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Global Capitalism: September 2015 Monthly Update - YouTube
Private Education (Charter Schools) that get public money, without the public being involved in decision-making how to spend that public money ... were outlawed/illegal, by Seattle Judges 6-2. //&! Tax exception of universities. Yale (4th richest uni of USA with 20bn in endowments) is being subsidized by people of the 7th poorest state. no property tax (largest land owner & employer in New Haven (Connecticut)). Public Services (Fire, Police, Hospitals) & Infrastructure. //&! min 41 Greg Mankiw: carbon tax would discriminate (burden too much) the middle class & poor with no wage growth last 30 yrs in disposable income vs corporates, well off, Super Rich, 1%. Rebuttal: tax more progressively those who can afford it. The crux of a carbon tax & tobin tax, setting it nationally, corporate lobby that it "will" be anti-competitive. Destroy Jobs. // 47:35 Science & Money. 1:09:20 Hegemony 1:22:20 public transport, US dogma; THE CAR! Committed 2 Private Free Enterprise. << Ideology. LA traffic
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Meredith Doubles Down: Move Over Munis, Here Comes The "Hidden State Financial Crisis" | zero hedge
While over the past 10 years state and local government spending has grown by 65%, tax receipts have grown only by 32%.

What concerned us the most was the fact that fixed debt-service costs are increasingly crowding out state monies for essential services. For example, New Jersey's ratio of total tax-supported state obligations to gross state product is over 30%, and the fixed costs to service those obligations eat up 16% of the total budget. Even these numbers are skewed, because they represent only the bare minimum paid into funding pension and retirement plans. We calculate that if New Jersey were to pay the actuarially recommended contribution, fixed costs would absorb 37% of the budget. New Jersey is not alone.

The real issue here is the enormous over-leveraging of taxpayer-supported obligations at a time when taxpayers are already paying more and receiving less.
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