenatal booking appointment. >> + More than half of women who gave birth in Belfast's Royal Jubilee Maternity Hospital last year were either obese or overweight, the BBC has learned. Consultant obstetrician Alyson Hunter said the problem was turning into an epidemic. + >>
parents  miscarriage  complexity  diabetes  parenthood  obesity  public  health  policy  obesity  epidemic  unintended  consequences  health  crisis  genetics  vegan  high  blood  pressure  unknown  unkown  epigenetics  pregnancy  IVF  childhood  health  policy  thrombosis  health  science  childhood  development  public  health  healthcare 
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