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(572) Unser Bauch: Die wunderbare Welt des Darms | Doku | ARTE - YouTube
diversity key
- there is a correlation between antibiotics in the first 6 months. and later on obesity as a child and asthma.
c-section kids missing some key microbiome types - and show increased asthma, diabetes and obesity
because the immune system also affected
and tests showed, immunotherapy against cancer sometimes fail >>
because of missing microbiota. fix microbiome. and then the immunotherapy that failed, now works fighting cancer tumours.
recommendation to eat ~24 different vegetables. per week.
microbiome  microbiota  gut  immune  system  antibiotics  obesity  diet  lifestyle  allergy  asthma  birth  cesarean  public  health  Emulgatoren  cancer  immunotherapy 
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How a vaccinated woman's death exposes the threat of anti-vaxxers | Society | The Guardian
Unvaccinated children and those with suppressed immune systems – like Montantes – are the most vulnerable to measles, which kills between one and two people for every 1,000 it infects. The virus can also cause brain inflammation, called encephalitis, and permanent brain damage at about the same rate. In 2017, measles killed 110,000 people, mostly children under five, according to the World Health Organization.
anti-vaxxers  anti-vaxxer  immune  system  autoimmune  disease  public  health  Cancer  suppressed 
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Wie Krankenkassen Patienten kränker machen - YouTube
Geld aus dem Gesundheitsfonds
Krankenkassen beraten Ärzte illegal bei Diagnosen
Vor drei Jahren erschütterten angebliche Schummeleien bei Patientendaten das Gesundheitssystem. Ein Gesetz sollte die Praktiken abstellen. Nun zeigt sich: Vermutlich hat sich wenig geändert.
Kodierberatung  Germany  NHS  privatisation  insurance  system  manipulation  profit  maximisation 
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Policing in parts of the UK is 'broken', says Police Federation chief | UK news | The Guardian
John Apter says stretched resources force police to ditch some crime investigations [...] “We can’t do everything – there are going to be situations where we simply can’t deliver the policing we want to deliver,” he said. “In those cases we are failing the public, but that’s not the fault of police officers on the ground, and in some cases it’s not the chief constable’s fault. “You can only slice the financial cake so many ways and you have to prioritise … The public are already suffering and they are going to suffer more and more.” Forces logged 5.5m crimes in the 12 months to March, a rise of 11% on the previous year and the highest tally for an equivalent period since 2005-06. // &! - The Guardian view on legal aid: cuts have caused chaos and must be reversed
UK  Austerity  public  health  safety  patient  NHS  Police  Council  crime  legalaid  legal  aid  Justice  system 
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Antibiotics greatly reduce effectiveness of immunotherapy for cancer – study | Society | The Guardian
UK research finds patients who took antibiotics during immunotherapy lived half as long as those who avoided them
Cancer  immunotherapy  Autoimmune  Disease  immune  system  premature  ageing 
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Doctors hail world first as woman’s advanced breast cancer is eradicated | Science | The Guardian
A woman with advanced breast cancer which had spread around her body has been completely cleared of the disease by a groundbreaking therapy that harnessed the power of her immune system to fight the tumours.

It is the first time that a patient with late-stage breast cancer has been successfully treated by a form of immunotherapy that uses the patient’s own immune cells to find and destroy cancer cells that have formed in the body.
Cancer  Autoimmune  disease  immune  system  immunotherapy 
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Health 'to start failing at 47' in parts of Blackpool and Middlesbrough - BBC News
From 2009 to 2013, males born in Bloomfield in Blackpool had a healthy life expectancy (HLE) of only 47.1 years, five months shorter than females born in Middlehaven in Middlesbrough. //&! - Doing lots of exercise in older age can prevent the immune system from declining and protect people against infections, scientists say.
