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Sports Direct shares dive after results chaos | Business | The Guardian
David Cumming, the chief investment officer for equities and head of UK equities at Aviva Investors, told the BBC on Monday: “Sports Direct is almost a case study in failed corporate governance.” He said Ashley “has obviously got retail talent – or had retail talent”, but the firm had “lost its way”.

Justin Urquhart Stewart, a fund manager at Seven Investment Management, said the delayed publication of the results was “frankly a pathetic way to run a business”.

In the annual results, Ashley warned that the state of House of Fraser, which his company bought out of administration last year, had created “significant uncertainty” as to the future profitability of the entire group. He warned of further store closures at House of Fraser and said he regretted the acquisition.

The billionaire retail tycoon has gone on a buying spree in the past 18 months, with Sports Direct also acquiring Evans Cycles, and Game Digital.
Sports  Direct  UK  governance  self-regulation  regulation  regulators  accounting 
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Chael Sonnen exposes Ronda Rousey' skills: 'It's not real, it was media fixation, they created that' - YouTube
UFC was forming weight class w Ronda Rousey the one to beat. + marketability hype on side of UFC. It was only a matter of time and caliber opponents to expose her weaknesses.
UFC  female  sports  athlete  business  of  sport 
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Isobel Pooley: My job is a lifestyle, not a career - BBC Sport
My job as a full-time athlete is far more immersive than a normal nine-to-five job - it's an entire lifestyle. My sporting ambitions shape almost every decision as I strive to build and maintain the ultimate physique for jumping high. It's my responsibility to nurture, protect and respect my body so that it can reward me with world-class performances. However, an equally vital aspect that often gets overlooked is the mental and emotional excellence required in order to truly fulfil one's potential. //&! Eating consistently lower-calorie, nutrient-packed meals -
elite  sports  sport  psychology  business  of  sport  professional  sport  Food  Politics 
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▶ BBC Radio 5 live - In Short, Cram: We are all to blame for Russian doping
Former world champion Steve Cram believes all those involved in athletics are to blame for the doping scandal in the sport in Russia. A World Anti-Doping Agency commission report has accused Russia of running a “state-sponsored” doping programme. Russia has said it is “fully committed to the fight against doping in sport." Cram said: “We are all complicit, we are all to blame. We know what’s being going on.” //&! WADA report author: 'My sadness over report findings' - - evidence of cheating, drug abuse, cover-ups and extortion throughout the sport in the country. //&! "Long road to redemption." Lord Coe: I’m determined to rebuild trust in athletics - //&! NIETZSCHE ON: The Superman - & Losers and Tragic Heroes -
WADA  Russia  Doping  Opfer  IOC  IAAF  UCI  corporate  scandal  Olympics  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  crony  capitalism  capitalism  Anti-Doping  Doping  China  FIFA  Soccer  World  Cup  business  of  sport  elite  sports  elite  athlete  DFB  corruption  bribery  profiteer  marketing  advertising  advertisement  Entertainment  Escapeism  trust  trustagent  distrust  Wertegesellschaft  sociology  celebrity  culture 
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The Program.
Zwiespalt zwischen medialer und gelebter Realität seiner Protagonisten. [...] Je weiter der Film in der Erzählung vorankommt, desto mehr verfällt Armstrong seinem eigenen Lügengebäude, seiner perfekten Heldengeschichte. [ case of isolation as with people on Social Media and B, C, D Celebrity types ] [...] The Program erzählt aber nicht nur eine Parabel über den schönen Schein im Sport und über die Heldenverehrung und -gläubigkeit der Millionen Zuschauer. Der Film variiert zugleich auch ein uramerikanisches Thema: Die Lüge ist fundamentaler Teil des American Dream, und der Mythos vom Comeback (was im Grunde auch die Urgeschichte des Sports ist) und der Traum von der Unbesiegbarkeit gehören dazu. //&! Nietzsche on: The Superman - "carving their own path [] suffering as a neccesary component of good things. [] who we would like to evolve into [] super-version [] refine our own ambitions" //&! aspirational 'one fucker that broke out of the system rigged against us.'
Social  Media  business  of  sport  Entertainment  Industry  Entertainment  Hollywood  elite  athlete  elite  sports  24-hour  news  cycle  marketing  advertisement  advertising  Positioning  spin  doctor  PR  reframing  framing  Nike  adidas  Selbstdarstellung  celebrity  culture  celebrity  of  You  status  symbol  status  anxiety  socioeconomic  status  status  Success  zombie  consumer  consumerist  consumerism  Olympics  Soccer  World  Cup  identity  national  interest  national  identity  identification  manipulation  message  Millennials  attention  span  attention  distraction  Dopamine  Serotonin  sociology  Gesellschaft  Wertegesellschaft  Wegwerfgesellschaft  society  psychology  storytelling  American  Dream  Comeback  The  Content  Wars  Hero  elite  sport  Superman  aspirational  ambition  Zivilcourage  courage  civil  courage  manufactured  consent  corporate  corporate  state 
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Jürgen Klopp is a modernising force in the mould of Arsène Wenger | Barney Ronay | Football | The Guardian
Welcome, Jürgen! Just don’t bother talking to the natives. Because the fact is for all its commercial triumphs the Premier League remains robustly anti-intellectual, a product with plenty of sound and fury but little in the way of innovation. No significant tactical model has ever emerged here, no way of playing beyond the successfully reeled-in power football of the years 2005-2011. Not that Klopp comes across as a notable pointy-head. An article by James Corbett in the Blizzard magazine recently identified him as part of a group of coaches from the south-west of Germany with “a highly innovative philosophy” based on the ideas of one Helmut Gross, a man who once spent so long holed up with Ralf Rangnick watching Sacchi videos the VCR machine wore out. [...] Either way somebody take some notes. Give him time. Let’s not blow this one, eh? &! "Soccer is about the fans. We have to entertain them." &! missed in translation "Ordinary one." &!
