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John Ralston Saul: The Collapse of Globalism - YouTube
the source of legitimacy is economics and only one source/type of economic thinking // TTIP & Co erase governments! // globalisation hailed promises, empty promises. // the more they say its inevitable, the more you know its the way out. // bailout for one side of society, and austerity for the others // no shared economic interest !!! rootless tax evaders global corporations are not stakeholders in country X // where does the power go? decision and policy making? to those with money and influence and network! - thus not the citizens // "we are in a post-globalist world" really? why is there then TTIP? Austerity is currently taking over the vacuum! // neoliberalism pouted and propagandated by fear induced monologues by Career Politicians (GFC) // money has no moral limits nor conscience !!! // great moderation and unfettered globalisation & financial realm (masters of the universe) - Alan Greenspan & Ben Bernanke >> extremes (ideology) break down (GFC) // austerity doesn't work!
globalisation  globalization  economic  history  GFC  recovery  austerity  liberal  economic  reform  book  democracy  human  capital  deregulation  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  No  Representation  Career  Politicians  economic  model  trickle-down  economics  borderless  TTIP  flat  world  income  growth  western  world  Gini  coefficient  Consumer  Protection  CETA  NAFTA  USA  social  cohesion  social  contract  social  tension  crony  capitalism  Wall  Street  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  Davos  1%  Super  Rich  Thomas  Piketty  Robert  Reich  Joseph  Stiglitz  Paul  Krugman  bailout  too  big  to  jail  toobigtofail  TBTF  PIGS  IMF  Bank  education  policy  vocational  education  underinvestment  productive  investment  Industrial  Revolution  2.0  Future  of  Work  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  tax  code  stakeholder  Margaret  Thatcher  Angela  Merkel  David  Cameron  George  Osborne  neoliberal  neoliberalism  academia  academic  alangreenspan  Ben  Bernanke  benbernanke  Great  Moderation  zombie  banks  ideology  individuality  sociology  society  psychology  gesellschaft  western  society  capital  gains  self-regulation  regulation  regulators  Bank  Oversight  revolving  door 
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Economic policy: Paved with good intentions | The Economist
Although the debate [austerity] relates to the UK, I think it has a much wider resonance. And indeed, to a student of history, it has fascinating parallels; economic policy-making was rethought in the mid-1970s, but the same debates are popping up again. [...] Margaret Thatcher on ZIRP & QE "Let us print the money instead. Because what that is saying is let us quietly steal a cerain amount from every pound saved in building societies, in national savings, from every person who has been thrifty." [...] [ZIRP & QE is no free lunch - it has consequences, known and unknown, unintended.]
infrastructure  investment  monetary  policy  Margaret  Thatcher  Mark  Carney  Europe  reflation  zombie  banks  New  Normal  BOE  deflation  macroeconomics  macroeconomic  policy  QE  intellectual  fiscal  policy  free  lunch  UK  PIGS  debt  monetisation  Martin  Wolf  austerity  greatdepression  zombie  consumer  economic-thought  deleveraging  economics  debt  monetization  Richardkoo  liberal  economic  reform  IMF  GFC  output-gap  unintended  consequences  margaretthatcher  Troika  davidcameron  greatrecession  debtoverhang  economic  history  financial  repression  Super  Cycle  sovereign  debt  crisis  monetarism  ZIRP  demand-curve  PIIGS  fiscal  theory  supply-demand  MervynKing  GeorgeOsborne 
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