premature  ageing  chronic  sick  population  UK  life  expectancy  demographic  bubble  sickcare  demand  western  diet  lifestyle  prevention  public  health  S.A.D.  immune  system  Cancer  autoimmune  disease 
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Ultra-processed foods 'linked to cancer' - BBC News
What counts as ultra-processed
Mass-produced packaged breads and buns
Sweet or savoury packaged snacks including crisps
Chocolate bars and sweets
Sodas and sweetened drinks
Meatballs, poultry and fish nuggets
Instant noodles and soups
Frozen or shelf-life ready meals
Foods made mostly or entirely from sugar, oils and fats &!
cancer  public  health  CVD  chronic  sick  population  sickcare  demand  NHS  crisis  food–industrial  lobby  food  S.A.D.  western  diet  obesity  overweight  healthcare  diabetes  immune  system  Autoimmune  disease  Diseases  packaging  plastic  pollution  chemical  complexity 
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Chemicals in packaging, carpets and non-stick pans 'may contribute to obesity' | Science | The Guardian
Chemicals used to make non-stick pots and pans, stain-resistant carpets, and food packaging may contribute to high levels of obesity by disrupting the body’s ability to burn calories, scientists say.

Researchers at Harvard University examined the effects of compounds called perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs), which have already raised concerns among some health experts after animal experiments and other studies linked them to cancer, high cholesterol and immune problems.
public  health  pollution  obesogenic  environment  obesity  overweight  Cancer  PFAS  BPA  bisphenol  plastic  autoimmune  disease  chronic  lowgrade  inflammation  immune  system  crisis  fungicide  herbicide  pesticide  ecological  environmental  Klimakatastrophe 
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Cold open water plunge may provide instant pain relief - BBC News
see nordic traditions, see russian traditions, and see german tradtional "alt" medicine prescribed by Krankenkassen (wechselbaeder, wadenbaeder, cold showrs, sauna, retreats, water fasting) // cold showers - - Postoperative neuropathic pain exacerbated by movement is poorly understood and difficult to treat but a relatively common complication of surgical procedures such as endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy. Here, we describe a case of unexpected, immediate, complete and sustained remission of postoperative intercostal neuralgia after the patient engaged in an open-water swim in markedly cold conditions.
neuroscience  neurology  cold  shower  exposure  mental  health  immune  system  evidence-based  medicine  lymphatic 
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Gigi Hadid slams body shamers who call her too skinny - BBC News
Hashimoto thyroiditis // - "Imagine having a really extreme case of flu." That's how 23-year-old Rachel Hill describes living with Hashimoto's disease. //&! //&! " I was also part of a holistic medical trial that helped my thyroid levels balance out." Obviously not. Otherwise she would be whole-food plant-based vegan, duh. she did eat a burger on jimmy kimmel late night show and promotes eating animal products
Hashimoto  Autoimmune  disease  thyroid  public  health  chronic  sick  population  sickcare  demand  immune  system  Diseases  inflammation  prevention  S.A.D.  western  diet 
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(5578) Fettleibigkeit vorprogrammiert - YouTube
see nutritionfacts org - pesticides herbicides fungicides additives PBA etc // umweltgifte // nutritionfacts - also mentiond "Kassenzettel" // BUT see also Valter Longo 'its a complex system, not one thing' // obesogenic compounds disrupting evolutions complex system. // nikotine - children from smoking mothers born underweight, tend to be overweight later // also phalates bisphenol DES TBT PBDE PFOA PCB Dioxin Organophosphat Atrazin DDT Mercury / Blei Benzopyren Nikotin Genistein Glutamat //&! !!! ALL IN PROCESSES FOODS AND ANIMAL FOODS! - - Phalates et al in ready meal processed food mac n cheese!!! its not food its chemical ...
public  health  pollution  obesity  overweight  PBA  endocrine  system  disruption  disruptors  toxicity  environmental  environment  ecological  crisis  fungicide  pesticide  herbicide  plastic  nation  toxicology  hormones  IGF-1  antibiotic  antibiotics  Fructose  epigenetics  processed  food  S.A.D.  western  diet  junk  Cancer  lifestyle  convenience  cost  ready  meal 
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(4984) Cancer Cure Hits the Market! [Car-T Cells] - YouTube
advances in immunotherapy- first version was dump, 2nd version "targeted", 3rd gen - reprogramming? immunotherapy
Cancer  immunotherapy  immune  system  CAR-T  cells  autoimmune  disease 
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Gut bacteria 'boost' cancer therapy - BBC News
Two studies, in the journal Science, linked specific species and the overall diversity of the microbiome to the effectiveness of immunotherapy drugs. [...] Those that responded to therapy tended to have a richer, more diverse microbiome than those that did not.