Jürgen  Klopp  elite  sports  Soccer  World  Cup  business  of  sport  Premier  League  elite  athlete  DFB  Sponsoring  merchandise  brand  awareness  Branding 
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'Amateur Armstrongs' Fuel Illegal Steroid Boom - YouTube
BBC Panorama also reported about micro dosage doping in amateur sport, impossible to detect. // min 5:30 insulin, able to eat more. insulin is anabolic. what creates bigger insulin response than grains (whole food)? meat. animal protein. // min 12 - huge turnover of customer base. the quick fix. // 15:40 there is no national (and international) political will (career politicians) to create a national anti-doping information network (or European) to share intelligence and coordinate. justice, police, customs, politics. nobody solely responsible. --- vs --- the War on Drugs! policies. // Its about public awareness! Perception! Reflective of society being guillble that there is always a quick fix for your problems. Without hard word and persistence. // Underground counterfeit drug/PED market is greatest risk to public health. // ELITE SPORTS IS BUSINESS! - - talked lots about it. Docu Bigger Stronger Faster --- "ITS A DRUG CULTURE" in sports & society at large!
Doping  amateur  amateur  sports  bigorexia  muscle  dysmorphia  insulin  insulin  resistance  pre-diabetic  diabetes  metabolic  syndrome  USADA  WADA  IOC  Olympics  national  identity  national  interest  Soccer  World  Cup  FIFA  elite  sports  professional  sport  Career  Politicians  War  on  Drugs  PED  public  awareness  public  perception  Gesellschaft  substance  abuse  society 
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Lance Armstrong Oprah Confession Interview Reaction - YouTube
- believing in the unbelievable. feel good factor. storytelling. makes great headline. ... vs ... gullible. // Nadal Facial Expression - Body Language about Drugs - // LieStrong - Lance Armstrong's Body Language Decoded -
Lance  Armstrong  lancearmstrong  doping  PED  Olympics  IOC  UCI  crony  capitalism  bribery  USADA  WADA  capitalism  Entertainment  Industry  elite  sports  elite  athlete  character  Entertainment  Sponsoring  Tennis 
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Inside Bayern Munich: Business of Sport Special - YouTube
brand awareness advertising/marketing (mass eyeballs.pageviews) - vs - user experience, engagement, empowerment, remix use, word of mouth, shared experience, sharing, social media, customer acquisition, net promoter score, )
business  of  sport  soccer  World  Cup  FIFA  UEFA  Premier  League  DFB  elite  sports  elite  athlete  IOC  doping  capitalism  brand  awareness  marketing  advertisement  advertising  TV  pageviews  eyeballs  user  engagement  customer  empowerment  customer  experience  customer  acquisition  user  experience  user  acquisition  user  churn  Gary  Vaynerchuk 
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Only sexism and racism can explain why Serena Williams doesn’t earn more in endorsements - Quartz
Marc Bain on why Serena Williams doesn’t earn more in endorsements. “This gap has no logical explanation, except for long-held prejudices about female sports stars and how people feel they should look… [A]nother woman, Maria Sharapova, also earns significantly more, and it’s likely because she’s willowy, white, and blonde.” // &! &!
everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  gender-based  discrimination  misogyny  Misogynie  straight  white  male  white  male  privilege  male  privilege  elite  sports  elite  athlete  prejudice  post-racial  America  racial  discrimination  social  discrimination  discrimination  Serena  Williams  Entertainment  Industry  Hollywood  gender  policing  gender  politics  gender  pay  gap  gender  equality  gender  inequality 
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What to Make of Amazon's Work Practices? | Bothsides of the Table
It’s best encapsulated in a famous Jeff Bezos quote, “You can work long, hard or smart, but at you can’t choose two out of three,” [...] Try working at Goldman Sachs, [...] You think it’s different at any of the top consulting firms? [...] You see organizations like these thrive on large pools of some of the country’s best and brightest graduates that trade off 2-5 years of work experience under extreme pressure in exchange for skills, experiences & relationships that will last a lifetime. [Accelerated Learning] [...] Think its a cake walk working @ any of the countries top law firms? [...] Should we do an article on what it’s like to be a medical resident? How abt working in the US military? Chief of Staff for a major political figure? What abt a top athlete in the NFL or NBA or even part of the coaching staff. Think they dont have work/life balance challenges in a field theyve chosen to work in? [#Top 100 of X vs avg white- or blue-collar worker ] [what u optimize for?]
Silicon  Valley  Amazon  Jeff  Bezos  HR  human  resources  hiring  recruiting  recruitment  people  management  team  management  corporate  culture  corporate  values  Start-up  Start-up  of  You  career  advice  career  ladder  accelerated  learning  White-collar  Worker  average  Failure  Blue-collar  Worker  Workers  Union  benefits  perks  Google  Microsoft  beyond  workplace  drama  workplace  work  environment  environment  SME  SMB  Germany  culture  work  life  balance  well  being  chronic  stress  happiness  index  elite  athlete  elite  sports  war  for  talent  ID  Tour  of  Duty  Reed  Hastings  Netflix  Reid  Hoffman  linkedin  Intel  Apple  life  lesson  life  hacker  Gary  Vaynerchuk  Hustle  advice  lesson  4-day  work  week  TeamTreehouse  Ryan  Carson  Facebook  Twitter  Dick  Costolo  productivity  focused  Focus  execution  entrepreneurship  Founders  Success  competitive  competition  competitiveness  knowledge 
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Fußball-Bundesliga: So gehen die Klubs mit Investoren um - SPIEGEL ONLINE
the business of sport. // and illiquid special diverse investment for those who have to big change available and the taste for that kind of risk/gamble. can manage only so much. and buy players. but you can't buy success outright. it's a long-term passion investment. even if its by a company (title sponsor)
DFB  soccer  elite  athlete  elite  sports 
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How science is fine-tuning our elite footballers | Football | The Guardian
the business of sport // In February, football’s lawmakers approved the analysis of a player’s performance during live matches, via a tracking device in the shirt. So what impact will this have on a player’s health, game management – and the half-time team talk?
quantified  self  elite  athlete  elite  sports 
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Marcell Jansen kontert Völler: "Ich habe das Fußball-Geschäft nie geliebt" - SPIEGEL ONLINE
the business of (elite) sport. // Er liebt ihn, er liebt ihn nicht: Marcell Jansen hat sich nach der scharfen Kritik von Rudi Völler erneut zu Wort gemeldet. Er liebe den Fußball, aber nicht das Fußball-Geschäft, stellte der ehemalige Nationalspieler klar.
