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#TOA15: "Enabling Rapid Growth, a CFO’s Perspective" with Lee Kirkpatrick (Twilio) - YouTube
what got u to here, will kill u as u grow larger & larger (the usual (anecdotally) start-up chaos/shit-show will suck the life out of growth/co potential later on, need 2 build foundation/base/pillars/structure in form of CFO/COO/board/HR & some kind of processes 2 follow. so ppl dont have/will reinvent the wheel again. when? u probably will know it when u see it, but still can ask seasoned people who have been through it &/or ask 4 connections though ur VC. // keep being frugal, where possible. Amazon is still being know 2 be frugal. Door desks are still alive in Seattle Offices. No perks like Google/FB. Amazon made always losses, still makes losses via e-commerce unit. Had 2 be frugal otherwise it would actually been dead long ago. // Keep things in place that help/enable 2 grow! customer obsession (inventing in the name of the customer), response, service, keep adding value/value creation. // PLAY 2 WIN! FIGURE IT OUT as u go along around ur values!
Start-Up  advice  Start-Up  lesson  CFO  CEO  Founders  co-founders  scaling  bootstraped  bootstrapping  bootstrapped  Frugal  organizational  behavior  organizational  structure  corporate  values  corporate  culture 
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Facebook wants to narrow the inequality gap between its technical and non-technical workers | PandoDaily
Facebook is advocating for higher wages, paid time off, and other benefits for many of the non-technical workers it hires through independent contractors. [...] This news follows increasing unrest about how tech companies, which are known for offering many of their employees ridiculous benefits and high pay, treat the workers who don’t write a line of code but still help the business run. [...] Yet the Journal notes that these benefits pale in comparison to those offered to the company’s technical workers, who receive better pay, more vacation time, and $4,000 in “baby cash” on top of their paid parental leave. The gap might be shrinking, but it’s still more like the Grand Canyon than an itty-bitty schism. [ aka a gesture and PR ]
Facebook  contractor  human  capital  cost  center  corporate  values  corporate  governance  corporate  structure  tax  avoidance  tax  evasion  Wall  Street  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  working  poor  precarious  work  Precariat  Leiharbeit  Zeitarbeit  contract  Zero  Hour  self-employment  1099  Economy  Werkvertrag  Lohnkosten  Services  Industry  Service  Sector  Jobs  Niedriglohnsektor  USA  UK  Mark  Zuckerberg  Silicon  Valley  working  condition  uncertainty 
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[PreMoney MIAMI] Upfront Ventures, Mark Suster, "Venture Outlook 2015 - Goldrush or Fool's Gold" - YouTube
(1) Change from Sales Funnel to Funnel of Intent on Mobile and Social Media. Lower Marketing/Early user acquisition cost at scale. And tap to credit cards to with one click through third party Platforms. And also Open Source Software Stacks and buying 'by time' the hardware stack on Google, AWS or Azure is paradigm shift. Results also in noise one has to break through first - raising the bar (by user choice) for everyone. (2) min10 - Value Creation held inside Private Market through growth & late-stage investing instead of IPO with single-class share structure with wobbily business numbers 'help you god that you aren't out 24m later' because of impatient Wall Street. (3) min14 Series D valuations show Private Market highest bidder wins phenomenon. But Valuations are up across the board. And with more Seed/Angel Investors, Seed Valuations are also bid up higher compared to ABC. // &! min29 - 500 Startups, Dave McClure "4 Years of Moneyball - What Have We Learned"
Silicon  Valley  Seed  Round  A  Round  growth  Venture  Capital  Sales  Funnel  Funnel  of  Intent  mobile  first  mobile  homescreen  mobile  phone  Social  Media  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  hunt  for  yield  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  secular  stagnation  productive  investment  Private  Market  Platform  TOS  2000  bubble  2008  IPO  Wall  Street  single-class  share  structure  SPV  short-term  thinking  short-term  view  Hedge  Fund  Mutual  Fund  Private  Equity  late-stage  funding  Unicorn  seedround  seedfunding  angelinvestor  angel-list  Angel  Investor  angelinvestors  incomplete  information  complexity  unintended  consequences  Dave  McClure  Mark  Suster  UpFront  Ventures  500  Start-ups  paradigm  shift 
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Marc Andreessen on innovation and diversity | Fortune - YouTube
