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NHS to offer mature students £5k to become mental health nurses | Society | The Guardian
Applications for undergraduate degree courses in nursing have plummeted by 32% since bursaries for student nurses were scrapped in England in 2016, despite warnings that the move would backfire. Applications from mature students to study mental health and disability nursing fell even more sharply – by 40% – between 2016 and this year. Interest has dwindled so dramatically that many universities are considering axing their specialist courses.
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Budget 2015: Student maintenance grants scrapped - BBC News
USA STYLE, no free education (~ we are all in it together, everyone is a stakeholder and pitches in, companies, people, pensioners, - to raise the added value one produces within an economy, over time - not so in USA, UK vs Germany - where people cry out loud that not enough qualified people exist to fill the economy needs and global demand for value added products, services, goods. IT IS ALSO A WAY TO REDUCE THE PUBLIC DEBT AND TRANSFER IT TO PRIVATE DEBT with higher interest payments = lower aggregate spending power in the future compared to lower interest rates serving it on the public books)! Load up on loans. // University maintenance grants 4 lower income students in England & Wales are 2be scrapped September 2016 [...] Student maintenance grants to be replaced with loans from 2016-17, to be paid back once people earn more than £21,000 a year. The maintenance loan will increase to £8,200. [will also affect mature students wanting to climb up the ladder].
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Marco Rubio Takes Mark Halperin to School - YouTube
min 4 - liberalising student loan's, making student loans a pure private entity. lol. what could go wrong? the small print. the "selling" of said in-transparent contracts. where in the USA, you can't default on your student loans - they are exempt from private bankruptcy proceedings.
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NorthernSparrow comments on Student loans have hit a record high of $1.2 trillion, putting a crimp in The American Dream of owning a home and starting a family. And it’s affecting the broader economy too.
But back then you could work hard and it would pay off for you; now you work just as hard and it doesn't. Also I had the freedom to choose a lower-paying career deliberately, a career that I found fascinating. I could only do that because I had no debt. I don't understand boomers who don't realize how lucky they were and how much it has changed.
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BBC News - Student loan sell-off 'won't change repayments'
The proportion of loans not repaid - for instance because graduates do not earn enough to reach the threshold for repayment - was at one stage forecast to be 28%, but is now running closer to 40%. Mr Willetts told MPs that the difference was because earnings had failed to increase at the level expected - which meant that repayment levels had also been reduced. The most recent official figures on student loans, grants and awards, from November 2013, show that two months into the 2013-14 academic year more than £11bn had been paid to more than 990,000 students. On average, for 2012-13, students borrowed a tuition fee loan of £4,720, which is likely to rise as more students at university pay the higher level of fees introduced in 2012. In addition, students on average borrowed £3,750 each in maintenance loans.
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▶ BBC Documentary: Who Gets the Best Jobs? - YouTube Internships (Work Experience) = Working for free can not many afford, the least can afford it. Internship gets u access to 'high barrier to entry' jobs that run a country, economy, the upper echelons of the economy. Add student loan + living expenses to get a compatible & competitive degree, which not everyone can afford. It's barrier after barrier. Add 'people you know', family connections as another barrier. Hourglass society; those have a education qualification (academic route) and those who have a vocational education (ie apprentice ship). 80's was the fork in the road (de-industrialization period of UK / start of globalization). In the UK ur earning power is determined 50% by what family you were born into (start in life) & the other by your work effort. Fairness & Aspiration go together. Scandinavia much better.
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BBC News - Fears over 40% fall in part-time students
t examines why part-time students have fallen by 40% in two years, equivalent to a reduction of 105,000. There are concerns that such part-time courses are necessary to provide the skills needed by industry. Sir Eric Thomas, who headed the review, said "something is going wrong". There has been widespread recognition of the economic importance of part-time courses in allowing adults to improve their skills.
skills  student  loan  debt  Career  Politicians  employment  squeezed  middle  class  GFC  complexity  StudentLoans  Higher  Education  unintended  consequences  consumer  debt  davidcameron  Bubble  policy  error  greatrecession  policy  folly  debtoverhang  economic  history  working  poor  stagflation  squeezed  middle  UK  income  mobility  austerity  middle  class  Part-Time  Students  household  debt  unknown  unkown  greatdepression  Part-Time  Study  Toff  deleveraging  social  mobility  GeorgeOsborne  studentdebt 
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Britische Mittelschicht-Kinder werden ärmer sein als Eltern - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Staatliche Förderung erreicht nur die Allerärmsten Dem "Observer" zufolge kommt die Studie zu dem Schluss, dass vor allem die Kinder der unteren Mittelklasse vom materiellen Abstieg bedroht seien. Ihre Eltern seien nicht arm genug, um die Kriterien für eine besondere Förderung durch den Staat zu erfüllen - aber auch nicht wohlhabend genug, um ihren Kindern ein sorgenfreies Leben zu garantieren. [...] Demnach sei es eine Kombination von erheblichen Schulden in Folge hoher Schul- und Studiengebühren, hoher Immobilienpreise und unsicherer Arbeitsverhältnisse.
Career  Politicians  employment  unemployment  squeezed  middle  class  Politics  public  policy  Higher  Education  formal  generationy  fiscal  stimulus  consumer  debt  Taxation  davidcameron  Student  Loan  Bubble  generational  change  policy  error  policy  folly  productivity  short-term  thinking  Super  Cycle  fiscal  policy  stagflation  working  poor  property  UK  income  mobility  child  poverty  youth  unemployment  Consumerism  austerity  middle  class  zombie  consumer  social  mobility  Toff  millenials  consumerist  GeorgeOsborne  inequality  studentdebt 
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danah boyd | apophenia » why I’m quitting Mendeley (and why my employer has nothing to do with it)
> Knowledge that is not proprietary - got to be free. < >> "Elsevier’s practices make me deeply deeply angry. While academic publishing as a whole is pretty flawed, Elsevier takes the most insidious practices further at each and every turn, always at the expense of those of us who are trying to produce, publish, and distribute research." +
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The Student Loan Bubble In 19 Simple Charts | ZeroHedge
Crummy politicians guaranteed mortgage debt which led via little conservatism and little oversight and governance into a property bubble, etc etc - the rest is history

