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SharesPost Report Values Twitter At $750 Million
And the report confirms that most Twitter users are passive readers rather than active posters. As I’ve long suspected, people on Twitter tend to consume more than they Tweet. About 68 percent of users login at least once a month, but only 17 percent Tweet. (Although, they do tend to start Tweeting more once they’ve been on the service for 9 months or longer).
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How Blogging Has Changed Over The Last 3 Years (Stats)
People are worried that the real-time web will destroy their readership as everyone just gets distracted by the newest shiny thing on Twitter, but the numbers show something very different. It's so easy to spread information now that it lasts longer and finds more niches - this trend is helping content travel further."
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Twitter Data Analysis: An Investor’s Perspective
Our sample data set showed that less than 0.02% of Twitter users have sent more than 3,200 tweets.
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