DFB  soccer  elite  sports  elite  athlete 
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BBC Sport - Leaked IAAF doping files: Wada 'very alarmed' by allegations
The business of (elite) sport $$$ over legacy. Needs legislation as well as regulation of compensation because of (1) lost income & (2) lost business by sponsors. // "Wada [...] was "very disturbed by these new allegations... which will, once again, shake the foundation of clean athletes worldwide". The files belong to world governing body the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), but have been leaked by a whistle-blower. The Sunday Times and ARD/WRD used two of the world's "foremost anti-doping experts", scientists Robin Parisotto and Michael Ashenden, to review the data. [...] Athletes are increasingly using blood transfusions and EPO micro-doses to boost the red cell count. [...] the files show that athletics is now in the same "diabolical position" as cycling during the Lance Armstrong era. He said it was "a shameful betrayal of [the IAAF's] primary duty to police their sport ..." &! &! 'there are no amateur dopers at work'
WADA  USADA  elite  sports  elite  athlete  Anti-Doping  Anti-Doping-Gesetz  Doping  Opfer  Anti-Doping-Law  IAAF  corruption  bribery  IOC  FIFA  UEFA  DFB  NFL  NBA  NCAA  MBL  Soccer  World  Cup  Soccer  UCI  medical  advances  science  FINA  biological  passport  Thomas  Bach 
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Michael Platini: Ein Kandidat für die Fifa, nicht für den Fußball - Kommentar - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Michel Platini will neuer Fifa-Chef werden. Doch der Uefa-Boss ist ein Zögling des umstrittenen Amtsinhabers Joseph Blatter - und er steht für eine der größten Fehlentscheidungen des Fußballweltverbands. // &! - Einst profitierte Michel Platini vom System Joseph Blatters, nun soll er den Fifa-Präsidenten beerben. Im Hintergrund jedoch lenkt ein Scheich die Wahlen der Sportwelt und setzt seine Leute ein - auch bei der Fifa. [...] Zudem ist die Uefa nicht besser als die Fifa. Platini hat sich offenbar mit seinem Vertrauten Wolfgang Niersbach, dem DFB-Präsidenten, über die Europameisterschaft 2024 in Deutschland und über Niersbachs neue Rolle als Uefa-Chef verständigt. Niersbach, der vor zwei Jahren noch dringende Fifa-Reformen im Rahmen der Uefa mit seiner Unterschrift verhinderte, präsentiert jetzt als Lösung, was er damals ablehnte. Es ist ein abgekartetes Spiel. [...] [ Emir Tamim Bin Hamas Al-Thani, Qatars IOC Official 'supports' Platini, 2 keep 2022 games in Qatar. ]
Michael  Platini  FIFA  UEFA  Soccer  World  Cup  IOC  nepotism  Qatar  2022  Emir  Tamim  Bin  Hamas  Al-Thani  Ahmad  Al-Fahad  Al-Sabah  elite  sports  Olympics  corruption  bribery  money  laundering 
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Bastian Schweinsteiger: Der Wechsel nach Manchester ist logisch - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Mit Bastian Schweinsteiger geht eine Identifikationsfigur der Bayern-Fans. Doch für den Verein ist der Abgang vor allem Kalkül: Treue ist keine maßgebliche Kategorie mehr. Nur Erfolg zählt.
elite  sports  elite  athlete  FC  Bayern  fcbayern  Soccer  sport  psychology 
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Financial Fairplay im Fußball: Was die Änderungen der Uefa bedeuten - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Es gilt als Prestigeprojekt von Uefa-Chef Michel Platini: Das Financial Fairplay soll Fußballklubs zu wirtschaftlicher Vernunft zwingen. Doch der Verband hat das Konzept jetzt so weit aufgeweicht, dass es keinen Sinn mehr macht. [...] Doch am Dienstag präsentierte die Uefa Änderungen, die das Financial Fairplay derart aufweichen, dass es kaum noch Konsequenzen geben dürfte. Das Prestigeprojekt von Verbandschef Michel Platini wird zur Luftnummer. "Die Aufweichung bedeutet vermutlich das Ende für das Financial Fairplay", sagt Henning Vöpel, Direktor am Hamburgischen Weltwirtschaftsinstitut (HWWI).
UEFA  FIFA  elite  sports  elite  athlete  capitalism  marketing  Soccer  Sponsoring 
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Alberto Salazar's response: What questions remain? - BBC News
Salazar has demanded the BBC retracts its allegations. The BBC says it stands by the journalism in the programme. Within two hours of his open letter going online, it was reported that the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) had been investigating allegations that Salazar had skirted anti-doping rules. The reports suggested USADA had taken statements from more than 12 witnesses. The BBC now understands that at least six former Oregon Project members have been contacted by USADA in the past month, and that an inquiry into Salazar is being led by chief USADA investigator Bill Bock. USADA does not confirm investigations. [...] The BBC understands USADA is also investigating allegations that Salazar skirted anti-doping.