Cancer  microbiome  immunotherapy  epigenetics  chronic  sick  inflammation  autoimmune  disease  gut  leaky  diet  lifestyle  S.A.D.  western  public  health  immune  system  immunesystem  antibiotic  antibiotics  post-antibiotic  chemotherapy 
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What to do if your child is overweight - BBC News
One in ten young people in the UK, aged between five and 19, is obese, according to new research that looks at obesity trends in over 200 countries. Consultant paediatrician Prof Mary Rudolf, who advises the government on obesity, says many parents would not know that "a healthy 10-year-old's ribs should be clearly visible - many parents would consider that such a child was quite underweight". //&! &! &! - Childhood obesity: Plan attacked as 'weak' and 'watered down' &! - Public health cuts 'could hamper anti-obesity effort' &! WHO World Obesity Day // In the UK, one in every 10 young people aged five to 19, is obese. Obese children are likely to become obese adults, putting them at risk of serious health problems, say experts.
These include type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and certain types of cancer, such as breast and colon. [...] "Even skinny people are heavier than they would have been ten years ago.
"We have not become more weak-willed, lazy or greedy. The reality is the world around us is changing." - &! bariatric surgery - &! hidden sick environment to navigate:
NHS  public  health  Crisis  healthcare  demand  care  obesity  CVD  overweight  diabetes  Cancer  immune  system  inflammation  economic  damage  prevention  intervention  nudge  food–industrial  tax  obesogenic  chronic  sick  population  ageing  premature  bedblocking  bed  blocking  Disabled  elderly  adult  social  Productivity  leave  sickleave  self-medication  addiction  food  S.A.D.  western  diet  lifestyle  coping  mechanism  stress  mental  epidemic  nanny  state  environment  pollution  taxation  childhood  parenthood  parenting  epigenetics  whole-food  plant-based  lobby  Sugar  complex  diseases  sickcare  big  pharma  pharmaceutical  bariatric  surgery 
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How your blood may predict your future health | Inequality | The Guardian
New research into bloodstream ‘biomarkers’ aims to unlock the full impact of social status on people’s lifetime health outcomes. The key is exposure to stress - quantitated self. making decisions on your own when presented w data? in case of the weight scale, never worked. why will it now? its just more medicalisation - door open for big pharma so people pop pills. vs inconvenience of changing diet lifestyle and learning something new like cooking and meditation. // &! Deprivation and Poverty Stress: The analysis suggested people in lower socioeconomic groups have a demonstrably longer exposure to chronic inflammation – with all its knock-on impacts on long-term health – even once the team corrected for the “usual suspects” of health inequality, including diet and smoking. There’s clearly something else at work. (inequality = health inequality)
public  health  diet  lifestyle  premature  ageing  CVD  Cancer  diabetes  obesity  overweight  immune  system  Autoimmune  complex  chronic  diseases  sick  population  inflammation  biomarker  mental  microbiome  S.A.D.  western  junk  fast  food  food–industrial  lobby  big  pharma  pharmaceutical  prevention  crisis  sickcare  demand  healthcare  deprivation  inequality  poverty  trap  working  poor  Precariat  Austerity  stress  Burnout  underemployed  unemployment  DWP  sickleave  Productivity  UBI  Universal  Basic  Income  Grundeinkommen  social  isolation  coping  mechanism  addiction  Alcohol  self-medication 
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NHS future precarious, says regulator - BBC News
The Care Quality Commission (CQC) says the health system is "straining at the seams" and faces a "precarious" future.
