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(200) Noam Chomsky - What We Really Want - YouTube
dignity and self-worth, independence. // primitive wage labour is slavery. // informed consumers making rational choices ... credit cards is the inverse! //
UBI  Grundeinkommen  Consumerism  Materialism  Alain  de  Botton  Chomsky  consumer  consumerist  Retail  Therapy  coping  mechanism  Selbstdarstellung  Selbstfürsorge  Capitalism  Capital  Advertising  TV  creativity  Universal  Basic  Income  creditcard  credit  card  Brand  Status  Anxiety  Social  Media  life  lesson  Minimalism 
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Mental illness treatment needs massive investment. The case is overwhelming | Richard Layard | Opinion | The Guardian
As is well known, many NHS commissioners, when short of money, cut mental healthcare. Last week Sue Bailey, the retiring president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, called the situation a "car crash", alluding to the fact that cuts in psychological therapy cause far more problems than they solve.
NHS  mental  health  public  economics  CBT  DBT  therapy  Austerity 
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"Auf ärztliches Anraten" - Roxette sagen geplante Welt-Tournee ab
Bei der 57-Jährigen war 2002 ein Hirntumor diagnostiziert worden, sie galt aber als geheilt. Ob die Absage mit Nachwirkungen der damaligen Erkrankung zusammenhänge, konnte eine Sprecherin auf Anfrage nicht sagen. //&! - she underwent successful surgery to remove the tumor. It was malignant and she endured months of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. She had difficulties reading, writing and counting for a period of time, and is now blind in her right eye. [...] On 18 April 2016 Roxette announced that their 30th anniversary summer tour was cancelled as advised by Fredriksson's doctors. [...] [from FB page] " However, singer Marie Fredriksson has been advised by her doctors to refrain from touring and as a consequence all the summer shows are cancelled. [...] 'Sadly, now my touring days are over'"
Roxette  Marie  Fredriksson  cancer  chemotherapy  brain  tumor  premature  ageing  ageing  population  OAP  babyboomers  diet-related  disease  chronic  disease  Radiation  therapy  radiationtherapy 
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Can call centre therapy solve the NHS mental health crisis? | Society | The Guardian
Fast-track treatment aims to ease growing problem in the UK, but critics say it is the clinical equivalent to online dating [...] [ mental health - a mental health crisis ] This is no fringe issue in the health of the nation. The NHS believes people with mental health problems die 15 to 20 years earlier than the average, but the system is struggling to cope. Lord Layard, a government adviser on mental health, identified mental health problems as “the biggest causes of misery in Britain today”, with an estimated 6 million people affected. [ needs massive investment, no call centres ] [...] Meanwhile 40% of mental health trusts saw spending cuts over the past two years and fewer than one in eight people who suffered a mental health crisis said they received appropriate care in 2015, according to the Care Quality Commission. The regulator concluded this was “unsafe and inherently unfair”. [ referring complex cases to call centre is neglect and malpractice ]
mental  health  mental  illness  NHS  austerity  talk  therapy  DBT  CBT  pharmaceutical  industry  pharma  big  pharma  Public  Services  Social  Services  Council  Tories  nasty  party  Conservative  No  Representation  minority  stigma  sentiment  Career  Politicians  Jeremy  Hunt  George  Osborne  David  Cameron  general  election  2015  budget2010  budget2015  constituency  Funding  babyboomers  election  campaign  promises  Manifesto 
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Gentechnik: Babys wunderbar genormt - Berg-Kolumne - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Alles, was anders aussieht, was defekt und nicht dem Durchschnitt zu entsprechen scheint, wird abgelehnt. Wir sehen keine Menschen mit Behinderungen im öffentlichen Leben, zu dünne oder dicke Menschen werden offensiv in den wunderbaren sozialen Medien verachtet und gehasst. Deine Nase ist zu groß, dein Kiefer zu sperrig: Mach was, Mensch! Mach dich zum Teil der grauen Masse, der Jogger, der Kieferknochenmahler. Was also spricht gegen wunderbar perfekte Babys, wunderbar genormte Menschen?