USADA  Alberto  Salazar  doping  Galen  Rupp  elite  sports  elite  athlete  WADA  Oregon  Project 
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How I became a drug cheat athlete to test the system - BBC News
Despite taking EPO for seven weeks, seeing steady rises in my haemoglobin & haematocrit counts & gaining a significant performance benefit, I was clean. He said he could see "traces" of what I had done but "not of a sufficient magnitude to elicit an adverse analytical finding" in the passport. "There is no evidence that you have injected yourself with EPO," said Lundby. "If you were an athlete, you would have gotten away with it." This confirmed my fears that the passport had put a stop to the worst excesses of the Lance Armstrong era but was not sensitive enough to pick up a careful programme of micro-dosing. [...] EPO having such a short detection time the testers have to get pretty lucky to get a positive from a urine sample. I thought the passport was supposed to be the answer but, like Howman told me, it is not a cure for all sport's ills. [...] athletes who choose to compete clean deserve our utmost respect and admiration.
Anti-Doping  doping  Anti-Doping-Gesetz  Anti-Doping-Law  biological  passport  blood  doping  EPO  elite  sports  elite  athlete  amateur  athlete  amateur  sports 
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Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt tritt beim FC Bayern zurück - SPIEGEL ONLINE
- putting the well being and long-term health and quality of life after soccer, or players, on the line - for just one more goal, one more game played while filled up to the brink with pills to dull the pain. &! &!
elite  sports  Soccer  moral  beliefs  moral  dilemma  Success  FC  Bayern  BVB  Pep  Guardiola 
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BBC Sport - Rory McIlroy: Masters meltdown 'most important day of career'
The 25-year-old Northern Irishman led by four shots going into the last day at Augusta but dropped six in three holes and ended up carding an 80. "I learned so much about myself and what I needed to do the next time I got into that position," he said. [...] And he believes that experience four years ago makes him better equipped to handle the pressure. "If I had not had the whole unravelling, if I had just made a couple of bogeys coming down the stretch and lost by one, I would not have learned as much," added McIlroy in an interview with BBC Sport . "Luckily, it did not take me long to get into a position like that again when I was leading a major and I was able to get over the line quite comfortably. "It was a huge learning curve for me and I needed it, and thankfully I have been able to move on to bigger and better things. "Looking back on what happened in 2011, it doesn't seem as bad when you have four majors on your mantelpiece."
elite  sports  elite  athlete  pressure  Leistungsdruck  failure  career  advice 
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The Brain Needs Oxygen | Runner's World
During a 5K race, levels of oxygen in the brain stay steady in elite Kenyan runners but decline in Canadian runners. Is this a result of prenatal exposure to altitude and early exercise? - epigenetics?
epigenetics  elite  athlete  elite  sports 
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The Value of Aggression — Ode to Dan Gable | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss
always being on the offence, the aggressor, ... not wanting to loose is the wrong approach, wrong mentality // ie BVB - // vs mentality wanting to win again even after winning big before ... // "Tim Ferriss on what inspires him to write daily, invest mindfully, and push his body to the limits" - ... 1h36m ... 'don't talk yourself out of being number one.' ... success, people can get stuck with always-on with wanting to be always no. 1.
life  hacker  life  lesson  competitive  gaming  elite  athlete  elite  sports  competitiveness  competitive  competition  Wettbewerb  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  Jürgen  Klopp  team  management  people  management  Tim  Ferriss 
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The NFL’s Uneven History Of Punishing Domestic Violence | FiveThirtyEight
On Thursday, Goodell announced a new discipline policy. In a letter to all 32 team owners obtained by ESPN, Goodell wrote that the league fell short in its treatment of the Rice case. “Effective immediately, violations of the Personal Conduct Policy regarding assault, battery, domestic violence or sexual assault that involve physical force will be subject to a suspension without pay of six games for a first offense, with consideration given to mitigating factors, as well as a longer suspension when circumstances warrant.” (This will not affect Rice’s current suspension.) A second offense will result in a ban from the league, with the opportunity to apply for reinstatement after one year. // for too long, officials looked away - on purpose.
code  of  conduct  code  of  social  conduct  NFL  elite  sports  sports  sport  ethical  machine  society  consequences  ethics  moral  double  standard  NBA  Bundesliga  policy  Entertainment  Industry  Entertainment  Anti-Doping  doping  PED  performance  enhancing  drug  public  figure  professional  sport  image  public  image 
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Re that double standard, Floyd Landis puts it... - The Science of Sport - // half way in: elite sports & entertainment factor of drama, winners and loosers - nobody wants it to be complicated, knowing all the factors that play in to what is happening, what happened, what is likely to happen.
Tour  de  France  TdF  doping  Floyd  Landis  Alberto  Contador  IOC  UCI  2014  Cycling  Entertainment  Industry  Entertainment  elite  sports  elite  athlete 
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Monitor - Wir Weltmeister - Ball flach halten! Endlich...
Deshalb: Ball flach halten! Die deutsche Fußball-Nationalmannschaft ist Weltmeister geworden. Das ist ein Grund zur Freude. Nicht weniger. Aber auch nicht mehr! --- Nationale Symbolik.
society  Philosophy  sport  elite  sports  elite  athlete  Soccer  World  Cup  identity  identification  media  Social  USA  Germany  western  society  instant  gratification  attention  span  attention  Politics  Career  Politicians  Nationalism  status  symbol  symbol  national  symbol  national  interest 
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Pressekompass: Deutschland ist Weltmeister - SPIEGEL ONLINE
"Ein Wunder ist dieser wunderbare Erfolg nicht", schreibt Michael Horeni fuer "". Der WM-Titel sei vielmehr das Resultat einer jahrelangen Entwicklung der deutschen Nationalmannschaft, die sich einen modernen Stil aneignete und weltweit begeisterte. Nachdem in vorherigen Turnieren oft das Quäntchen Glück gefehlt habe, habe nun in Brasilien einfach alles zusammengepasst. [...] - "Die beste Mannschaft des Turniers hat ihren vierten WM-Titel errungen. Das ist sicherlich ein Erfolg, der unter Schwierigkeiten und erst am Ende der Verlängerung geholt wurde, aber es ist ein völlig verdienter Erfolg. Dieses Team war das beste WM-Team und eine Mannschaft, die sich in den vergangenen Jahren kontinuierlich weiterentwickelt hat. (...) Deutschland ist nicht nur in wirtschaftlicher Hinsicht, sondern auch in Sachen Fußball eine Supermacht. Das Land hat es geschafft, ein tadelloses System aufzubauen - mit finanziell gesunden Klubs und der entsprechenden Ausbildung."