The England's regulator's annual report raised concerns about staff shortages, rising demand and the number of patients with preventable illnesses. It said so far the quality of NHS and council care has been maintained but warned standards were likely to drop. //>> GPs not focused to reverse diet lifestyle diesease. // "We are going to see a fall in the quality of services that are offered to people and that may mean that the safety of some people is compromised,"
NHS  GP  public  health  Crisis  bedblocking  bed  blocking  chronic  sick  population  Cancer  CVD  diabetes  obesity  overweight  complex  diseases  ageing  premature  demographic  bubble  babyboomers  prevention  diet  lifestyle  S.A.D.  western  food  food–industrial  A&E  type2  reversal  stress  coping  mechanism  Alcohol  alcoholism  fast  lobby  Sugar  Tax  junk  UK  economic  damage  Productivity  sickleave  DWP  mental  immune  system  inflammation  Alzheimer  dementia  autoimmune  healthcare  demand  sickcare  STP  CEP  rationing  waiting  times  delayed  treatment  patient  safety  CQC  Austerity  Council  staff  locum  shortage  Nurses  recruitment  hiring  paycap 
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Global cost of obesity-related illness to hit $1.2tn a year from 2025 | Society | The Guardian
The cost of treating ill health caused by obesity around the world will top $1.2tn every year from 2025 unless more is done to check the rapidly worsening epidemic, according to new expert estimates. Obesity and smoking are the two main drivers behind the soaring numbers of cancers, heart attacks, strokes and diabetes worldwide, grouped together officially as non-communicable diseases. They are the biggest killers of the modern world.
NHS  public  health  Crisis  healthcare  demand  care  obesity  CVD  overweight  diabetes  Cancer  immune  system  inflammation  economic  damage  prevention  intervention  nudge  food–industrial  tax  obesogenic  chronic  sick  population  ageing  premature  bedblocking  bed  blocking  Disabled  elderly  adult  social  Productivity  leave  sickleave  self-medication  addiction  food  S.A.D.  western  diet  lifestyle  coping  mechanism  stress  mental  epidemic  nanny  state 
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Hillary Clinton's book has a clear message: don't blame me | Thomas Frank | Opinion | The Guardian
She seems to have been almost totally unprepared for the outburst of populist anger that characterized 2016, an outburst that came under half a dozen different guises: trade, outsourcing, immigration, opiates, deindustrialization, and the recent spectacle of Wall Street criminals getting bailed out. It wasn’t the issues that mattered so much as the outrage, and Donald Trump put himself in front of it. Clinton couldn’t. [...] But by and large, Clinton’s efforts to understand populism always get short-circuited, probably because taking it seriously might lead one to conclude that working people have a legitimate beef with her and the Democratic party. &! &!
Thomas  Frank  book  HRC  Hillary  Clinton  HillaryClinton  Populism  presidential  election  2016  Donald  Trump  DonaldTrump  Democrats  Dems  BernieSanders  Bernie  Sanders  far-right  right-wing  Capitalism  neoliberalism  neoliberal  Exploitation  American  Dream  post-racial  America  secular  stagnation  wage  income  growth  Productivity  GFC  bailout  recovery  disposable  working  poor  discretionary  spending  credit  card  corruption  transparency  accountability  NAFTA  TPP  TTIP  CETA  double  standard  TBTF  Justice  System  technocrats  technocracy  Austerity 
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Diabetes: Auch Normalgewichtige können hohes Risiko haben - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Etwa jeder Fünfte leidet trotz Normalgewicht unter einem ungesunden Stoffwechsel. Besonders gefährdet sind Menschen, die an den Beinen fast kein Fett abspeichern - dafür aber am Bauch.
diabetes  metabolic  CVD  obesity  overweight  skinny  fat  inactive  chronic  sick  population  disease  metabolism  Cancer  inflammation  immune  system 
august 2017 by asterisk2a
Predicting future cancer risk based on epigenetic variation in normal cells - On Medicine
Their approach could provide the basis for a new clinical test with the ability to predict cancer risk in cells that appear morphologically normal.
epigenetics  immune  system  Cancer 
july 2017 by asterisk2a
Obese women more likely to have babies with serious birth defects, says study | Society | The Guardian
While the additional risk was small for women who were just above the healthy weight range, the progressive increase in risk made the researchers more confident that the link was causal.