Public Market became cautious '14/'15: oil price slump + China + Russia + secular stagnation of the west in general (productivity gap & output gap), Abenomics, negative bond yields for gov debt and nearly 0 for corporate AAA debt, deflationary pressures in UK (0% inflation last 2 quarters), Europe (steady decline of M3 & issuance of new debt), & USA (with deflationary pressures as well). macroeconomic indicators do signal caution, because despite all the efforts (throwing the bathtub at the problem; ECB installing negative yield 4 overnight bank deposits with them) from central banks (NIRP, QE, POMO & other policies), the economic engine of the world & the west is still not going into 3rd or higher. // & Andreesen's argument, against, that tech is in bubblish territory, is, that in comparison with '99/'00 & the Public Markets current caution; (re-)investment (GOOG 11bn '14) & share buybacks (IBM, MSFT) schemes & dividends payout dwarf VC & growth rounds in tech by several magnitudes.
2015  IPO  M&A  Wall  Street  shareholder  shareholder  value  Silicon  Valley  bubbles  equity  bubble  bond  bubble  recovery  GFC  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  BOE  BOJ  Abenomics  ECB  Fed  Public  Market  Private  Market  hunt  for  yield  single-class  share  structure  Marc  Andreessen  Venture  Capital  Unicorn  economic  history  macroeconomics  debt  bubble  secular  stagnation  demographic  bubble  speculative  bubbles  behavioral  economics  behavioral  finance  distortion  sovereign  debt  crisis  zombie  corporations  zombie  banks  zombie  consumer  Super  Cycle  debt  monetisation  debt  monetization  deleveraging  debtoverhang  balance  sheet  recession 
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Careful what you wish against: Silicon Valley just rolled out a red carpet to government regulation | PandoDaily
I never thought I’d write these words: Sometimes the public markets is the best thing that can happen to a hot company. [...] Today, Uber running a different playbook than even Facebook. First, it has controlled access to liquidity much more than Facebook ever did. But, by contrast, the company’s access to capital has been an exaggeration of Facebook’s already prodigious fundraising path. Uber has wholly embraced the notion of raising gargantuan amounts of money at jaw-dropping late stage valuations as an avenue to put off an IPO, seemingly indefinitely if it wants. That should suit a CEO like Uber’s Travis Kalanick who bristles at anyone telling him how to do his job and hates government regulation. Importantly, Uber is the first unicorn of the mobile-first era. [...] Uber’s investors have exerted no pressure on the Valley darling. [...] Reckless disregard for customers.
Secondary  Market  IPO  Facebook  Google  Uber  hunt  for  yield  unintended  consequences  dual  stock  structure  Travis  Kalanick  oversight  corporate  governance  corporate  values  corporate  culture  accountability  regulators  self-regulation  regulation  utility  public  utility  public  transportation  mobile  first  mobile  homescreen  Venture  Capital  Patriarchy  ethical  machine  moral  beliefs  crony  capitalism  distortion  Hype  Cycle  Whisper  Secret  user  data  Internet  Privacy  Privacy  TOS  Platform  history 
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At Alibaba, the Founder Is Squarely in Charge -
Alibaba, a company started out of Mr. Ma’s apartment in 1999, is now a technology colossus worth more than American stalwarts like eBay and Hewlett-Packard. Under his leadership, Alibaba has become not just the dominant force in China’s e-commerce but also a symbol of the country’s breathtaking economic rise. The company has 250 million active buyers in China, and its orders account for more than 60 percent of all package deliveries in China. [... Discussing the business structure ie Cayman Island entity & V.I.E. and risks for shareholders ...] +++ Most members of the group declined to comment. In an interview, Mr. Shen defended such deals, explaining that Mr. Ma had formed a circle of trust, something common in Chinese business. +++ Analysts say that forging alliances with the government is a vital part of doing business in China. Companies see it as a way to improve their chances of securing approvals and licenses. +++
Alibaba  China  e-commerce  ecommerce  commodity  business  commoditization  Jack  Ma  Amazon  scale  scaling  IPO  Taobao  AliPay  Jerry  Yang  Yahoo!  SoftBank  transparency  accountability  ownership  structure 
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Communities Learn the Good Life Can Be a Killer -
Developers in the last half-century called it progress when they built homes and shopping malls far from city centers throughout the country, sounding the death knell for many downtowns. But now an alarmed cadre of public health experts say these expanded metropolitan areas have had a far more serious impact on the people who live there by creating vehicle-dependent environments that foster obesity, poor health, social isolation, excessive stress and depression.