The same has been in the making for over 2 decades now with student debt and grants ... a bubble that will burst eventually.

there is now at least $122 billion in federal student loan defaults. And surging every day.

Ladies and gentlemen: meet the new subprime.
NPL  subprime  governance  lobby  oversight  lostgeneration  government  USA  Student  Loan  Bubble  debt  education  education  college  university  un-college  studentdebt  debt  StudentLoans 
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Higher education: The college-cost calamity | The Economist
A crisis in higher education has been brewing for years. Universities have been spending like students in a bar who think a Rockefeller will pick up the tab.

Universities hope that vast investments will help them attract the best staff and students, draw in research grants and donations, and ultimately boost their ranking in league tables, drawing in yet more talent and money. They have also increased the proportion of outlays gobbled up by administrators.

To pay for all this, universities have been enrolling more students and jacking up their fees. The average cost of college per student has risen by three times the rate of inflation since 1983. The cost of tuition alone has soared from 23% of median annual earnings in 2001 to 38% in 2010. Such increases plainly cannot continue.

Book: Glenn Reynolds “The Higher Education Bubble”

people start asking whether a degree in religious and women’s studies is worth the $100,000 debt incurred to pay for it.
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The Next Economic Crisis: Student Debt - YouTube
Student debt in the US now totals over $1 trillion, more than all credit card debt combined.
debt  moralhazard  social  mobility  education  2012  debtoverhang  USA  student  loan  debt  debt  bubble  studentdebt  StudentLoans 
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Court raps Cable over his £9,000 tuition charges that fail to comply with equality rules | Mail Online
Lawyers acting for Mr Hurley, from Peterborough, and Miss Moore, from Brixton, South London, had argued the tripling of fees breached human rights and equality laws.
They said the scale of the increase – from £3,290 a year to £9,000 – ran counter to the right to an education and was likely to deter poorer students.

They also claimed higher fees would discriminate against women, disabled people and ethnic minority graduates, whose lifetime earnings tend to be lower.
The judges accepted it was likely that higher fees would put off some applicants but said it was too soon to tell.

Speaking outside court, Miss Moore said: ‘For the court to recognise the Government’s actions as unlawful is a great achievement.
‘It shows it is possible to challenge decisions made by our government that have damaging effects on the future of our society.’
equality  2012  2011  folly  policy  policy-makers  politics  inequality  bubble  studentdebt  tuition  university  education  UK 
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Earth to Academia: Student Loan Debt is Mounting - And It's Unethical. - YouTube
The average student graduates with $23,000 in debt. "That's a lot of debt for a 22-year-old," says Michael Ellsberg - and when you combine it with astronomical rates of unemployment rates, you have a crisis on your hands.
StudentLoans  USA  bubble  education  debt  ethical  ethics  studentdebt  risk  risk-management  fraud  higher 
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College Graduates Facing Mounting Debt, Rising Unemployment - Real Time Economics - WSJ
The nonprofit reports that average debt for college seniors who graduated with loans in 2008 rose to $23,200 in 2008, up from $18,650 in 2004. Roughly two-thirds of students graduate with student loans, government surveys show.

Lauren Asher, president of the Project on Student Debt and co-author of the paper, says the growing debts show a “systemic change in the way our higher education system is financed.”
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