Martin Neovius, an epidemiologist at the Karolinska Institute and the study’s senior author, said: “In terms of risk, it is better to be normal weight than overweight and much better to be normal weight than obese.”
UK  USA  chronic  sick  population  obesity  overweight  inflammation  DNA  damage  birth  defect  cancer  immune  system  RNA  gene  expression  western  diet  Standard  American  health  care  demand 
june 2017 by asterisk2a
Why your waist measurement can predict cancer risk | Society | The Guardian
Study finds men with over 40in waist and women with over 35in waist are more at risk of cancer as waist size is as good at predicting cancer risk as BMI
Cancer  BMI  overweight  obesity  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  immune  system  sick  population 
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(638) I Knew Sugar Was Bad, But This Blew Me Away! - YouTube
the unmonitored, uninhibited growth of malignant cells is the problem.// Dr Michael Greger also connects immune system, and cancer as autoimmune disease.
Cancer  immune  system  Sugar  Meat  western  diet  standard  american  S.A.D.  obesity  overweight  insulin  diabetes  CVD  estrogen  IGF-1  cholesterol  oestrogen  Statins 
may 2017 by asterisk2a
Molecule link to diabetic kidney disease - BBC News
The protein, called P2X7R, plays an important role in inflammation and the immune system and has previously been linked to kidney diseases not associated with diabetes. // inflammation? CVD? no kidding. - // Pritikin w rice diet! need to add sugar, bc of too much protein for people w kidney disease.
chronic  low-grade  inflammation  CVD  lifestyle  diet  prevention  kidney  disease  obesity  diabetes  whole-food  plant-based  cancer  immune  system  sick  population  overweight  health  care  demand  big  pharma  premature  ageing  NHS 
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Sodium and Autoimmune Disease: Rubbing Salt in the Wound? - YouTube
Two ways in which salt may drive autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, type I diabetes, Sjögren’s syndrome, asthma, and rheumatoid arthritis.
Autoimmune  immune  system  inflammation  diet  western  standard  american  disease  chronic  sick  population 
april 2017 by asterisk2a
Sell high calorie foods in plain packaging to beat obesity, says Brain Prize winner | Science | The Guardian Peter Dayan, Ray Dolan and Wolfram Schultz share €1m neuroscience prize for work unravelling the brain’s reward system Selling high calorie foods in plain packaging could help in the battle against obesity according to a leading researcher who has won a share of the most lucrative prize in neuroscience for his work on the brain’s reward system. The colourful wrapping and attractive advertising of calorie-rich foods encourage people to buy items that put them at risk of overeating and becoming obese in the future, said Wolfram Schultz, a professor of neuroscience at the University of Cambridge. “We should not advertise, propagate or encourage the unnecessary ingestion of calories,” [ ... dopamine is released in anticipation of a reward, not just consumption of reward, thus seeing comfort food packaging and buying it, releases dopamine = walking into today's supermarket is dopamine rush for some, a high, irresistible, can not stop themselves from buying them 50/50 sugar/fat combos! ]
obesity  Tobacco  Alcohol  food–industrial  complex  lobby  multinational  conglomerate  UK  USA  Germany  European  Union  Advertising  overweight  chronic  inflammation  CVD  Cancer  premature  ageing  diabetes  death  NHS  health  care  demand  big  pharma  prevention  neuroscience  coping  mechanism  self-medication  reward  Consumerism  Drug  abuse  addiction  Sugar  Salt  Fat  whole-food  plant-based  western  diet  fast  food  standard  american  Tax  Theresa  May  David  Cameron  nanny  state  Tories  nasty  party  Conservative  childhood  parenthood  public  dopamine  system  Brain  self-regulation  Regulation  regulators 
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Caroline Wyatt: MS 'brain fog' lifted after stem cell treatment - BBC News
chemo w stem cell transpant to reboot a new immune system which does not attack the body - trials in uk w patients in wheelchair have been succesful. but chemo for stemcell transplant is one expensive and two risky (complications) (risk benefit analysis + and cost benefit analysis - thus NHS will ration treatments, only for extreme patient cases ie in wheelchair where support and treatment would be more expensive long-term keeping people in wheelchairs than a risky and expensive chemo and stemcell treatment)