Soccer  World  Cup  Brazil  2014  Germany  elite  sports  elite  athlete  Soccer  DFB  Jürgen  Klinsmann  Joachim  Löw  Bundesliga  FC  Bayern  BVB 
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Tour de France: Zerstörerische Kraft - Sport Nachrichten -
Von 2012 gibt es eine Doku, die erzählt, wie Wiggins zum Tour-Sieg fährt. Die Filmemacher hatten ihn lange begleitet, sie waren im Höhentrainingslager, wo er die einsamsten Strassen aufsuchte, kontrolliert von Trainern, Helfern, Leistungsdiagnostikern; sie waren daheim, wo er seine Familie zur Weissglut trieb vor lauter Fokus; sie waren an der Tour, wo er die Fragen der Journalisten wie eine Maschine beantwortete. Nichts wollte er an sich heranlassen, ein Sportler, ein Ziel, er strotzte vor Kraft. Und als er die Tour und in London auch noch Olympiagold gewann und von der Queen geehrt wurde als Idol eines ganzen Landes, am Ende des Filmes also, da wollte man zuerst weinen für ihn vor lauter Glück. Und als man realisierte, dass Wiggins an der Aufmerksamkeit fast zerbrochen wäre wie früher, als er in den Alkohol geflüchtet war, da wollte man weinen, weil man erkannte, dass all das viel zu gross werden kann für einen einzelnen Menschen, zu gross und untragbar, bis der Mensch kaputtgeht.
TdF  elite  athlete  elite  sports  Bradley  Wiggins  Tour  de  France 
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BBC Sport - World Cup 2014: Brazil cracked up, says Germany's Joachim Low
w/o Thiago Silva, Luiz was incapable 2 pickup Leadership role, commanding, directing, organising the game. It wasnt just Neymar missing. It was a team w/o leadership. Youve got 11 world players on both sides. But a team w/o a leader, vision, direction, playbook is a incomplete team. A house of cards that was the Brazilian Team, (many around 1-2 key players - philosophy) fell apart. + "Scolari bounded off the team coach wearing a white "Forca Neymar" baseball cap while captain David Luiz and goalkeeper Julio Cesar held up his number 10 shirt during the national anthem. Fine sentiments perhaps, but also a sign of overwrought emotions, of the pressure of playing without their superstar and the doubts that exposed. The constant hugging and team bonding smacked more of insecurity and posturing. Germany in contrast were cold, clinical, magnificent." + "the trophy doesnt say great team, it says 'winners.'"
leadership  Passion  elite  sports  elite  athlete  Soccer  Brazil  Argentina  Germany  Scolari  vision  capital  skills  practical  skills  practical  skill  set  communication  team  management  management  weakness  weakest  link  people  management  execution  discipline  playbook  Personal  game  plan  accountability  responsibility  Luiz  Felipe  Scolari  pressure  peer  pressure  expectations  courage  sport  psychology  psychology  performance  performance  anxiety  Competition  competitive  gaming  competitive  competitive  advantage  competitiveness  comparative  advantage  self-belief  self-awareness  Soccer  World  Cup  philosophy  Italy 
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FC Bayern: Pep Guardiolas System gerät in Frage -Video - SPIEGEL ONLINE
veragensangst - druckabfall schon im vorraus __>> uebermaechtige loorberen. um sich neuen anspruechen gerecht zu werden ... kann man sich nicht auf die verteilten loorberen ausruhen. das hatten sie aber gemacht.
Pep  Guardiola  FC  Bayern  sport  psychology  elite  athlete  elite  sports  people  management  HR  human  resources  performance 
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BBC Sport - Michael Downey: British tennis chief vows to 'toughen up' players
Michael Downey's first 100 days in charge of British tennis have taught him that he needs to help breed a "tougher" and "hungrier" generation of elite players.
elite  sports  elite  athlete 
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Jason Collins: Schwuler Basketballer bei den Brooklyn Nets -Video - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Jason Collins - only with brooklyn nets bc of 2 injured players. otherwise he would be unemployed.
Jason  Collins  Homophobia  homophobic  USA  stereotype  NBA  LGBT  elite  athlete  elite  sports  prejudice  public  relations  PR  Schwulenfreindlich  society 
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"BBC" - Horizon 2014 The Power of the Placebo - YouTube
ie neurotransmitter PGE2 downregulation to exert oneself further. ie own opiate production to reduce pain. ... we have the receptors in our brain, and the ability to produce neurotransmitters/hormones to connect to those connectors. and thus ie reduce pain reception by producing own chemical in the brain - a opiate. ... how people do with their condition has a lot to do with their attitude. and it is all about our expectation. feelings. and knowledge. bc our thoughts and expectations can trigger chemical releases / or inhibition in our body/brain. if we expect the placebo to do something, it can make our brains to release the appropriate chemicals to be able to achieve/attain those expectations. Even hypnosis can act as a placebo. Extra strength, non deceptive. Even the Practitioner - Patient relationship/interaction does matter about the outcome, a more positive outcome of the treatment.
