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Neue Steuer CD löst bundesweite Razzien aus - SPIEGEL ONLINE
tax evasion becomes less tasty. except you are a fortune 500 company and funnel your money through a dozen of mailbox companies. UK and Germany have deals with Switzerland. More to come.
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Aus für Traditionsbank Wegelin bedroht Schweizer Finanzbranche - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Zum ersten Mal hat eine Schweizer Bank gestanden, Amerikanern beim Steuerbetrug geholfen zu haben - das Traditionshaus Wegelin zahlt dafür mit seiner Existenz. Auch großen Instituten drohen teure Verfahren. Der Streit könnte zum Ende des Bankgeheimnisses führen.

[...] Bankenexperte Kunz vermutet, dass Wegelin sich den US-Behörden als eine Art Kronzeuge angedient hat - und so die Höhe der Strafe drücken konnte. "Ich hätte mit einer höheren Summe gerechnet", sagt Kunz. Die Bank wollte zu diesem Vorwurf auf Nachfrage nicht Stellung nehmen.

- UK came into agreement w Swiss
- GER came into agreement w Swiss
- France is introducing +75% tax rate for the wealthy
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New Swiss Tax Rules Signal Big Changes for Private Banks (NYT)
New Swiss Tax Rules Signal Big Changes for Private Banks (NYT)
Switzerland aims to sign new treaties by the summer with Germany and Britain under which their citizens would pay taxes on more of their undeclared assets in Swiss banks. France and Italy are expected to follow suit.
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Seeking Bank Secrecy in Asia -
For centuries, Switzerland has been the sanctuary of choice for wealthy people seeking to hide their fortunes and evade taxes. Now, amid a growing crackdown on Swiss private banking, the rich are flocking to Singapore and Hong Kong, which still offer some of the world’s most secret accounts.

But there is a twist in this shift to the East: Many of the banks growing in these low-tax oases have Swiss pedigrees. And their clients are not only Asia’s growing number of millionaires but also wealthy Americans and Europeans who, lawyers say, have been spooked by mounting scrutiny from the tax authorities in their own countries.

UBS, the largest bank in Switzerland, has lost an estimated 200 billion Swiss francs, or about $200 billion, in assets from private banking clients over the past two years. But in Asia, it has won more new money than it has lost, according to an August presentation to investors by the bank’s chief executive of wealth management, Jürg Zeltner.
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