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Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Robert Lustig (Full Interview) - YouTube
trans fat = consumable poison (no safe threshold). Sugar not as bad, has safe threshold of around 6-9 teaspoons/day (women-men). body has capability 2 metabolize fructose. insulin resistance associated with weight gain >> energy storage into fat through liver. insulin (spike) is the instigator. // 80% obese population are metabolically ill (various chronic diseases) & 20% of 80%, their body is sucking it up but not till long (mostly younger people). 40% of 70% (people of normal weight amongst the population) are insulin resistant &have other chronic diseases (via metabolic syndrome). it is at a lower prevalence. but still! they ARE thin sick people (metabolic syndrome) "Tofi". their whole numbers are greater than obese sick people. // Exposure 2 western diet! // 21:50 intermittent fasting. when u fast ur liver has 2 live off liver storage. ultimately, better diet is abt 'get the liver fat down' ie by getting rid of the sugar. ketogenic diet // 31:00 Glycemic Load! // 36:00 exercise!
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