Placebo  Placebo  Effect  neuroscience  neurology  neurobiology  medical  research  Sport  psychology  elite  sports  elite  athlete  Doping  expectations  Hypnosis  mental  health  psychology  Psychiatry 
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BBC News - Gene doping: Sport's biggest battle?
This could be a battle like no other in sport. The authorities are so concerned, they have been preparing for it for more than 10 years. But it is still unclear whether they have the tools to test for it - or whether anyone has done it successfully. It is gene doping. [...] The authorities, the athletes, the fans may need to agree a whole new definition of what we want sport to mean.
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Olympia-Aus für Lindsey Vonn: Das Ende einer Irrfahrt - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Im November wollte Vonn ihr Comeback geben. "Ich fühle mich frisch und trainiere hart. Alles ist perfekt", sagte sie. Doch beim Training in Copper Mountain verletzte sie sich erneut. Zuerst hieß es, ihr Kreuzband sei angerissen. Erst später, nach ihrem Aus bei der Weltcup-Abfahrt in Val d'Isère im Dezember, machte sie öffentlich, dass das Kreuzband komplett gerissen war. [...] Vonn stand im Zentrum der PR-Kampagne der NBC. Als die Skirennfahrerin vor vier Jahren Abfahrtsgold holte, freute sich der Sender über die besten Einschaltquoten bei Winterspielen seit 1994. Womöglich fühlte sich Vonn deshalb verpflichtet, bis zum letzten Moment und gegen jede Vernunft für die Teilnahme an den Spielen in Sotschi zu kämpfen. Eine Operation? Wäre danach immer noch möglich gewesen. Auch Spekulationen, der Sender habe Druck auf Vonn ausgeübt, halten sich hartnäckig. +
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I only hope Michael Schumacher pulls through so that he can see all the nice things people are saying about him - Telegraph
For years Michael was the perfect pantomime villain, particularly in this country; German, of course, ruthlessly efficient, ultra-aggressive. Whereas previous greats such as Sir Jackie Stewart or Juan Manuel Fangio left the door open to their rivals when racing, for fear of making what could easily have been fatal contact, Michael went all out in his pursuit of victory. Sometimes he overstepped the mark – Jerez in 1997 and Rascasse in 2006 spring to mind – and those indiscretions made him unpalatable to the sporting purist. He was marked down by some, including me, as a tainted champion. But you cannot argue with his achievements. [...] [Sebastian Vettel is the same type of athlete. going always for the gap.] [...] He had complete and utter self-belief. It was what made him a champion. [without arrogance] [confidence and trust in ones abilities]
Michael  Schumacher  Sebastian  Vettel  elite  sports  elite  athlete  psychology  sport  psychology  self-belief  self-improvement  confidence  lifehacks  lifehacker  Mensch  relationships 
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BVB-Pleite gegen Hertha: Die Gier der Klopp-Truppe ist weg - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Wäre das Problem schlicht körperliche Müdigkeit, könnte man sagen: Nach der Winterpause wird es schon besser. Doch nach den Eindrücken der vergangenen Wochen drängt sich eher der Eindruck auf, als sei der biedere Fußball die Folge eines schwindenden Selbstvertrauens. Die Dortmunder haben erstmals seit dem Jahr 2000 drei Heimspiele hintereinander verloren und aus den zurückliegenden sechs Partien magere vier Zähler erspielt. Feuer und Inspiration fehlten Nach so viel Misserfolg mangelt es der Offensive offenbar an Überzeugung. An diesem Tag fehlten trotz der großen Laufbereitschaft Feuer und Inspiration.
elite  athlete  elite  sports  Sport  eSport  confidence  Sport  Psychology  Soccer  Jürgen  Klopp  Pep  Guardiola  creativity 
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Winter Olympic Snub Casts Shadow on Elite Sport in Germany - SPIEGEL ONLINE
"The Olympics are too big and too expensive, and decisions about them are made from the outside. The athletes and officials may not care that it's the general public that has to pay. But the general public definitely cares." Winter Olympics are an expensive and risky undertaking. In 2006, in Turin, the Olympics proved a financial disaster, with the region ultimately having to pick up the tab for a budget shortfall of €25 million. Olympic planners in Vancouver, in 2010, were only able to narrowly stay within their budget because the province of British Columbia, the Canadian government and the IOC all chipped in with extra financial support. [...] Olympics "no" vote in Bavaria shocking, because he believes it amounts to "an ominous message" that people simply feel elite sports are "no longer important."
Olympics  Sport  elite  sports  Soccer  I.O.C.  Politics  DOSB  Thomas  Bach  corruption  transparency  accountability  bribery  doping  Anti-Doping  Anti-Doping-Gesetz  Doping-System  West 
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Doping im Fußball: "Mafiöse Methoden von mafiösen Systemen" - NZ-Sport -
Bei der vorletzten WM 2011 in Daegu / Südkorea gaben in einer anonymen Befragung 29 Prozent der Athleten zu, in der Vorbereitung gedopt zu haben. [...] Man muss sich nur mal die Liste der fast 300 weltweit Gesperrten in der Leichtathletik anschauen, dann weiß man, was los ist. Der Rest der Athleten weiß, wie sie positive Dopingtests vermeiden können, oder hat einfach Glück, im richtigen Moment für sie die Tester an der Haustüre ohne Sorgen empfangen zu können. Wettkampf-Dopingtests während einer WM oder Olympischer Spiele darf man natürlich nicht überbewerten. Nur die ganz Dummen dopen nahe am Wettkampf oder gar Wettkampf selbst! [ + elite sport is celebration of genetic advantage ]
Book  DFB  David  Epstein  Doping-System  West  DOSB  Usain  Bolt  FIFA  Politics  Anti-Doping-Law  I.O.C.  Power  Play  accountability  doping  transparency  Anti-Doping  conflict  of  interest  Anti-Doping-Gesetz  Machtspiele  hypocrisy  Machtgehabe  IAAF  elite  sports  NADA  trust  Soccer  confidence  Jamaica  evolution  trustagent  genetics  USADA  gene  doping  WADA 
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Time to rethink sports doping - Sport LIVE
They argued that the banned substance methylhexaneamine was a contaminant in a supplement they took with the assurance of the manufacturer that it would be clean and legal. They were rightly exonerated because they had shown that every reasonable action had been taken to prevent inadvertent doping. On other occasions, reduced sentences of three- or six-month bans, rather than the typical two years, have been handed down.