Autoimmune  immune  system  disease  chronic  health  care  demand  medical  advances  multiple  sclerosis  public  inflammation  sick  population  NHS  NICE  rationing  Simon  Stevens  Jeremy  Hunt  diet  lifestyle  CVD  cancer  Diabetes 
february 2017 by asterisk2a
Border agents defy courts on Trump travel ban, congressmen and lawyers say | US news | The Guardian
“We have a constitutional crisis today,” representative Don Beyer wrote on Twitter. “Four members of Congress asked CBP officials to enforce a federal court order and were turned away.” &! 4 Ways Border Patrol Union’s Trump Endorsement Is Filled With Lies and Misinformation -
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  MuslimBan  CBP  USA  Justice  System  Democracy  separation  of  powers 
january 2017 by asterisk2a
Noam Chomsky: The US Health System Is an "International Scandal" -- and ACA Repeal Will Make It Worse
As for reasons, we can return to the more general question of social justice comparisons, but there are special reasons in the health care domain. To an unusual extent, the US health care system is privatized and unregulated. Insurance companies are in the business of making money, not providing health care, and when they undertake the latter, it is likely not to be in the best interests of patients or to be efficient. Administrative costs are far greater in the private component of the health care system than in Medicare, which itself suffers by having to work through the private system.
Medicaid  Medicare  ACA  Obamacare  health  insurance  Privatisation  NHS  care  system  for-profit  USA  public 
january 2017 by asterisk2a
New breast cancer vaccine ‘stops disease in its tracks’ - The Scotsman
The new treatment helped stimulate the immune systems of 80 per cent of women who took part in a clinical trial and almost one quarter of patients experienced tumour shrinkage, according to researchers from the US. However the jab proved most effective in the very earliest stages of the disease. The vaccine targets a molecule that cancer cells use to hide themselves from our natural defences.

Read more at:
cancer  immune  system  Autoimmune  disease 
january 2017 by asterisk2a
Optimistic women 'cut risk of deadly diseases' - BBC News
In a study of more than 70,000 women, optimists were less likely to get fatal cancer, heart disease, lung conditions and stroke in their retirement years.
Although some of the association is explained by healthier life choices and behaviours, experts believe a positive mental attitude is powerful in itself.
immune  system  well  being  mental  health  cancer  CVD 
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Sleep deprivation 'costs UK £40bn a year' - BBC News
Sleep-deprived workers are costing the UK economy £40bn a year and face a higher risk of death, says a new study.
The calculation is based on tired employees being less productive or absent from work altogether.
Research firm Rand Europe, which used data from 62,000 people, said the loss equated to 1.86% of economic growth.
The biggest impact was on health, with those sleeping less than six hours a night 13% more likely to die than those sleeping between seven and nine hours.
The study evaluated the economic cost of insufficient sleep in the UK, US, Canada, Germany and Japan.
sleep  chronic  stress  rat  race  sick  population  immune  system  public  health  care  demand  CVD  obesity  cancer 
november 2016 by asterisk2a
Monkeys show how low social standing could harm your health (From HeraldScotland)
[ status anxiety is making you sick ] Life at the bottom of the social ladder can be damaging to health - even for monkeys, research has shown.

A study of rhesus monkeys has revealed the stress of low social status can be damaging to the immune system of the animals. //&!
Poverty  working  poor  cancer  public  health  immune  system  stress  chronic  burnout  sick  population  capitalism  status  anxiety  rat  race  Selbstdarstellung  social  media  mental  Consumerism  consumerist  Consumer  inflammation  diabetes  CVD  Deprivation 
november 2016 by asterisk2a
Energy subsidies should focus on storage and cutting demand, MPs say - BBC News
The committee said the government should redesign the capacity market to encourage energy storage, which ranges from lithium batteries to pumping water uphill and releasing it through turbines when power is needed.
