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INEQUALITY FOR ALL - Upward Mobility on Vimeo
This is a clip from the Robert Reich film "Inequality for All." You can see or order the whole film here. It's also available to watch instantly on Amazon, or you can get the DVD from Netflix. It is truly worth your time to see the whole movie — I promise! Fact-checks by Robert Reich's very capable crew. + - Twitter user GroteMond has rightly pointed out that socialism isn't technically equal distribution of wealth. However, in the case of this video, the video creator is referring to the majority of Americans' perception of what socialism is, not what it actually is. So yes, there's yet another thing we are generally misinformed about. + USA Healthcare +
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Staatsanwaltschaft erließ Haftbefehl gegen Hoeneß - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Am Dienstagabend meldete sich am Rande seines Saarland-Besuchs auch Joachim Gauck zu den Vorwürfen gegen Hoeneß zu Wort: Gegenüber dem Saarländischen Rundfunk sagte der Bundespräsident, er werde "keine moralische Verurteilung vornehmen." Sein Interesse sei vielmehr, "dass wir aus solchen Fällen lernen und begreifen: Zu einer funktionierenden Demokratie gehört die Bereitschaft aller, etwas dazu beizutragen. Wir können nicht wählen, ob wir Steuern zahlen, jedenfalls nicht legal." Es gehöre "zur Verantwortung eines mündigen Bürgers, Pflichten zu akzeptieren", so Gauck weiter. "Es gehört zu einer gewachsenen Bürgerkultur, dass wir uns mitverantwortlich fühlen. Dieses Element der Mitverantwortung sollte jeder im Kopf haben, der manchmal über zu hohe Steuern stöhnt." Gauck äußerte sich auch zur Vorbildfunktion von Uli Hoeneß und sagte, Menschen seien nicht fehlerfrei, aber bei Personen, die im Fokus stünden, fielen "Fehler ganz besonders auf". Gauck fügte hinzu: "Wenn Vorbilder ihren Vorbi
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BBC tells stars to dodge tax: Workers face the ultimatum, go off the books or face the sack | Mail Online
"A corporation source acknowledged that some workers were effectively being forced to comply with the legal tax dodge.

[...] A top celebrity agent said the BBC used the practice to avoid paying national insurance, pension contributions and other benefits due to regular staff. The agent said many presenters ended up paying more tax than if they were on staff contracts."

Not Cool, ... BBC highest paid (incl Paxman) use legal work-around to reduce tax bill and insurance contributions.
While at the same time coming down hard on, arguably more crummy, tax practises like tax havens.

But if I remember well, Newsnight DID report on UCAS CEO who uses as well a services company to reduce tax bill and insurance contributions. As others do as well ...

Read more:
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Corporate Tax Avoidance | zero hedge
“The social crisis facing the country as a result of the most egregious plundering in modern American history will spell the end of the “high end” theme. Buying into this trend now is like getting long Marie Antoinette’s unsevered head in 1792.”
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Over The Past 4 Years News Corp Generated $10.4 Billion In Profits And Received $4.8 Billion In "Taxes" From The IRS | zero hedge
News Corp, which after generating $10.4 billion in profits over the past 4 years, and which would have been expected to pay the IRS $3.6 billion at the statutory corporate tax rate, instead received $4.6 billion back from Uncle Sam. Bottom line: Murdoch's corporation had a cash paid tax rate of -46% between 2007 and 2010. The culrpit: two little somethings called Deferred Tax Assets and Net Operating Loss Carry-forwards.
IRS tax loopholes as deferred tax assets and NOL carryforward? Not entirely.
+ Hundreds of Offshore Accounts.

News Corp. has 152 subsidiaries in tax havens, including 62 in the British Virgin Islands and 33 in the Caymans. only Citigroup and Morgan Stanley have more tax haven subsidiaries than News Corp., a 2009 U.S. Government Accountability Office study found.

However, in the interest of objectivity, News Corp. is merely one of many corporate transgressors who take full advantage of the massive loopholes in America's tax code.
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GE Says Report on Returning $3.2 Billion to Treasury a Hoax - Bloomberg
Immelt, who is also chairman of GE, commented after a March 24 report in the New York Times that GE had a tax bill of zero in 2010, an assertion the company called misleading on its GE Reports website.
GE refuted the tax bill claim specifically and said the company received no rebate, refund or payment from the government on its 2010 taxes.

Immelt is on business programm from Obama.
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Truckers hit France for cheap fuel | City A.M.
BRITISH hauliers are filling up their vehicles in France in a bid to avoid soaring diesel costs at home, losing the UK an estimated £1.2bn in tax every year, petrol retailers claimed yesterday.Truck manufacturers are even building vehicles with bigger tanks so that drivers can fill-up with as much foreign, cheaper diesel as possible.The diesel price has steadily risen and rather than just trucks it is now used in high performance cars thanks to improved technology.With diesel costing up to £1.47 a litre in the UK, the companies are getting their fuel at an average of 20 per cent cheaper in places like Calais, according to the RMI Independent Petrol Retailers Association. Chairman Brian Madderson said: “This is another example of a government own goal. Its fuel policies are directly contributing to a reduced tax opportunity for the treasury.The RMI estimates that the figures translates to £1.2bn lost in VAT for the treasury if all items bought in petrol stations are taken into account.
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february 2011 by asterisk2a
More American Expatriates Give Up Citizenship -
American expats have long complained that the United States is the only industrialized country to tax citizens on income earned abroad, even when they are taxed in their country of residence, though they are allowed to exclude their first $91,400 in foreign-earned income.
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april 2010 by asterisk2a
It's Official - America Now Enforces Capital Controls | zero hedge
One thing we are confused about is whether this law is a preamble, or already incorporates, the flow of non-cash assets, such as commodities, and, thus, gold. If an account transfers, via physical or paper delivery, gold from a domestic account to a foreign one, we are not sure if the language deems this a 30% taxable transaction, although preliminary discussions with lawyers indicates this is likely the case.

And so the noose on capital mobility tightens, as very soon the only option US citizens have when it comes to investing their money, will be in government mandated retirement annuities, which will likely be the next step in the capital control escalation, which will culminate with every single free dollar required to be reinvested into the US, likely in the form of purchasing US Treasury emissions such as Treasuries, TIPS and other worthless pieces of paper.

Congratulations bankrupt America - you are now one step closer to a thoroughly non-free market.

--- see comments for mo
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