In a healthy environment, he said, “people who are young, elderly, sick or poor can meet their life needs without getting in a car,” which means creating places where it is safe and enjoyable to walk, bike, take in nature and socialize.

Further information on healthier communities can be found at
health  lifehacks  life-style  life  public  community  structure  environment  living  environment  social  living  public  health  society  city  urban  planning  Urbanisation  suburbs 
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Jobless Rate Points to Lost Power in Work Force - Economic Scene -
Just consider the main measure of corporate health: profits. In Canada, Japan and most of Europe, corporate profits have still not recovered to precrisis levels. In the United States, profits have more than recovered, rising 12 percent since late 2007.
For corporate America, the Great Recession is over. For the American work force, it’s not.
Unfortunately, fixing the job market will take years. Even if job growth accelerated to the rapid pace of the late 1990s and remained there, the unemployment rate would not fall below 6 percent (which some economists consider full employment) until 2016. We could now be in only the first half of the longest stretch of high unemployment since World War II.
unemployment  USA  2010  2011  2012  economy  regulation  structure  outlook 
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China Pledges to Change Growth Model in 2011, Tackle Prices, Grow Quickly - Bloomberg
In 2011, the main tasks will include strengthening macro-economic controls; ensuring the supply of agricultural goods; altering the growth model; improving basic public services; and continuing to “open up” and promote global cooperation, the report said.

shift from dependence on investment in industry and exports to bolstering private consumption and service industries, a move that could also aid the world economy. The nation is tightening monetary policy to cool inflation that accelerated to 5.1 percent in November, the fastest pace in 28 months.
“The top concern for the government next year will be to contain inflation, stabilize growth and spur consumption,” Lu Zhengwei, a Shanghai-based economist with Industrial Bank Co., said before today’s announcement.

The central bank raised lenders’ reserve requirements on Dec. 10 as part of efforts to tame liquidity and cool prices. The government will “further prioritize overall price stability,” Xinhua reported today.
china  economics  economy  2010  2011  five-year-plan  planning  structure  change  price  stability  PBoC 
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Op-Ed Columnist - Structure of Excuses -
What can be done about mass unemployment? All the wise heads agree: there are no quick or easy answers. There is work to be done, but workers aren’t ready to do it — they’re in the wrong places, or they have the wrong skills. Our problems are “structural,” and will take many years to solve.
unemployment  usa  2010  structure  greatrecession  greatdepression  paulkrugman 
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The future of Europe: Staring into the abyss | The Economist
While still grumbling about unfounded rumours in financial markets (and he has a point), a more realistic Mr Zapatero argued: “There is nothing better than transparency to demonstrate solvency.”

Mr Zapatero reversed course, announcing civil-service pay cuts and other austerity measures. He unveiled a (modest) plan to ease Spain’s rigid labour laws, which make older workers almost unsackable, leaving young and immigrant workers on temporary contracts to take the pain when Spain’s property-led boom turned to bust. At 40%, youth unemployment in Spain is not just high; it is a moral indictment of an entire system.

Between 2005 and 2030 the working-age population of the European Union will shrink by 20m, and the number of those over 65 will increase by 40m.
Europe draws the right lessons from this crisis. An open, flexible, competitive EU offers Europeans the best chance of confronting globalisation.
Big choices loom.
Europe  EMU  june  july  2010  transparency  EuropeanCommission  europeanunion  eurozone  spain  aging  demographics  pension  structure  demography  greece  PIIGS  germany  france 
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Chinas Textilindustrie: Am seidenen Faden - Wirtschaftspolitik - Wirtschaft - FAZ.NET
„Wir hören von den Chinesen immer öfter: Für euch im Westen machen wir doch nicht mehr den billigen Jakob“, „Jeder in der Branche versucht im Moment, Produktion aus China in Länder wie Indonesien, Vietnam oder Bangladesch zu verlagern“, fügt er an.

Die deutsche Industrie habe an den Handel schon das Signal gesendet, dass die Preise spätestens zum Frühjahr 2011 um 10 Prozent steigen werden. Da der Handel gewöhnlich mit einem Faktor von 1,5 bis 1,8 kalkuliere, müsse der Anzug- oder Hemdenkäufer also spätestens im Frühjahr knapp 20 Prozent mehr bezahlen.

„Zieht man aber heute einen Auftrag zurück, scheint das hier keinen mehr zu scheren: Die Hersteller antworten nur, dass sie dann eben für heimischen Kunden arbeiten“, sagt Bezner.

Ökonomen Streiks und die stark steigenden Preise in der Textilfertigung als Ausdruck eines tiefgreifenden Strukturwandels China
china  export  economy  2010  2011  change  structure  usa  2012  trends  future 
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The Cost Of The Upcoming Second Bailout: Democracy Itself | zero hedge
Mr Strauss-Khan said that the old paradigm of growth generation based on households in the US was dead. The future sources of growth and the recovery will "depend on a new balance between the US and deficit countries on one hand and emerging markets and surplus countries on the other".
deficit  tradedeficit  usa  2009  2010  economy  structure  restructuring  recession  debt  bailout  mainstreet 
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The List of N Things
I bet you the current issue of Cosmopolitan has an article whose title begins with a number. "7 Things He Won't Tell You about Sex," or something like that. Some popular magazines feature articles of this type on the cover of every issue. That can't be happening by accident. Editors must know they attract readers.

Why do readers like the list of n things so much? Mainly because it's easier to read than a regular article. [1] Structurally, the list of n things is a degenerate case of essay. An essay can go anywhere the writer wants. In a list of n things the writer agrees to constrain himself to a collection of points of roughly equal importance, and he tells the reader explicitly what they are.
writing  essay  communication  psychology  essays  rhetoric  paulgraham  lists  list  structure  business  presentation 
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