This technology could save billions of pounds for consumers, it said.
Ministers should also consider a subsidy system to speed up the deployment of storage, given its importance for storing and using power from renewable energy to make the most of the clean technology.
energy  policy  UK  Smart  Grid  underinvestment  infrastructure  investment  carbon  pollution  Hinkley  Point  C  greenhouse  gases  renewable  storage  system 
october 2016 by asterisk2a
The Role of Bovine Leukemia Virus in Breast Cancer |
As many as 37% of human breast cancer cases may be attributable to exposure to bovine leukemia virus.
cancer  breast  infections  immune  system  Autoimmune  Disease  public  health  sick  population 
october 2016 by asterisk2a
First face transplant patient Isabelle Dinoire dies in France - BBC News
But heavy use of immunosuppressant drugs weakened her and she succumbed to cancer in April at the age of 49, the BBC's Hugh Schofield in Paris says.
cancer  immune  system  autoimmune  disease 
september 2016 by asterisk2a
Gene Wilder death: Star of Willy Wonka dies aged 83 - BBC News
The two-time Oscar-nominated actor was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma in 1989.
Mr Wilder's nephew confirmed the actor died on Sunday in Stamford, Connecticut, due to complications from Alzheimer's disease.
premature  death  Alzheimer  dementia  Autoimmune  Disease  cancer  sick  population  immune  system 
august 2016 by asterisk2a
Atomenergy/Atommuell - "Gesellschaftspolitisch ist das ein gigantischer Griff ins Klo, diese Technologie!"

- "Gesellschaftspolitisch ist das ein gigantischer Griff ins Klo, diese Technologie!" - kein Endlager in sicht. Also plant man bis 2110, das irgenwie in eine sichere Halle abzustellen.
nuclear  power  nuclear  waste  Hinkley  Point  C  Germany  UK  France  renewable  energy  Smart  Grid  energy  storage  system 
july 2016 by asterisk2a
"Deutsche Bank Poses The Greatest Risk To The Global Financial System": IMF
via Keister Report - // a Italian banking crisis could topple them. that is why they (their economist) called for a EU bank bailout (shore up). //&! IMF Warns Of "Global Contagion" From Italy's Bank Crisis; Forecasts Two-Decade Long Recession - - [...] "Unless asset quality and profitability problems are addressed in a timely manner, lingering problems of weaker banks can eventually weigh on the rest of the system," //&! //&! Analyst Warns Deutsche Bank's Problems May Now Be "Insurmountable" - - [...] we believe DBK is still over 40x levered. [...] Seeking outside capital is also likely to be difficult as management would likely find it hard to offer any type of return on new capital invested. //&! its known balance sheet - - 1.74 trillion balance sheet!
Italy  Germany  derivatives  Deutsche  Bank  BuBa  BaFin  Wolfgang  Schäuble  Angela  Merkel  investment  banking  systemic  risk  systemicrisk  systemrelevant  systemrelevanz  European  Bank  Supervision  stresstest  contagion  repo  trust  sovereign  debt  crisis  PIGS  Greece  Brexit  non-performing  loan  zombie  banks  zombie  austerity  secular  stagnation  recession  ECB  MarioDraghi  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  hunt  for  yield  asset  allocation  distortion  OMT  LTRO  Basel  III  Basel3  leverage  banking  union  Bank  Oversight  banking  crisis  banking  system  interbank  lending  overnight  deposit  facility 
july 2016 by asterisk2a
'Civil war' in immune system can fight disease
The immune system can be trained to attack itself to reverse a devastating autoimmune disease, in animal studies.
US researchers treated Pemphigus vulgaris in mice by instigating civil war within the immune system, and say the approach could work in people.
Experts said the treatment, published in the journal Science, was creative and successful and they "loved it".
Autoimmune diseases result from the body's defences turning rogue and attacking healthy tissue.
autoimmune  disease  autoimmune  response  immune  system  Immunotherapy 
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