NADA  anti-doping  Supplement  Industry  sports  sport  I.O.C.  inadvertent  use  inadvertent  doping  WADA  doping  IAAF 
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The Dark Side > Micheal Rasmussen interviewed during the Sibiu Tour
Doping for a decade under the nose of WADA. With a little help of UCI. Lance Armstrong life-time ban would have never happened if it weren't for the USADA. Period. + >
NADA  FIFA  anti-doping  society  Spain  cycling  sports  sport  Soccer  Eufemiano  Fuentes  doping  Operation  Puerto  Tour  de  France  Fuentes  UCI  USADA  TdF  lancearmstrong  Michael  Rasmussen  WADA  Travis  Tygart  culture  EPO 
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Pat McQuaid - Wie bei Sepp Blatter und der Fifa - Sport - Sü
Pat McQuaid strebt eine dritte Amtszeit als Präsident des Radweltverbandes an. Dies muss ein schlechter Scherz sein. Zum Vorwurf, die UCI habe Armstromgs Dopingsystem gedeckt, fällt ihm nicht viel ein. Vielmehr sieht McQuaid "eine strahlende Zukunft" für seinen Sport. >> UCI did in-house doping controls etc. clear conflict of interest. still. if it were true - IOC has got to remove road cycling from RIO 2016.
Society  Culture  FIFA  anti-doping  sports  I.O.C.  sport  Power  Play  Corruption  accountability  Sepp  Blatter  doping  Thomas  Bach  Olympics  transparency  conflict  of  interest  Tour  de  France  UCI  Machtspiele  lancearmstrong  Machtgehabe  Pat  McQuaid 
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Doping im Fußball: Lügt Armstrong wieder? - Nachrichten Print - DIE WELT - Sport - DIE WELT
Auch der Fußball hat Dreck am Stecken, jedenfalls die Spanier. >> + Pep Guardiola kontak zu Fuentes und Doping geschichte. - selbst Eneko Llanos hatte mal auf Twitter berichtet das die Spanischen behoerden sehr lax seien. - photo gepostet auf blog - + >>,1473466,23606520.html + >> Von der Epo-Epoche zur Aicar-Ära?
Ironman  FC  Valencia  moral  anti-doping  Epo  Spain  Soccer  FC  Barcelona  Eufemiano  Fuentes  Sports  doping  Aicar  Alberto  Contador  Cycling  Operation  Puerto  Pep  Guardiola  Jan  Ullrich  UCI  Fuentes  GW1516  lancearmstrong  Sport  WADA 
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Radsport: Warum die Tour de France faszinierend bleibt - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Weil der Radsport faszinierend ist und bleibt, trotz allem. Weil er ein Sport ist, der von seinen Protagonisten verlangt, an die körperlichen und menschlichen Grenzen zu gehen. Weil die Tour de France das härteste und wichtigste Radrennen und eine der größten Sportveranstaltungen der Welt ist. Die Tour ist ein Mythos. Ein bröckelnder Mythos zwar, aber ein Mythos.
Society  Ironman  Culture  anti-doping  Rehabilitation  Sports  doping  Cycling  Tour  de  France  UCI  Triathlon  lancearmstrong  Sport 
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Aufklärungswille fehlt - Mehr Sport -
In Wettkampfkontrollen etwa werden nur jene Doper erwischt, die gravierende Fehler machen. Es geht also darum, die Betrüger auch wirklich schnappen zu wollen. Doch genau an diesem Willen gibt es erhebliche Zweifel. "Es gibt kein Verlangen, die Mühen und Kosten auf sich zu nehmen, die nötig sind, um einen dopingfreien Sport zu schaffen“, befand kürzlich eine Arbeitsgruppe der Welt-Anti-Doping-Agentur. Bezogen war dieses Fazit auf alle Beteiligten: Sportverbände, Anti-Doping-Agenturen, Regierungen und Athleten. [...] Die WADA-Arbeitsgruppe fordert unter anderem die Einführung eines biologischen Passes für Athleten in allen Sportarten, die Unterstützung von Kronzeugen, die bereit sind, ihr Wissen über Dopingstrukturen zu offenbaren, und intelligentere Kontrollen. mehr + +
NADA  biological  passport  anti-doping  USADA  Sponsoring  Sport  Sports  WADA  doping 
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JAN ULLRICH - Das graue Schaf
Betrügerische System von allen Beteiligten um des Erfolgs willen gestützt wurde, ist kaum von der Hand zu weisen [...] das gnadenlose System des Profiradsports, in dem alle verbotene Substanzen nehmen, in dem alle einander betrügen und deshalb keiner sich als Betrüger sieht, sondern nur als Wahrer seiner Chancengleichheit. Den Blick auf den Radsport wollte er verändern; [...] "Ich habe niemanden betrogen, weil alle Betrüger waren." [...] Auch Sponsoren, Medien und nicht zuletzt die Zuschauer seien Teil des Systems: Die ungeheuerlichen Leistungen, die sie verlangten, seien ohne Hilfsmittel nicht zu erbringen. [...] Bei den Profis werde man allerdings von Verbandsärzten und Trainern, auch von Kollegen, nach und nach an Hilfsmittel herangeführt. >> Difference to Triathlon / Ironman :: Die Zielliene ist das Ziel. Nicht als erster an zu kommen. Due to broad participation.
