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Paxman interviews economist Thomas Piketty - Newsnight - YouTube
IT IS ALL A MATTER OF DEGREE. thus you have to marry liberalism & conservatism, throw the junk out. u get liberal-conservatism. The rise of the working poor & squeezed middle class had not been good 4 economic growth & vitality. || +Thomas Piketty on Wealth, Income and Inequality >> watch?v=zytqTSh3oGw || + || + << Edward Conard WRONG! || +++ What the 1% Don't Want You to Know with Paul Krugman - watch?v=QzQYA9Qjsi0 "All men are created equal" NO MORE. 'commanding heights' >> + market income inequality vs disposable income inequality ... "We live in such an ugliness in America." || Wealth Concentration is a agglomeration of Politica & Public Policy Power. || + Robert Reich >> v=q-rpkZe2OEo || v=heOVJM2JZxI
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