gene  editing  ethics  genetics  gene  doping  Transhumanism  gene  therapy  medical  advances  culture  Disabled  cystic  fibrosis 
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How schizophrenia changed the whole course of my life - BBC News
[ Cinderella Service ] The medications helped almost straight away but what I really wanted to do was talk to somebody in therapy sessions. At the time there was a lack of funding for this type of treatment, something which continues to be a problem for people with mental illnesses today. With the medication, I began to make little steps towards recovery. I started talking a bit, and being able to wash and take basic care of myself. Anybody who says that a mental illness isn't disabling is wrong, it affected my whole body. Unfortunately, the medication took a toll on my physical health and by the end of the following year I had gained around ten stone (63.5kg) in weight due to the side effects. [...] It has taken me 20 years to get this far in recovery, and I do still have setbacks. [...] If we can challenge the stigma, get proper investment in mental health services, [...] then people will not be left as long as I was before they are able to make their own steps toward recovery.
NHS  mental  health  mental  illness  DBT  CBT  talk  therapy  group  therapy  pharmaceutical  industry  pharma  big  pharma  medical  profession  Schizophrenia  stigma 
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Dear FURIOUS PETE, here’s what the CANCER INDUSTRY doesn’t want YOU to know - YouTube
isnt the hippocratic oath - do no harm!? // 500bn sales - big pharma. //
cancer  food  industry  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  Meat  Dairy  Poultry  agriculture  industry  industrial  agriculture  Egg  Milk  Fish  pharmaceutical  industry  pharma  big  pharma  chronic  diseases  sick  population  bottom  up  social  change  public  perception  public  awareness  revolving  door  public  health  policy  public  health  health  care  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  health  crisis  NHS  medical  profession  ethics  morality  TBTF  chemotherapy  Radiation  therapy  radiotherapy  Nutrition  medical  training  vested  interest  interest  groups  Whole  Plant  Foods  Whole-Food  Plant-Based  Diet  Standard  American  Diet  dietary  cholesterol  western  pattern  anti-inflammatory  Positioning  manufactured  consent  corporate  state  corporate  media  Polarisation  propaganda  populism  heart  disease  autoimmune  disease  Cardiovascular  disease  Zoonotic  zoonosis  post-antibiotic  era  antibiotic  resistance  antibiotics  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  immune  system  coronary  artery  disease  vascular  disease  Crohn’s  inflammatory  bowel  disease  non-alcoholic  fatty  liver  disease  prevention  public  discourse  public  debate  public  image  public  relations  PR  spin  doctor  reframing  framing  breast  cancer  prostate  cancer  erectyle  disfunction 
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Your mental health stories: 'I felt palmed off' - BBC Newsbeat
[ underfunded Cinderella Service ] However, a charity has found mental health services in England are turning away one in five children who are referred to them for treatment. The NSPCC says a lot of the time they did not meet the required "high clinical threshold". This wasn't a surprise to many of you. Nor our journalists who worked on our podcast series, The Story of Izzy Dix. Here is why. [...] They felt depressed and alone, they wanted counselling but instead were prescribed medication. Their stories not only give you an idea of the mental health problems many young people are dealing with on a daily basis, but also the scale of the problem facing the NHS. //&! - Figures from 35 mental health trusts across England show that a total of 186,453 cases were referred by GPs and other professionals for help, but 39,652 children did not receive it. The most common reason was that the child did not meet the clinical threshold for receiving help from CAMHS.
mental  health  CAMHS  mental  illness  NHS  GP  anti-depressants  anti-depressant  Antidepressant  Depression  SSRI  Therapy  CBT  DBT  Talk  Therapy  staff  shortage  locum  staff  complex  needs 
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Both Talk Therapy And Medication May Be Less Effective For Depression : Shots - Health News : NPR
For both talk therapy and antidepressants, researchers found that the apparent effectiveness was inflated by publication bias -- meaning that studies about treatments that work are more likely to be published than those about treatments that don't. // // make case to get re-funded / personal health budget for gym use and road bike! its about patient compliance (side effects).
medical  profession  anti-depressants  Antidepressant  Depression  SSRI  anti-depressant  pharmaceutical  industry  pharma  big  pharma  DBT  talk  therapy  sedentary  lifestyle  active  lifestyle  side  effects  efficacy  ethical  morality  bias  medical  research  conflict  of  interest 
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Die Schwulenheiler 2 | Panorama - die Reporter | NDR - YouTube
// &! Is this the end for gay conversion therapy? - Newsnight - // &! We Went To Gay Conversion Therapy Camp (Part 1/3) - // should be made a criminal offence and Dr title should be revoked.