journalism  Ironman  anti-doping  society  Spain  cycling  sports  sport  Eufemiano  Fuentes  doping  Olympics  journalismus  Operation  Puerto  Jan  Ullrich  UCI  Triathlon  lancearmstrong  elite  sports  culture 
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Malcolm Gladwell Talks Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal - Business Insider
the difference is that LA did break the rules while maintaining the image of not breaking the rules, being innocent, going after allegations/people who accuse him/ruining peoples lives.
anti-doping  sports  sport  malcolmgladwell  lancearmstrong  doping 
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BBC News - Scottish government in bid to tackle homophobia in sport
A study by the Equality Network last year revealed that three-fifths of people surveyed (79%) believe homophobia to be a problem in sport. The Out for Sport report found 62% of LGBT respondents had either witnessed or experienced homophobia or transphobia in sport, while just 5% thought enough was being done to tackle the issue. Almost three-fifths of LGBT people (57%) would be more likely to participate in sport if it was more LGBT-friendly "This issue needs leadership and sport governing bodies should have clear policies in place for LGBT people” Shona Robison / Sports Minister >> - >> It's not what gov bodies and sports bodies do (adopt appropriate LGBTQ+ policy), it is about people. <<
transphobia  LGBTQ  homophobic  stereotype  sports  sport  gender  policing  Homophobia  gender  politics  Olympics  LGBT 
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espnW & The Magazine: Brittney Griner - ESPN Video - ESPN
Brittney Griner >> Elite Sports: Celebration for Genetic Variation to Favor one type of Sport. >> >> "...scrolling through Twitter and Instagram, as she does routinely, to see what people are saying about her. The hits come quickly: "You're disgusting." [Scroll.] "Ur a man." [Scroll.] "What are you? #man? #ape?"..."Here's one," she says, rolling her eyes. "'You have a penis.'" Satisfied that her troll chorus still cares, Griner puts away the phone. "Reading what people say makes me want to be me even more."
gender  expression  gender  queer  gender  norms  gender  conforming  sports  sport  genetics  LGBTQ  gender  role  gender  binary  Brittney  Griner  stereotype  gender  identity  gender  policing  gender  gender  politics  gender  non-conforming  LGBT 
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The WNBA Can Teach Male Athletes About Coming Out and Being Allies - Jessica Luther - The Atlantic
+ ... >> "The response to Griner was, as the New York Times put it, a collective shrug in the sports world. Not so much with Collins." >> Because being gay as men is linked with the stereotype of femininity. Research shows that homophobia is intrinsically linked with masculinity. ... >> "In 2010, Dave Zirin, sports editor at The Nation, called the men's locker room "the final frontier of homophobia in our society." >> Wrong. Its Homo- and Transphobia as well as gender politics. + +
Queer  sociology  Transgender  womens  sport  sports  homosexuality  Jason  Collins  Homophobia  gender  inequality  Amelie  Mauresmo  gay  athletes  LGBTQ  equality  Brittney  Griner  stereotype  sexualität  feminism  feminist  lesbian  sexuality  gender  politics  sexuality  LGBT  transphobia  Megan  Rapinoe  society  gender  sport  gay  women  misogyny  femininity  sexism  Sexismus  masculinity  Misogynie  gender  policing  gay  men  culture 
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Spanien will mit Doping-Image aufräumen - Radsport - Mehr -
Oeffentlicher Doping Kampf in Spanien? Vielleicht. Aber intern, nie. Spaniens Sporthelden und Idole (Fussball, Tennis, Olympia) stehen im Schatten. Im Doping Schatten. U.a. weil diese selbst wissen was passiert wenn Fuentes redet, order zum reden gezwungen wird. Der Verdacht bleibt beim interresierten Sportzuschauer, dass Sporthelden und Idole der Justiz und der Politik ein paar Saetze zugezwitchert hatten - die den Prozess Verlauf und Ausgang in ihrem Sinne beguenstigt hat. Punkt.
Tennis  anti-doping  Operation  Puerto  Spain  Fuentes  sports  sport  Soccer  doping 
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What About the Guys Who Do Fit the 'Gay Stereotype'? - Maya Dusenbery - The Atlantic
[ People like to put people in Labeled Boxes. ] "People think gayness has something to do with femininity when really we just need to erase that stereotype from our minds," he said. "LGBT people come in all different types and shapes and forms." [...] "In sports right now, there are two different stereotypes—that there are no gay male athletes, and every female athlete is a lesbian," [...] "Female professional athletes are already gender non-conforming. Male ones are still worshiped as exemplars of traditional masculinity." [...] There's no doubt those are stereotypes that need unpacking. Sociologists have long noted that homophobia is a fundamental ingredient of masculinity in modern American culture. [...] Ever since we've been asking about it in public opinion polls, men have been more likely than women to espouse anti-gay views—a fact that buttressed the theory that masculinity is intimately connected with homophobia[.]
gender  anxiety  sociology  Transgender  gender  conforming  homosexuality  sports  Jason  Collins  gay  rights  Homophobia  gender  inequality  gender  gap  LGBTQ  equality  Brittney  Griner  stereotype  sexualität  gender  feminine  feminism  gender  politics  sexuality  LGBT  heteronormative  discrimination  homophobic  gender  expression  society  gender  norms  gender  queer  hate  crime  femininity  sexism  Sexismus  gender  role  gay  marriage  gender  binary  gender  identity  gender  policing  hate  speech  masculinity  inequality  culture  gender  non-conforming 
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WADA confirms details of revision to World Anti-Doping Code - - Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games News
In addition to increasing the number of years a player can be banned from two to four, the agency also wants to punish the athlete's accomplices - such as coaches and teammates. The updates follow a two-year consultation process, which ended in March.
anti-doping  sports  sport  doping  WADA 
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