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The Incredible Shrinking Middle Class - YouTube
Canada: Generation Jobless - - "The Plight of Younger Workers" (Report).& underemployed graduates w fancy sounding degrees. [...] EDUCATION INFLATION! [...] an education does no more guarantee a comfortable middle class jobs, and parents are disappointed. [...] globalisation of workforce plus automation, robotics, AI, augmented intelligence. the new GM's and Toyota's and DuPonts need less and less workers to catch ever greater pies of the current and future economy. [...] rise of the project focused self-employed and the Gig Economy. //&! (USA) Invisible Reality; The Working Poor - //&! FULL STORY: Generation Poor - //&! FULL STORY: The Labour Trap - - precarious work is now more and more the norm. as well as exploitation of those conditions.
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Reduce £775m bill for temporary Whitehall staff, MPs say
[asking an Apple to be a Pear and then a Banana] But a Cabinet Office spokesman said: "This government is scrutinising spend like never before. We've stamped out excessive spending on consultants and put in place stringent spending controls. The total spend on consultants is still less than half of that in 2009-10."
He said the department was "actively building" skills but sometimes needed specialist expertise quickly on complex projects.
"But we only do this when the key skills are not readily available within the Civil Service and where it delivers better value for taxpayers," he added. //&! Whitehall consultants on £1,000-£2,000 per day -
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