Conversion  Therapy  LGBTQIASP  Germany  homosexuality  homophobic  Homo-Ehe  Homophobia  Religion  Angela  Merkel  GroKo  discrimination  social  discrimination  gay  rights  human  rights  gay  marriage  society  culture 
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The Radical New Science of Longevity - YouTube
min15 diet slows or speeds up ageing. Intermittent fasting ie once a month +3 days. cheat would be juice fast or broth. but here is the kicker, whole food plant based diet (vegan) does mimic parts of fasting, evidence in seen in certain factors that get activated when you really do fast. slowing down the burn rate of the many reactors (cells) we have. slowing down the cell division & thus keeping telomere's intact for longer. see also epigenetics. stress does age u. stress in many forms. same with methionine restriction - - The low-methionine content of vegan diets may make methionine restriction feasible as a life extension strategy. || min 23:00 chemotherapy does accelerate ageing and shows side effects a decade down the rate. ie higher rate of bone cancer occurrence. // min 41 stem cell therapy, currently used in focused approach vs future of preventative supplementation. ie using own blood plasma injected in face 2 increase collagen production
premature  ageing  anti-ageing  diet  anti-inflammatory  diet  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  chronic  diseases  chronic  stress  cancer  epigenetics  Vegan  Whole  Plant  Foods  Whole  Foods  complexity  telomere  chemotherapy  side  effect  big  pharma  pharma  pharmaceutical  industry  genetics  gene  expression  stem  cell  treatment  stem  cell  stem  cell  cosmetics  stem  cell  therapy  blood  plasma  dementia  Alzheimer 
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NHS staff told to stop helping patients get gay conversion therapy - BBC Newsbeat
A survey carried out in 2009 found 16% of therapists in the UK had attempted gay conversion therapy. The treatment isn't offered on the NHS, but it's understood some staff have occasionally put patients in touch with organisations who provide it. Experts say attempting so-called "gay cures" can be "dangerous" and "damaging". Fourteen organisations, including NHS England, have signed an agreement to stop gay conversion therapy being offered to patients. Although in general, referrals to conversion services are rare - there is evidence that GPs, counsellors and psychotherapists have made them.
conversion  therapy  LGBTQIASP  NHS  public  health  policy  public  health  conservative  UK  mental  health 
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"The Homosexuals": Mike Wallace's CONTROVERSIAL 1967 CBS Report!!(FULL VIDEO) - YouTube >> "Some parents sensed that it could not have been a choice. When Tommy Lasorda's son came out, Tommy Lasorda publicly stated, "Gays have to have been born that way, because no one WOULD ever choose it!" So there was a certain "sixth sense" among really involved and concerned family members." &! "A very provocative documentary -- in a good way. I like to think that this documentary gives a real glimpse into the horror of being homosexual in the 60s. As usual with issues around civil and human rights, so many organized groups are so committed to scapegoating another group, in this case gay men, who already were taught to be so shameful. As a practicing psychiatrist, it's very humbling to see my profession so horribly misguided, so full of itself, and so non-reflective." &! Coming Out to My Dad, the Founder of Conversion Therapy (by Richard Socarides) -
LGBTQIASP  history  USA  homophobic  Homophobia  homosexuality  Transphobic  transphobia  Religion  medical  profession  Politics  Career  Politicians  conversion  therapy  DSM 
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DO I SOUND GAY? on Vimeo
FINDING YOUR VOICE - Do I Sound Gay? // last vestige of internalised homophobia, how one sounds and speaks - the stereotype, bias, prejudice of being gay
LGBT  homophobic  homosexuality  Homophobia  stereotype  bias  prejudice  Vorurteil  Vorurteile  voice  voice  therapy  hate  speech  hate  crime  social  discrimination 
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Talk Doesnt Pay, So Psychiatry Turns to Drug Therapy -
Then, his goal was to help his patients become happy and fulfilled; now, it is just to keep them functional.
psychiatry  therapy  talk  medicine  corporate  interest  healthcare  2011  budget  insurance  health  money  fraud  corruption  psychology 
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